Saturday, December 20, 2008

Command Central

Did you know that I have my own personal driver? Kind of like Mr. Big does on Sex and the City. I called my driver yesterday morning and asked him if he would mind picking me up and taking me to my parents' place, about an hour and a half away. I was afraid to drive my unwinterized car on these inclement road conditions.

My driver hemmed and hawed but finally agreed he'd come pick me up. And guess what? He brought along my mom! How fun. They arrived on time, loaded my car (oops, I forgot to tip him.) It was so nice to sit back, relax, drink my homemade eggnog latte and let the expert handle the icy roads.

So now I am safe and sound at my parents' place. Home for the holidays. Before the next big storm hits today.

I have a new blogger command post for the next week set up in the guest room.

It is a really tiny guest room. My laptop couldn't pick up their wireless signal, so I had to plug-in. Interestingly, I have discovered that cable loads photos on blogger 10x faster than wireless! My laptop is on a file cabinet and I sit on a footstool. There are chinks and chaps hanging on top of my laptop.

Here is a closeup of everything that is about to fall on top of me as I type. The cream hat is my new snow hat. It comes down over my ears, which I love.

These antique ceramic mares are keeping an eye on me. They were a gift to my mom from a former co-worker. I already have dibs on the palomino.

Here is a photo of my mom and her sisters on a trail ride in Palm Springs.

Here is my mom's beloved Dusty. That is half of Paint Girl in the picture. She was riding Dusty when the photo was taken. I might have to steal that picture frame. It is trimmed in cowhide with tooled leather on the corners. The trophy is the little "Rodeo Princess in Training" award my mom earned at the Pony Cousins play day this past summer on our guest ranch trip.

Eeek! Who is that? Oh! That's me! The tour guide. Hanging underneath the mirror are all of the ribbons my mom won at our rodeo play day this summer. Took me forever to realize that shiny white rectangle on the mirror next to me is the reflection of my laptop screen in the mirror.

More books on a book shelf. The book Animals as Guides for the Soul by Susan Chernack McElroy is a great book if you are into that sort of animals as healers and communicators kind of thing. It is actually my book, which I loaned to my aunt after the tragic accident that took her Quarter Horse gelding George from her. The chapter titled " Grief, Guilt, and Atonement" is helpful for those going through the loss of a pet. Susan's story of Phaedra the llama had me grabbing Kleenex after Kleenex.

This is Solomon. Or at least an oil painting of a lion they named Solomon which my parents picked up at an antique store or garage sale. I have the ceramic mares on one side of the room and Solomon's got my back.

The antique desk that has been in my family ever since I can remember. Cute little cherub lamp on top with animal print shade (I just love animal print!) And an ancient clock, that actually works. Or maybe it's just one of those clocks they make to look old? Oops, nice bottle of Vitamin Water in that shot. No, this is not product endorsement! Although, I can't be without my vitamin water!

So, this is my new cozy, eclectic, cowgirl blogger home for a week. Unless we lose power because of the storm. Gotta run, my back is already hurting from sitting on the footstool. We're off to Starbucks, walk the dog in the snow, then head to the stable and check on Dusty's wound and give him a hand walking. My driver is warming up the car.


  1. Arent Dads wonderful, I am assuming that the "driver" is Dad. LOL they love thier little girls.

  2. my dad would have done that for me. only, he would be reminding me the whole way back home that i had to make him fried pies. and how i still owe him for fried pies for fixing my alternator, and the list would go on and on. he would remind me that i owe my brother fried pies for doing yada-yada, blah, blah. and that i owe my own husband for blah, blah...well, you get the picture. and i would be sitting in the back seat, picking the lint off of my travel blanket and rolling my eyes.

  3. Glad you made it safely home for the holidays, Your "driver sounds like an All Star!
    Love your new little command post, Stay warm and Safe and have a wonderful Christmas with your family.

  4. What a terrific room :)

    As I was reading this I was wondering how Dusty was doing, then I got to the end and saw that you're going to check on him. Hope he's healing up well.

  5. Doh! I think my brain is on early vacation (after tonight I have a week off!)
    I had wanted to say...
    The pic of the bookshelf reminds me of a saying. As a fellow book-person I think you'd like it:

    A home without books is like a room without a window.

  6. Here I am again... just wanted to mention that I'm leaving you a little something on today's post. :)

  7. Aren't you lucky to have your own personal driver, but then dad's are good at that and don't mind. As long as it keeps you safe. Looks all comfy and cozy there at home. Love the leather tooled frame and of course the palomino head. Have a wonderful time at home for Christmas with the family.
    p.s. why don't you commandeer a chair from somewhere in the house for a while it will save your back.

  8. Bloggeration at Mom & Pop's eh? Kule yule!

  9. What a great room to stay in. Enjoy your visit.

  10. I love your "Blogging Space" or Command Central posts. It's interesting to see how other people live:)Have a great holiday and a better Christmas.

  11. Hi, Ponygirl. I thought of you just now while catching up over on Julie Goodnight's blog. While you're enjoying your faster internet speeds, you might want to check out her post on hard-to-catch horses.

    Enjoy your holidays with your family - looks like you've got the perfect spot to call your own while you're there.

  12. Glad you are home for the week!! And a driver to boot! Thanks for the tour! Hope you and your family have a great and blessed Christmas!

  13. Mom cut me out of that picture? Whats up with that? Can't she have a pix of me riding her horse?

  14. How great!! Fast internet is always wonderful. I hope the storm isn't too bad. It's alwasys so wonderful to be home for the holidays.

    I love all the horsey photos and such. By the way, how is Dusty doing? Is his leg getting better?

    And I love your sweater!! Very cute!!

  15. Enjoy your sequestered time at your parents'. The snow is beautiful (as long as you don't have to drive in it, right?!)

    Have a wonderful Christmas!
    Cowgirl Dreams

  16. Great to hear from you, PG. I enjoyd the tour of the room. How lucky you are to have horses 'running' in your family. I'd love to be surrounded by all that horse and animal memorabilia when I go to visit my family.
    That room looks so cozy and comfy.

    And I'll have to search for that book you mentioned, especially because of the llama. I adore my two llamas. I'll make sure to have lots of kleenex. :)

    Have a wonderful visit...and remember to give your driver the way of hugs. (Dads seem to like that better than money) -wink-

    New Mexico

  17. What a delightful Blog.
    Congratulations on your Passion.

    I appreciate you Thanking your "driver".
    We had the privilege of being Drivers for many children over the past 45 years.

    The Arena is quiet now and we have moved to Minis for Health reasons.

    Watch Shirley and Elvis Perform

    Glenn County Fair 2008

    Thanks again and continue pursuing your Talents

  18. Enjoy your Christmas at your folks warms the heart. Looking forward to stories from the new command post.


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