Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Dusty's Boo Boo

Warning: graphic wound injury photos in this post!

The other day, I got the dreaded call from my mom that her gelding Dusty had been injured. Apparently he'd been kicked in the lower leg, in the cannon bone area. This had happened while at pasture with the geldings, where he is turned out every day.

Dusty is the sorrel horse second from the left.

My mom has boarded Dusty at two different stables since she's owned him. At both places, he has been very accident prone while out with pasture mates. It got to the point that every time I talked to my mom about her horse, she had a new injury to report. He has had numerous bite mark and kick wounds. A few months ago, a large piece of hide was kicked off of his hind gaskin. Frustrated, I remember saying to my mom that one of these days, this was going to be something serious.

This time it was the most serious injury he's incurred.

But it could have been worse. Apparently, he was kicked by another horse. They caught the wound right away and had the veterinarian out. He had to sedate Dusty to get it cleaned and wrapped. An ultrasound showed suspicions of bone chips, so an X-ray followed. Luckily, just air bubbles and no bone fragments, which eliminated a need for surgery.
Dusty is on antibiotics and stall rest. He can be hand walked. My mom says although there is still some heat in the leg, the swelling has gone down and he is walking fairly well on it.

The vet is subscribes to the theory of better safe than sorry. My mom, dad, and the stable manager are rotating shifts every morning and night to insert a syringe an inch and a half up into the wound to clean it out. Let me rephrase that. My mom and dad are rotating holding Dusty while the barn manager cleans out the wound!

My mom says Dusty has been a pretty good boy for his leg treatment. They used a kind of rope twitch on his upper lip to help keep him calm with the release of endorphins.

My mom holds his head and whispers softly to keep him still. She said it made her sad to see him injured. Yet, he seems to know that he is being helped. My mom takes such good care of her boy. It's hard to see a beloved animal get hurt. Especially when you are a relatively new horse owner and haven't experienced anything really serious happen to your horse.

Please say a little prayer that Stardust's leg continues to heal and will be back to himself at no time.

By the way, one thing will change. The Dustbuster will be moving to a private paddock. This is one injury too many to hang out with his buddies anymore.

On another note.....this was my 200th post! And there was nothing I'd rather post about than a get-well story asking for prayers for my mom's special boy. However, tomorrow I will share with you what else is on the horizon.....


  1. Oh no! Poor Dusty and poor PGMom!! Sending out lots of prayers that the sweet boy heals quickly...poor little buddy-but what a lucky boy to have such good parents and such competent caretakers at his barn. I hope he enjoys his new private paddock once he is healthy enough to be turned out again. Lots of gentle squishes his way!

  2. He is a beauty. I love how your mom whispers to him to calm his nerves. I hope he gets better soon. You are correct, that is one injury too many. You can never be too careful.

  3. OUCHIE! I am glad it was no worse than it was. I am so lucky at my barn, we have rotated different mares in and out of the paddocks due to personality conflicts and right now we have a group of 3 that get along nearly perfect.

  4. So glad it wasn't any worse...sending healing thoughts and prayers his way.

    My old sorrel gelding Toby got kicked on the same leg in the exact same spot as Dusty and he did have a bone chip in it. It didn't look that bad so I just kept doctoring it for a few days. But, when it wasn't healing over like it should, I took him in to the vet and they did the x-ray which revealed the bone chip.

    He still has a lump where it was, but sound as can be thank goodness.

  5. Oh poor Dusty! I know from my experiences of the past this is a painful thing to have happen. It always seems that other horses don't get along well together sometimes. I don't blame her I would want him in a pen of his own after going through this. I would not even want you to see one of the photographs that happened to my Tequila and her foal Bright Twist (Trouble)years ago. The horses in our pasture put them through the barbed wire fence...Tequila had a full apron of skin hanging....on her chest and Trouble had a horrible gash on the right front....oh, I cringe just thinking of that horrible thing! (That is why I don't much like Pinto horses, they were the culprit long ago) Dusty get well soon!

  6. Precious picture of mom and horse!

    I am so sorry for Dusty- OUCHY!
    My mare had her first really bad kick in the hock, while out in a small herd. She is so social that she gets in trouble. And if there is Food involved(as it appears in the photo)You can bet, someone has to move someone..this time, it was Dusty!
    I feel better for your mom's peace of mind knowing he is in his own paddock now. Healing prayers for Dusty!

  7. Get well soon, Dusty! That's a real bummer. On the (small) positive side, doctoring injuries tends to reinforce bonding. :)

    And solitary turnout should hopefully prevent repeats. Good they caught it to treat early.

  8. Poor sweet, handsome, adorable Dusty! He probably gets picked on because he is such a nice boy, too.
    This is just another reason I'm just never going to take for granted that I can keep my own horse in my own barn at home.
    I'm so grateful!

