Sunday, December 21, 2008

Snapshots of a Snowy Saturday

We beat the storm and visited my mom's gelding Dusty. His leg is healing quite nicely, thanks to all who have asked! It was a rather bone chilling 24 degrees at the stable. I think my mom was the warmest one, as she was walking her horse!

I was impressed that my mom wrapped and bandaged her boy's leg all by herself.

It is dry bandaged now, and he has been hand walked twice a day for over two weeks. However, later today the barn manager might let him loose in the round pen. Dusty has never been the run and buck his farts out kind of horse, so we are hoping he mostly trots off then drops down for a good roll.

After Dusty was tucked back into his stall, I wandered out to the gelding pasture, Dusty's former haunt, to take some pictures. The geldings were finishing their breakfast as blowing snow stuck to their blankets.

This cute little bay reminds me of the horse my aunt J took lessons on last spring. I'm not sure it is him.

Oh goodness! Look at the snow all frozen to his ear hairs. Brrrr!

Here is the Arabian gelding my aunt J is now leasing. His name is Albert, you met him a few posts ago. What do you think of the cold, Albert?

Yep, I completely agree. You are such a handsome boy, though. Desert blood and all, hang in there!

Can you stretch your nose and neck out a bit please, give me some of that Arabian pizzaz? There you go!

This is my favorite shot. Interpretation of a.....seahorse? Look at that tiny muzzle!

I jumped back into truck, fingers numb and cheeks stinging. I now completely understand how people get hypothermia. It is not easy photographing with gloves, so one temporarily came off. I could stayed out there taking pictures of horses in the snow all day. I love photographing horses in the snow and since snow is so rare around here, it was hard to resist!

Speaking of snow, my dad and I took a walk in the park and saw this coyote on the run across the snow drifts.

Nope, that's not a coyote. Just my parents' dog Rosie, or Rosebud, or Posie, or Po-Po. Don't you just love nicknames? I could be a professional nicknamer! We took her out for a chilly morning romp.

She typically chases bunnies in an empty soccer field. But yesterday in the park, she found a new passion. Squirrels!
I think I found one, guys!

Rosie's red bandana is so festive and holiday-ish!

As you can see, I am thoroughly enjoying my time with the family, constantly putting myself in hypothermia's way. There is no place I'd rather be.

Except with my own frosted spotted boy! I miss you Appy pill! Sniff, sniff.


  1. Take heart — even if you were with him, it's too blasted cold to actually do anything. Stay warm, PG!

  2. I'm glad you're enjoying some great times with your family, which, lucky for you, also includes horses. All the photos you took look terrific! It's good to see that Dusty is doing so much better.

    I was relieved to read that my mare's not the only horse who doesn't buck and fart when let out. I thought that maybe she wasn't happy, but maybe that's just her personality...laid back and mellow.

    Will you be able to visit with My Boy for Christmas?

    Happy Holidays, PG!
    New Mexico

  3. Glad Dusty is getting better! Man it looks cold there!
    Love Rosie, looks like she is having fun!

  4. Awwwwwwww! Thanks for showing us these shots! I am so happy you are with your family and enjoying it!

  5. Wonderful to be with family! I know it is so COLD and it makes me even colder to see your photographs! I think the snow is deeper where your boy lives!
    I am so glad that Dusty is getting better.
    Merry Christmas Pony Girl!

  6. I enjoyed your pictures and have to say I am in love with Albert. He reminds me of an egyptian I had who passed. He is just gorgeous. Love the pic of Rosie running through the snow, she looks like she is having a blast.

    Glad to hear Dusty is getting better.

  7. I suspect your "driver" might be a special guy that came to visit w/you? Go ahead.........tell me I'm wrong!

  8. Brrrrr...that sure sound chilly! I am glad that Dusty is doing a lot better. And I am sure he is enjoying his time indoors and not out with those other geldings.

    I sure did look cold out there in that pasture!!

    I loved the pictures of the snow on their hair coats. Such pretty boys. I am glad they don't mind the cold.

    And Rosie is a cutie! I love her holiday decore!! She is adorable.

  9. Great Pics and times to hear about it all.
    That Grey is something special!
    Stay warm..keep moving..Merry Christmas Pony Girl!

  10. Trailboss~ the "driver" was my papa (my dad.) Bummer that it wasn't a special guy, eh?! Maybe next Christmas....Santa's left me in the cold that past few years! ;)

  11. Just a snow report for ya sis, we have around 20 inches of snow and still counting. Don't worry. I am taking good care of your boy!
    Looks like we'll get another 3-5 inches. I don't think it is going to stop snowing! I'll have new pix for you tomorrow.

  12. Wow you guys have LOTS of snow for a place that doesn't usually get the white stuff :o
    There's not much better than a white Christmas though, I hope you have a good one with your family.
    (but it'll be hard to beat last year I bet! lol)

    Glad to hear the Dustbuster is doing well, and yay for your mom doing the bandaging herself :)

  13. Boy! That snow is going around all kinds of places it doesn't normally visit. I hope you don't as sick of it as I currently am. I think it's going to be a long cold winter.

    Glad to hear that the leg is healing ok.

  14. Hi ! I found Pony girl Rides Again, by reading your comment left for Heart of a Cowgirl, one of the blogs I follow. I really like your blog and have added you to my favorites ! Happy Holidays !
    P.S. Glad Dusty is ok !

  15. I love the pictures and am glad to hear Dusty is doing well, and your mom is doing the work! Awsome! And what a gorgeous dog! It is always so nice to take a break and spend some quality time with the family. No matter how chilly an experience it may be!

  16. I know what you mean about freezing your fingers to take pictures! I will probably die that way; either that or from trying to take trailback photos and getting hit in the head with a branch...

  17. Albert is indeed a beautiful specimen. Don't you love how much joy dogs can find in even the simpliest things in life? Good role models.

  18. I am glad that Dusty is healing, and doing well. It looks like he is getting lots of TLC! :)

    Isn't this snow something else?? I just wish it would go away so I could have my husband back! :( Rosie looks like she is happy to have you though!

    On another note...How funny is is that we are readng Twilight at the same time??? I am done with it, and plan on starting the next one tonight...when my kids' calm down. :)

  19. My goodness that's a lot of snow! It's very beautiful in your neck of the woods - a real winter wonderland!

    Love all the photos! Enjoy being home with family... Merry Christmas!


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