Thursday, December 4, 2008

Art and Awards

I have been increasingly impressed with much of the personal artwork I have seen many bloggers display on their blogs. We have some really talented cowgirls out there, including Trainwreck over at Cowboys, Kids, and Sunsets, as well as Chelsi at Adventures of a Horse Crazed Mind!

While browsing on K T Spark's The Wildwood blog a few weeks ago, I saw a piece of artwork titled Work Boots that caught my eye!

The piece was by Carolyn Mock. I particularly liked it because it reminded me a little bit of a photo Paint Girl took of me on My Boy last summer. I have always wanted to have someone create a piece of art for me off of that photo.

I clicked on Carolyn's painting on the sidebar and it led me to her website. I emailed K T and asked her if I could feature some of Carolyn's art on my blog, and she said yes. Yeah! I really liked this one called Appaloosa Sundown:

I also liked this one, titled Hello Handsome. You probably did not know this about me, but I am a fan of moose. Goodness, I don't know why and I have never seen one in person. I just find them fascinating!

K T said that Carolyn even did a card front for Leanin' Tree this year, a red cardinal on a spur.

Here is the link to Carolyn's site, if you want to see her other western and wildlife artwork.

I just love Leanin' Tree holiday cards and searched 3 different places to find a mixed box set I liked. I was even able to find a set that had a few Appaloosa cards in it! This particular card designed by Jody Bergsma was not in the boxed set, but I find it on their website, available for purchase as a single card.

As I was writing this post, it dawned on me that my best friend (of 27 years) and I took an acrylic painting class a few years ago. I was always a good artist as a child and think I am fairly creative artistically. I painted a few canvases, but then I got back into horses and gave it up. However, my friend has continued painting and has shown some real talent. Perhaps I have found the person to paint that photo for me!
I also want to thank my blogging friends Victoria at Teachings of the Horse and Lisa over at Laughing Orca Ranch for the Butterfly Award! I am always so honored to receive an award! And this one is such a lovely one, too! Thank you!


  1. She has some beautiful art! I too have always wanted a drawing of me and my horse, or just my horse. It would be very neat.

    Congrats on your award!! :)

    Is Pony girl Feeling better?

  2. Congrats on the award. Those paintings are lovely too. The similarity of the painting and you and My Boy is amazing. You should have a painting made of you two.

  3. Some very nice artwork! I used to do lots of pencil sketching.....especially of horses (of course!) Maybe that'll be one of my new years resolutions, to tap that creative outlet again! I'd also like to improve my always have great shots Pony Girl.....any pointers???

  4. Very nice. The chaps picture is very much like your photo. What a coincidence! Thanks for sharing. I've had Lanie Frick do our art work for Horse Expo the last several years . She also has beautiful artwork.

  5. The similarity between your chinks photo and her picture are amazing!
    She is very talented!

  6. Andrea~ Paint Girl is doing better, thanks for asking! She is on meds/antibiotics and isn't returning to work until next Tuesday.

  7. Your welcome, PG. You know I love your blog. Thanks for sharing all of that beautiful artwork.
    I look forward to seeing some art made by you one day, and esppecially the piece made of you and My Boy, too. :)
    I enjoy doing pencil sketches, but my focus is 'ugly' subjects. Subjects with wrinkles and bulges and real character. lol!
    I can't do pretty very well. :P

    I'm glad your feeling better, too.

    New Mexico

  8. lol! And I just noticed your Yahoo Avatar! How cool. YOu did an impressive job creating My Boy's spots. You have a skill in digital art, too.
    And I am tickled that we look like Avatar sisters, even dressing alike :)

    New Mexico

  9. Oh my gosh I never noticed that that painting Carolyn did looks like your chaps, and your Boy looked so much alike! You should commision Carolyn to paint the one you use on your header! That would be so cool! I love that photograph of the 2 of you. It is one of my very favorite photographs! Well I am going to forward your blog to Carolyn and see what she thinks. She will be suprised and glad to see it! You would love Carolyn, she is one of the nicest people in the world!

  10. You should definitely have a painting/drawing done of you and your Boy. How cool would that be??

    I love the artwork that this woman does. That moose picture would look good in our Man Room, as it is full of antlers, horns, dead animal heads, and wildlife paintings...sounds fun, doesn't!!!???

  11. Gorgeous! I don't know if you like black & white, but if you do, check out Heather Rohde's site for some pretty spots. I love her Arabians, and have her Desert Treasures on my wall at work. The mares pictured look amazingly like three of the farm girls - Foxy, Lace & Pennie - right down to the expressions.

  12. Those are beautiful! That appy card is one of the Christmas cards that I ordered this year. But the art piece that resembles your photo is great!! I think you should commission someone to do a painting of that photo for you - it would be a treasure for years to come. And...your last post with My Boy and the goat!!? - Hilarious, I'm so glad they are buddies. You make me smile all the time Ponygirl - thanks!!

  13. Great artwork finds - it would be really cool to have someone create a print from that picture of you! I really wish I could draw/paint, but I don't really have a creative streak.

    Bloggers - keep sharing your artwork, it is great to see!

    I hope Paint Girl starts to feel better soon.

  14. Hello...thank you for stopping by my blog and taking the time to comment.

    I love the appaloosa cards - I bought my cards from Leanin' Tree and didn't see them :(

    I love the photo in your header. I am going to poke around your blog a little - I'll be back for sure.


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