    Good wishes and prayers and positive vibes being sent Dusty's way!

    New Mexico

  9. So sorry to hear about Dusty. I know exactly how your mom feels and yes, it does hurt us when our beloved animal friends get hurt. Poor, poor baby. But, like we say here in "the biz" - he's gonna make it, it's a long way from his heart! I think you've (or your mom) made the right decision about turn-out with buddies. Dusty is probably not an aggressive horse and the pasture bullies are picking on him. Maybe you can find a pasture mate or two who he can peaceably share space with. They certainly are happier when they can intermingle on a personal level. You, My Boy, your mom, Dusty and your sis are all in my prayers. :)

  10. Poor boy, he is a lovely fellow too . Best wishes and good thoughts to Dusty and your mom. Congratulations on post 200!!!

  11. Yep, if horses can get hurt they sure will. Glad you are putting you moms horse in a private paddock! That doesn't mean he won't get hurt- but maybe it will be less frequently!

  12. Aw poor guy. Your mom is learning a lot if nothing else, and Dusty will get new digs on top of it. Glad to hear he is going to be okay.

  13. Poor Dusty, I feel bad for him. He's probably so sweet and low man on the herd totem pole, sounds like the bullies are picking on him.
    Maybe once he heals completely he can be turned out with some calm pasture mates that can get along. He may get lonely being by himself, they do like to be with a friend or two.
    I was wondering if somehow my Dusty and your Mom's might have some of the same bloodlines. It seems a coincidence that my mare Dusty is also a Stardust.

  14. Grey Horse- We are unsure of Dusty's bloodlines, he is a grade, but of Morgan and Quarter Horse breeding, we were told. His name was already Dusty when we got him, but my mom quickly donned him "Stardust", and I nick-named him (as I do with all animals!) the "Dustbuster" and "Trusty Dusty!" :)

  15. My Dusty is a quarter horse palomino mare. Her name on her papers is Moon's Stardust, so I thought maybe they had some of the same bloodlines. Regardless, they are both cute as the dickens.

  16. Jingles for Stardust... hope the Dustbuster makes a full and speedy recovery.

    Poor PGMom, as you said it is extra stressful when you're a newbie owner.

    Congrats on your 200th post PG!

  17. Hang in there Dusty. It is good that your mom is able to put him in a paddock by himself for a bit. Maybe they can finds a nice calm horse for him to hang out with.

  18. Congrats on the 200th post and my prayers are with Dusty for sure.

  19. thank goodness it was not on a joint--he will be fine.

    Poor guy

  20. I do hope Dusty gets better soon. Horses do heal really quickly. And Dusty seems to be getting terrific care.

    Congrats on the 200th post! I can't believe you have 200 already! How time flies!!

  21. Oh no, sorry to hear about dusty! Hope he has a quick recovery!

  22. First off, Congrats on the 200th post! How exciting! SOme days I wonder if I will ever hit 100....

    secondly, I hope Dusty heals up and is well soon. My sisters horse got kicked in the shoulder in the spring and was off for 4 months due to a suspision he had torn muscle tissue. Luckily not, and he is back to normal now. But we had to insert a syringe to flush the wound out for a VERY long time so I sympathize with what your mom is having to do right now!

  23. PG. Your mom has an absolutely bee-yoo-tiful horse! It is always hard to have injuries, especially as a new horse owner! Not to belittle the injury, it does look nasty, but my friend had her Arabian at a hippotherapy barn just up the road from us---Pizazz is a favorite of all the developmetally and physically disabled kids---and a horse kicked him in the field and BROKE his hip!!! That has been quite a long road,(they almost had to put him down) but he is doing tons better! Can you send me more info. about the rope in the mouth to realease the endorphins? i.e. where does it sit exactly and what do you do once it's there? That is a fab idea to know about and have in one's bag of tricks. Luckily, I have been SO fortunate with Jackson, and I am thankful!!! Prayers to beautiful Dustbuster! He got lucky, both that it wasn't worse and that he has terrific caring owners!!! (Great nickname, BTW!!!)

  24. Poor Dusty! I'm glad he's being a pretty good patient. I know what that's like; I've only been a horse owner for a three months and my boy (pun not intended) just had a minor abscess. He was a terrible patient ... trying to kick our heads off while we treated it. Fortunately, it was minor and seems to be healing up well even though he wouldn't let us do as much to care for it as we wanted.

    Hope Dusty hangs in there! A private paddock is probably a good thing to keep him out of harm's way.

  25. Oh Bless his little heart, I got misty eyes just seeing and hearing how your mom comforts him. I do hope he gets well soon. Give him a hug from me please!!!


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