Monday, December 1, 2008

Rain and Mud and Sun, Oh My!

I spent both days of the weekend with my horse. Saturday was drizzly. Goodness, I didn't even bother to get out my camera! I was such a dedicated pony girl braving the wet weather to bring out my horse. I hand-walked and jogged him in the lake- er, I mean, the arena. It was good to see him even though we were both pretty miserable. I looked like a drowned rat when I got inside!

Sunday's weather was much improved- sunny and clear. After we picked up some hay and supplement, I brought out My Boy. His muddy wet hair was mostly dry. It looked like someone had given him a wave treatment! He was in need of a good currying. I had my work cut out for me! He seemed to enjoy the long grooming session.

I was going to put his rain sheet on now that he's grown in most of his winter coat, but opted to wait another week. I also have a waterproof winter turnout, but I save that for the really cold weather. I have mixed feelings about blanketing horses. I know my horse grows enough of a fuzzy coat to keep himself warm in our relatively mild climate. Believe me, my horse looks like a yak in the winter! However, blankets can flatten the hair, actually working against the horse's natural ability to trap heat in their coat. My Boy has shelter. I know he sleeps in there at night because he has shavings in his tail. But during the day, he mostly stands out in the rain or under the wimpy trees in his pasture, which offer little protection.

My Boy was a bit tender on his recently trimmed toes. I lightly longed him out. He was mellow and held to a tentative jog, which was good because the arena was still very wet and slippery in spots.

You know, I almost think someone swapped out my horse this fall! Last year, he would snort and buck and prance all around the arena during our weekend workouts. I am thinking it was because he was on alfalfa hay at the time, getting little exercise during the week, and therefore he had a lot of extra energy to burn on the weekends. At least I hope that's the reason. The good thing about seeing spunkiness in your horse is knowing he feels good!

My Favorite view!
After I unhaltered My Boy at the gate, I gave him some hugs and loves.

Where are you going, Pony Girl? Don't leave! Isn't it feeding time?

See you next weekend, my silly velvety muzzle!


  1. I wouldn't be able to leave that face... and I don't even have a horse.

  2. OH the dealing with wet horses, we only blanket the old mare, it helps her keep weight on. Mud wet and more mud, LOL I feel your pain girl LOL.

  3. Good looking fella I would have a hard time leaving him for the week. How is it going with catching him? I would think with are the loving time he gets he would be meeting you at the gate pretty soon.

  4. Uck, it's been rainy here too. It's a mess when they roll in the mud and then it dries on. Thank goodness for curry combs!! LOL!!

    And his velvety nose looks so nice. It's really suprising how changing a horse's hay can change their additude.

    We don't ever blanket our horses. I would only blanket one if I was showing it. They know when they are cold and stand under their shelters. At least I would hope they would! :)

  5. I love horse noses and horse nose pictures!!!..........aaaaahk...thee is nothing cuter (except maybe, possibly an 8 week old Rottweiler puppy) ;D

  6. I would not be able to leave that adorable boy at all! I am in love with your horse! :)

  7. I didn't blanket my Boyz until last winter. Jaz colicked on (of course) the most icy, sleety, vile night and he was shivering pathetically. I didn't have a blanket, so my friend Nita drove home and brought her mare's back. It was huge, and I was afraid he'd hurt himself, so I bought him one the next day. Poco looked interested so I put Keeley's on him. I figured if he trashed it, it was old anyway and I'd buy Nita a new one. Surprise! He liked it. They both do, and seem to appreciate them.

    They have a run-in, but never use it except at feeding time. Otherwise, they back themselves into the cedar trees. They don't seem to mind the rain or even sleet or snow so much as when it's combined with the wind.

    I bought Poco a new blanket this summer on sale for like $30! It's not easy getting one big enough for my little tank -- 82-84!!! Jaz's needs repairing, and I want to try to Scotchguard both of them.

  8. Too darn cute! I love when my Clydesdale gets his wooly winter coat! The Walker...not so much. He has too many cowlicks!

