Sunday, December 14, 2008

My Snow Boy!

Well, Paint Girl dragged herself out of the warmth of her fireplace-heated living room to feed the horses this afternoon and she took some pictures of My Boy in the snow! Thank you Paint Girl! For the pictures sake, I wish he wasn't wearing his blanket so I could see his sorrel coat and spots against the snow. However, I am glad he is warm and dry!

Here he is looking for his dinner, no doubt!

Looks like I won't be riding any time soon. Here is the arena, ice pond and all!

As for me, I was stranded by icy roads, but I got out for a wintry walk around the neighborhood where I am house sitting.

Hallelujah! I found coffee shop nearby and had an eggnog latte and a blueberry cream cheese danish. Then it was back to the house to read, nap, and watch holiday movies. I am getting cabin fever. Can't complain though, as I really wanted it to snow.

More cold weather and possible snow is due this week. Goodness, I wonder if we'll have a white Christmas? I wonder how I will finish my Christmas shopping if I can't drive anywhere?

And late breaking news- my cousin J, also known as Palomino Girl and my Cousin K's (Saddle Mountain Rider) daughter had her baby Grace tonight at 6:15 p.m. tonight! Congrats Palomino Girl! Now it's time to start shopping for that pony!


  1. I envy you with the snow. I moved from Utah to California, and there's no snow. It's so hard to feel like it's Christmas without it.

  2. Your Boy looks like he doesn't mind the snow at all. All warm and toasty in he blanket.

    I hope you get to stay warm and watch some great movies!! I love the old Holiday movies.

  3. Congrats!!!Second cousin!
    Lovely pictures from Paint Girl. I now you would have, if you could have...I Only did cause I am known for being intrepid(crazy)!!
    The stable owner said, upon seeing me today, "I knew- YOU'D- be here today!".

  4. I do not enjoy the snow.. but I don't mind the way it looks in photos! I love it when it surrounds every branch on the trees like in that head shot of your good looking boy!

  5. I like the way snow LOOKS, but I sure don't like dealing with it. I used to get so depressed when I lived in Pennsylvania and the snow hung around long enough to get black and icky from the cars. YUK.

    It was 76 here yesterday and a fabulous day for a divine walkabout. As it turns out, it wasn't quite divine, but it's a start. Poco does not like being away from his Jaz.

    In the summer, when the rest of y'all are out there working your ponies, I'll be stuck inside in the AC.

    Congrats to Palomino Girl and Grandma K!

  6. My Boy looks contented in the pictures. He would look really great against the snowy background with his spots.

  7. I absolutely LOVE riding in the snow. I haven't done it in a long time but used to as much as I could when I was growing up. Even my old appy, JB, that I had as a kid would get a spring in his lazy step when it snowed!

    Congrats on the new baby!

  8. Do you have have the terrible wind up there too? Because we are in the foothills, we often get it, and there have been 40 mph sustained winds, with 60-70 mph gusts, for over 36 hours now. Our snow is all in huge drifts, and the streets look like ice rinks.

    Thanks for braving the elements to get the great shots of My Boy, Paint Girl!!! Love the berry pic! :) Oh...and congrats to Palomino Girl and Cuzin K. Can't wait to hear all about it on their blogs. :)

  9. What a cozy and cute boy our happy spotted friend is in his snowy pasture! I'm currently struggling with the whole blanket/no blanket thing for my Flowers-I'd love to hear your thoughts on blanketing! Yummmy...egg nog latte! Glad you are keeping cozy yourself :)
    Sue & The Gang

  10. aww, snow. i wish we had some.
    it was in the high 60's yesterday. then it turned cold. it is 16 degrees outside. brrrr!

    My Boy looks warm.

    Great shot of the berries on your walk.

  11. oh a new baby!!! Congrats!!I can't wait to see pictures!
    I missed you too. It was fun but I am glad to be home. 2 weeks is a long time to be away. Thanks for stopin by and leaving coments, It was hard not being able to blog, back! My Boy Looks toasty! No Appys at the World series? I looked, I was going to bring back pictures for all you Appy girls.

  12. Looks like your boy was liking the winter wonderland as well! Too bad the arena has iced over. mind you it is likely too chilly anyways. Stay warm! I anvy you being able to sit and relax a little!

    And congrats on the new 'filly' in the family!

  13. I'm sure My Boy misses you too! But, he looks toasty warm...all he's saying is "where's the hay?" heehee!

  14. Congrats on Baby Grace!

    My Boy looks nice and warm.
    We're having a lot of blowing snow so my horses are covered with it even though they're in the barn. I wish the overhang was lower. I thought about blanketing but I think it's too late. They'll just get wetter and colder if I mess with their coats at this point. At least they don't seem to be ocld.

  15. Hey congratulations on the new family addition!! Babies are always so much fun. Yes, as everyone has already said, My Boy looks cozy in his little coat in the snow. We have snow at our house too!! We have about 5" and they say we should expect about that much again tomorrow. And, it's real snow too, not just white rain!! Maybe we're going to have a white Christmas this year - that would be fun for a change.


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