Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Snow Ponies

I really enjoyed taking pictures of the horses at my mom's stable over Christmas. There is nothing to help a little point-and-shoot camera along then a crisp blue-sky day and lots of white.

My first subject was on time for his shoot. A fuzzy Palomino pony bear. I think he is a he not a she. I am not sure. But he was really cute. Quite obviously, a retired Calvin Klein model.

So, how do you want me to pose?

Wait- this is my better side!

How about a closeup?

Oh, you want my content hay-in-my-belly-sleepy-horse-in-the-frosty-sunshine look?

Why didn't you say so!

Next up was this little Arabian mare. She came right up to the fence, on legs that could tell many stories.

My mom said she wanted to adopt this cutie. My dad's reaction was "HUH?" Not adopt, literally, she clarified. Just to brush and love and dote on her.

My mom told me that this gal is in her mid to late twenties and her owners live far away. They brought her to the stable and our milder climate because where they live is very cold. Alaska, I think.

How ironic is it that we've had one of the coldest, snowiest winters in decades? With records being broken for amount of snowfall?

Doesn't she have the sweetest face? Like that of an aged golden Labrador, deep dark eyes and a bit gray around the edges.

I love her flea bitten coat. The flea bites are the red of an Irish Setter. What color do you think she was originally? Do you think she was always gray, or was chestnut and grayed out with age?

I don't know who these pair of bays are. The one on the left really is a pony. I was just happy to see them drinking a lot of water on this cold day.

And I have major forelock envy of this one. I mean, that is the forelock one dreams about!

At least, I know my mom's gelding Dusty dreams about it! Like My Boy, he has the fuzzball forelock.

You makin' fun of my forelock?

Of course, the day after I left my parents', my mom's gelding Dusty got to go out- his first day out of stall confinement since his injury a month ago! Well, he's been out for hand walking and longing, but only in the round pen or arena. My mom sent me this picture of him looking a bit wild-eyed about his new digs. It was his first moment in his new solitary paddock. I guess he was pretty happy, and preceded to eat snow and roll in glee.

Unless the last blizzard of 2008 hits in the next hour (which is not entirely out of the question these days) then I am off to see my own snow pony later today!

I think I'm going to go roll in glee!


  1. Oh I love the look of that little arabian mare! And fro the record I hated the one arabian I knew, he was a total ditz and behaved poorly for everyone but his owner. That mare looks like what happens when you're a pale skinned red head or blond that grew up in the sunbelt. White skin and TONS of red freckles all over the face. Sooo cute!

  2. Love these pics! Sweet horses. And I nearly squealed when I saw that pic on your sidebar of your horse as a baby!!!! Nothing could be cuter. :)

  3. The palomino pony is adorable. I love her "Calvin" shots!! Too cute!!

    And the flea bitten gray has the most wonderful eyes. She looks so sweet. I love old mares. I could adopt them all too.

    I love to look at fluffy snowy fuzzy snow ponies. They all look so fluffy and warm.

  4. Great horse shots, all. I love the in-your face horse faces the best.

    But what I really want to know is the meaning behind 'Glee'.

    Is this a secret acronym mnemonic for:



    I bet all those horse can't wait to roll in Glee then! lol!!

    I'm so bad!
    New Mexico

  5. Great pictures! Have fun with your snow pony!

  6. I love that Arab! What a sweetie. The redish color in her flecking tells me that she was once a beautiful rose gray...like the misty pink color you see when a sunset lights up a rain cloud! (Or I might just have an over-active imagination!) Lovely!

  7. Great pics! Calvin model! ROTFL!!! He was very photogenic!

    Hope you got to My Boy today!

    Happy New Year!!

  8. Jaz is getting more flea-specked the older he gets. His baby pix show him as jet black!!

  9. I really like your new look! It's great! Hope you had a wonderful holiday and a Happy New Year!

    I love the pictures too. They made me smile :)

  10. That little flea bitten arab is a cutie! What a pretty head! Of course I'm fond of bays & enjoyed seeing the two drinking.

    Snow is about melted here in Nebraska, but its not even January yet, so sure the worst it yet to come. You are right - good for picture taking -- but that's about all! :)

    PS: The new look is great & glad to see the entire photo at the bottom of your page. Such a cool picture!

  11. My first Morgan Bill, had a forelock similar to that one. It was a beauty. Great pics of beautiful babies!

  12. It's always nice to see horse photos-what a lovely bunch of critters these are...and the Arabian, so pretty! Happy new year!

  13. They're all beautiful and look very sweet and gentle.

    Happy New Year, PG.

  14. Happy New Year! I love "nosal" pictures!

  15. Hay Pony Girl!
    Luv the new decor on your site! I can see why you needed to "shut down" for the remodel, you really knocked it down and started over.
    Keep'em coming....you are a sucess!
    Luv your Desert Rose Aunite

  16. Great photos, Pony Girl! There is just something so photogenic about horses in snow. Very nice new blog layout, too. :) Happy New Year!


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