  9. I love appy butts! My Boy you are very cute.

  10. Such a sweet nose and such a big handsome butt - compliments only a horse mom can appreciate about her baby boy. I'm sure that the no alfalfa diet has a lot to do with his mellowing out. With Silk and Siete, giving them alfalfa is like giving kids a big dose of sugar to rev them up.

  11. He's a sweetie. I'm glad to hear the two of you are settling into each other. I can certainly relate to the cold, wet weather. This last Sunday the fog rolled in so thick it was swirling in through the barn doors.

  12. What a sweet face. He must have really enjoyed the good combing


  13. I cna leave Peppy naked most of the time (Until it gets really cold, or really wet and windy) as he poofs up like a teddy bear. But Sally and Scoot are both wimps. They've had their rain sheets on since late september? Scoot recently moved up to his lighter weight waterproof winter blanket. He'll end up being double blanketed before winters end. If you could see his coat, youd understand. This horse doesnt GET a winter coat. I don't know why or how, but he has a show quality coat all year round. Also, it's like he is allergic to the cold! He gets welts and bumps if its too chilly for him. My sister had to buy him a hood for his winter blanket!

  14. My Boy is just too cute. I love his spots too. Blanketing is always a decision for me too. They do look like yaks, and yet if it's going to be cold and windy I always put on some kind of sheet to protect them. I think that My Boy is being so good for you now because he knows and loves his mom now.

  15. I am with Grey Horse Matters - the boy is behaving b/c he trusts you completely!

  16. My favorite Mud Busters are my shedding blade for the horse, and safety glasses for me (to keep mud from flying in the eyes). I always let my horses go without blankets in NM. We had some real winter weather. My old mare would get cold a few days a year, so I had an old blanket for those days, usually after she had started shedding out in Feb and we got hit in March with winter weather. I also could close her in her run-in stall to keep her from standing out, and with the sliding door closed to my barn, we was warm again. Nothing worse than a 1300-lb shivering horse! I did a modified clip on her during the winter so we could ride and cool out efficiently. Took a while to figure it out, but it all worked.

  17. PG- Come over to my place and pick up an award!

  18. Ok, those last two photos are so cute! I just wanted to kiss his fuzzy soft muzzle! :)
    And of course, his big spotted hiney is pretty awesome, too.

    It looks so wet there. wow! We did get some rain and snow for Thanksgiving, but it melted into the ground very quickly.

    I know what you mean about seeing your horse act so energetic and happy...bucking, running and farting around. I've never seen Baby Doll do that ever, just for the fun of it.
    She's either just way too laid back, or maybe things it's above her to act that way.
    I love watching my neighbor friend's Arabians galloping and prancing. My horse just stands there watching them with a bored look on her face. lol!

    Oh. And I just ordered a waterproof nylon turn-out sheet for my horse, just to keep her dry when she is turned out and it's raining or snowing. Her coat is so thick, so I don't worry about her getting cold, but I do worry about her getting wet and then chilled.

    New Mexico

    PS, Did you get my reply to your e-mail about your Avatar question? If you need anymore help, jus let me know and I'm, glad to help :)

  19. Oh, and I've got a little something for you, too:

    A Jewel for you!

    New Mexico

  20. I am with you on the to blanket or not to blanket issue!!

    My Boy appears to be an easy keeper, and they seem to do just fine without blankies (at least in our mild WA winters!).

    Hard keepers and/or older horses (in my experience)seem to do better with blankies on, because they burn less calories trying to keep warm. Bo Bo wears one now, but when he was younger he didn't! :)

  21. I never blanket my horses. They turn into fuzzy bears during the winter. What I hate the most though is how dirty and muddy they get. Oh well. Gives me more reason to groom. hehe.

    I love your goat roping photos!

  22. Gorgeous!!! I adore the soft fuzzy nose.. sucks me in every time!!! The one I photographed belonged to the naughtiest pony of all-time... and yet, so CUTE!!


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