Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Ropin' Time?

Last spring a friend of mine gave me a gift card as a thank you for dog sitting for her, and I just now spent it. I ordered a new breakaway halter for My Boy, with a padded nose band and crown piece. And new pair of slobber straps. AND, a lariat!

A rope does not a roper make. And I have no intention of becoming a roper right now. Paint Girl asked if I wanted to rope one of the goats. What do you guys think about that, My Boy and Ralph?

Huh? Goat roping?

Look, Pony Girl, I roped Ralph! I get extra carrots, right?

Are you kidding, My Boy? You are an amateur! Let me show you and Pony Girl how it's done!

Hard to catch horse? Yea, right! Pony Girl, you need to sign up for some lessons with me!

Nah, I probably won't be doing any goat roping anytime soon. I think Paint Girl's man loves his goats too much to let me even toss a rope their way! I just bought the lariat to use when free-lounging my horse. I watched a round pen/free longe technique on Pat Parelli's Discover the Catching Game DVD that requires the use of a rope to toss out at the horse to encourage movement. Actually, Parelli used his regular 12 ft. line attached to the end of halter, but I can't bear to throw my nice line and halter into the mud!

One thing I'd like to do is start desensitizing My Boy to the rope, and maybe start pulling small firewood logs, etc. Who knows, maybe I'll make my ex-reiner into a roping horse yet!

This post is dedicated to my sister Paint Girl, who is laid up at home with pneumonia right now. PG, I thought it might cheer you up to see some silly pictures of your ropin' stinker-butt Ralph! Best wishes for a speedy recovery! XOXO


  1. omg, I burst out laughing at those photos of the ropes in their mouths. That is hilarious.

    love your blog. It is always such fun to read. :o)

    Sorry your sister is sick. Hope she's on the mend soon. ;o)

  2. LOL LOL great post Pony Girl, made me laugh LOL

    hope your Sis gets better soon!

  3. I am like the other readers! That was so cute! You are a hoot! :)

  4. Those pics were a hoot! Love Ralph's tough talkin' attitude. :)

    Send best wishes to Paint Girl, pneumonia sucks :( Hope she feels MUCH better soon!

  5. That post made me laugh so loud I woke my son up in the basement! Thanks for giving me a good start to my day.

  6. great pix Pony Girl!

    I hope your sister feels better soon!

    I bought a flying saucer to pull behind our mares last year, and trained it through the actual pulling but the snow wasn't right for pulling a person on it. Maybe next year when Court comes home from college!

  7. Whuahahahaa!! Those pictures are hilarious!! I love Your Boy roping Ralph!! LOL!! And the look on their faces!! OH, too funny!! I love it!

    Oh, no Paint Girl! I hope she feels better soon! That is so horrible.

    And I stink a roping. At one of the rodeos we go to, I for some strange reason, signed up for dummy roping. I got a bit better by the end of the year. My 7 year old tries to teach me how to do it! Sigh.

  8. Cute.

    During The Depression my grandfather put groceries on the table by roping goats. Really. I wrote about it here: http://cindydianne.blogspot.com/2005/12/driving-lahoma.html

  9. I LAUGHED so hard! This was a great start to my day!


  10. I'm glad that My Boy doesn't spend his time alone. The goats seem like excellent company, if a bit cheeky at times.

    Best wishes for a speedy recovery to Paint Girl - that's nasty business.

  11. Great fun!!
    Hope your sistier is feeling better soon.

  12. lmao those pictures are too cute! My little cow horse is definately NOT a ropin' horse. As soon as he hears the rope whirling above his little ears he just about sits down! Yet he can carry a flag in drill....

  13. Poor Paint Girl--hope she's all better!

    I love those rope pictures. You're too creative! :) Have fun ropin' and ridin'!

  14. Holy Cow - LOL! (Or should that be goat?) Anyway, too, too funny!

    Always nice to be able to pull something behind you - even if you don't ever HAVE to do it :)

  15. I have a rope with a small log attached that I keep in the arena. Drag it around every now and then just so they remember how its done.

    Great pics!

  16. AHAHAHA thats brilliant! Good on ya Pony Girl!

    I once spent hours trying to learn how to throw a 'lasso' at this camp I went to. I got pretty good at catching moving campers lol

  17. Well that is quite the goat.. Lol!
    I nominated your blog for a Butterfly Blog Award because I love it so much! Please see my December 3rd post to pull the award onto your blog!

  18. Hope your sister is feeling better soon. Love the pictures. I guess My Boy is going to have a great Christmas.

  19. HEY!! We're going to be doing some roping on our arena day in Sunnyside next Spring!! You should really find a way to get your gelding down here for the event--it's going to be a lot of fun. And you'd be surprised what your horse will let you do when you pretend it's the most natural thing in the world, to be pulling a steel cow tethered to your saddle horn, or follow and swing a rope at a mechanical cow run by a 4-wheeler, and finally chase a cow out of a chute! I'm very excited for my breakaway roping lessons. Stupid baby. Holding me back!

  20. Palomino Girl~ Isn't that baby Grace popping out any day now? Twirling a lariat of her own, no doubt!! ;)

  21. Thanks for the cute post. I laughed for the first time this week! Thanks Sis!

  22. Too cute ! Hope Paint Girl is up and about soon.

  23. Very cute pics!!

    I've heard of goat ropers but not a ropin' goat! He looks like a natural!

  24. Odd Comment Of The Day:

    Can you please tell me about your saddle pad? I'm shopping for a new one, and BROWN is my favorite color.

    Thank you!

  25. I laughed so hard when I saw the ropes you drew. That is funny. Thanks for making me laugh.

    I tried to post a comment the other day, but google did not like me at that particular moment.

    Gives a new meaning to "goat roping".

    Have a great weekend.

  26. Hi Lulu,
    I think I got my saddle pad through a Smith Brothers Tack sale flyer, but I can't find it online there. But I did find one on the Valley Vet website. They actually have brown, I didn't see the cream color I got. Here is a link:


    Hopefully that will at least give you a place to start!

  27. I swear I thought that was real at first! Had me fooled! I thought "How in the heck did she get the to do that??" lol
    Paint Girl, get better soon!

  28. Mikey~ Hee! It was just a little fun and simple editing. Actually, I was equally surprised at how well it turned out. I already had those pictures from last spring, and the expressions on My Boy and Ralph's faces lent themselves perfectly for the ropin' story!

  29. Thanks Pony Girl!!! Unintentionally, I ended up with the same brand of pad!!

  30. Great post!!! Good story and the pictures are hysterical!!! Goat roping indeed!
    Hope Paint Girl gets better soon, being sick is NO fun!

  31. Oh, that's great! MY Boy, the goat roper...


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