Saturday, December 27, 2008

My Little Blogger Holiday

Christmas was bright with white snow, and merry and cheery. There was good food and good company. My pappy got out the guitars and his friend got out the banjo and we sang a few Christmas carols.

Yesterday was the last day with my family before my driver returns me to my home front, where I can assess the damage of a week's worth of snow and ice. Hopefully, all is well and life can return to some sort of normalcy. Although the melting slushy snow will pose it's own set of challenges for the next few days.

Crazy girl talking here, but I will kind of, sort of, miss the snow. For the most part, I didn't have to be anywhere, and I was on holiday break from work. It was peaceful to see the world blanketed in white. I loved bundling up for crisp walks with my family and the dogs. I have worn my snow boots and stocking cap for 13 days straight. Nearly unheard of around here.

On another note, I am also taking my blogger vacation. This will be the last post until sometime next week, depending on my success with template loading and design. Who knows, I may be back sooner than later and with very little changes, should I run into any troubles! Goodness yes, this is a terrifying venture for me. Please note that I will set the blog to private while I'm messing with it. Don't panic, I'll set it back to public viewing when all is said and done. Wouldn't want you to stop by for a visit while the place is a mess!

I hope you all enjoyed your holidays and I'm curious to hear all about the new horsey goodies you got! Until next week, happy slushy....dry....snowy....deserty.....muddy.... trails!


  1. Enjoy your "blog-cation" time, can't wait to see the place all redecorated! :)

  2. Hopefully, we won't all get a case of blog envy. I worked on my header a little yesterday, not the Christmas one, but the regular one. Just found some other photos of the horses. Must not be time for a major change yet; I still like the barn door.

    See you back soon!

  3. Glad to hear you had a good holiday and enjoyed the snow. Think we are supposed to get rain today and hopefully it will wash away ours.
    I'll be waiting to see your new template and how your site comes out. I love doing that sort of thing, but am not too good at it, so I leave it alone.
    Have a nice blog vacation.

  4. Have fun remodeling and we will see you soon

  5. Your Christmas with family sounded very relaxing. Good for you.

    Looking forward to see what you come up with for the "face lift".

  6. Enjoy your blogging vacation. We'll miss you and be looking forward to all the new stuff when you get back.

  7. We will miss you! I hear ya on wearing the cap and boots 24/7. I went to visit in MT after being gone a few yrs. I literally wore my full body snowsuit for 2 weeks. I NEVER took it off. I slept in it, lol. I'm such a sissy about snow!!! Love it, it's pretty, but I cannot live in it.
    Can't wait to see the new template!

  8. Have a great week!! And those snow pictures are sure pretty. There really is something peacful about a fresh blanket of the white stuff.

    Good luck with all the templates and such. IT's a lot of fun to play with!! Can't wait to see what the new look will be.

  9. PG
    I am glad that you got to spend all that time without a worry. What a dreamy time to have!

    I also spent all my time in the only boots that did not get overcome by taller "mountain Horse" riding boots. Toasty warm..but not water proof(had to put my feet in Bagies first) and, unfortuanatley, not meant to walk miles and miles in, like I did. Got some major bruises!
    Now, I am living in mules!

    You have fun and can't wait to see your creative PG space!

  10. Belated Merry Christmas to you and your pony sis and cousins! Have a nice vacation!

  11. enjoy your blogging holiday. I think I'm a wee bit jealous of this plan. I might have to do it myself soon.

    Your snow pictures are beautiful!

  12. SO??!! Did you get a Cowboy for Christmas!? You are going to be gone how long?! What who leaves for that long with no posting...he he, well I am sure you will knock all of our snow boots off with your new look! Happy New year my Friend!

  13. Love the picture of the driveway/road filled with snow. I have to say though, I don't want any of it around these parts. We had ice the week before last AND last week. Yesterday the high was 76 and today it is sunny and warming up nicely. Weird weather.

  14. Wow! A lot of snow. That looks like a white, white Christmas.


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