Wednesday, December 10, 2008

A Little Bloggeration

Thank you all for your well-wishes for Dusty! I know my mom appreciates the support!

And I want to thank you all for helping me brainstorm ways to celebrate hitting my 200th blog post. There were some really fun ideas out there, including the challenge of writing a post using exactly 200 words.....or....having My Boy become an artist and paint a poster board.....or...... hooking up with a cowb -er, what?! C-ing spots! You crazy gal, you! My mom reads my blog!

What I would really like to do to celebrate is be back in this red tank top, the warm summer sun on my arms, the faint mingled smell of fly spray and horse sweat as My Boy and I climb the trail with Paint Girl and her crew.

That just isn't possible during this damp, chilly, foggy, soggy, frosty, rainy (okay, okay, you get it) winter. Or, almost winter. Close enough.

So, how about a warm eggnog latte? Okay. This is really a gingerbread latte for you super sleuthy Starbucks detectives out there. Go with me here, I couldn't find a picture of the eggnog one.

And a good DVD? Can't go wrong with The Holiday. I ADORE this movie!

And if I'm curled on the couch, I really need my faux fur throw. It's always cozy.

In a few short weeks, I'm taking a little bloggeration. Yep, I'm taking a little blogger-vacation. A break. A siesta. A catnap. A ponynap?

Nope, I won't spend the whole time drinking lattes and watching movies. All I want to do is work on the blog a bit, do some updates, mix and mingle, maybe change template or colors and all of that fun, yet time consuming blog stuff. I really want to devote some time to it and do it right this time, and not just in the evening when I get home from teaching the kiddos all day and I should be eating dinner or calling my grandma or watching the latest episode of Grey's Anatomy or cleaning my apartment. Which I really need to do, by the way.

I won't be gone long! Maybe just a few days if I time it right. You won't even notice, you'll be too busy breaking in your new Christmas saddles, recycling wrapping paper, and scraping Aunt Sally's fruitcake into the compost. But seriously, I want to keep blogging because it has brought so much to my life, in more ways than I can even explain here. So just stick with me, and I promise that before I leave the air (the net? the web?) for a few days, I will let you know. I will most likely set the blog to private during my bloggeration so that you won't pop over and see the mess. It's kind of like when you're packing up your house for a move. You really don't want to throw a dinner party while everything is boxed up and and in disarray! And I promise to return with more stories and musings about my spotted boy and his eqiune family than ever!


  1. Oh I love The Holiday! My sister and I just watched it :-) It's fun to have my sister out here now, just like you! A little blog vacation can be good for all of us. Enjoy!

  2. PG-you always make me giggle :) Congrats on taking a little vacation from blogland to "clean house," so to speak. Congrats on post 200 and give Your Boy a big congratulations squish from me next time you see him :)
    Have a good day with the kidlettes,
    Suebeedoo and The Entire Crew

  3. The Holiday is a great movie...loved it!

    Congratulations on your 200th post! Look forward to seeing your "new look" when you return.

  4. Wanted to let you know I am featuring your blog on today!

  5. Congrats to you on your 200th post!! Your picture is great, looks so relaxing and just where I would like to be.

    I really miss riding - my old guys is completely blind in one eye and can barely see out of the other so I am really reluctant to go out on trails anymore. I ride bareback all the time too so I just feel it isn't safe anymore.

    I took him in my indoor a few times but he seemed confused, even though he & the boys are in there in bad weather he just seemed to not like it with ME on him. Probably just a ploy to keep me at bay. LOL.

    Enjoy your little break!!

  6. Before you go, I tagged you for a six things about yourself post. Details are at

  7. Oops, wrong thing! (I combined two tags in one post). You are more than welcome to do the six things if you want, but I actually passed an award on.

  8. The Holiday? I am certainly a fan as well! And congrats on your bloggeration! We all deserve a break to get things together once and awhile. I wish I had the time to take one! You know we will miss you!

  9. I wanna be there in tank top land with the warm sunshine on my back too!! Oh boy, that sounds sooo nice. I too am already tired of being cold, wet, muddy etc.! I'll check out that movie, seems everybody likes it. Hope you enjoy your little vacation!
    See ya later little alligator!!
    Just in case, I don't get another chance - Merry Christmas!!

  10. I totally love that movie!
    I have seen it probably 35 times.. No, I'm not obsessed.
    But its on Starz all the time, and it makes me feel good and warm and fuzzy and so I leave it on in the background on the weekends when I'm home alone and cleaning.
    Never cleaned your house to the tune of The Holiday? TRY IT!

  11. I am loving the red tank thoughts myself...frozen fingered I am!

    Have a lovely Bloggerdowntime and hope to see you soon. Happy 200! And also..thanks for reminding me of THAT great movie!

  12. Send your mother my best...I have been there and while I love my horse to bits and pieces I am very glad not to be wrapping and doing 2x daily care anymore! Congrats on the 200th post and enjoy the break. I might not comment much, but I read every post so I am going to miss you (and the pictures of your very cute spotted boy) when you are gone. Oh, and I am trying out a horse to half lease soon and he is an Appy...I might join the Appy club afterall!

  13. have fun redoing the blog. I will be in front of the heaterdreaming of warmer weather.

  14. I think it's good to take a break every now and then. I'm sure we will all be looking forward to seeing what you come up with for your new look. Happy 200th blog anniversary too.

  15. I've been spending a lot of time looking at fun in the sun pictures, too. We woke up to 7 degrees today! Yep, that is a single digit! Its 100 days until spring. Yep, looked it up.

    Looking forward to your blog updates!

    Years ago, I started my website . My home page was a blog before I ever knew what a blog was. When I found out about blogspot, I kind of migrated to it because I could do it from any computer without any special software (I am a slave to Microsoft). Now my goal is to use somehow incorporate the 2 sites. I know it will require a call to India and if you ever had to make that call, be very well medicated & make sure your batteries are charged on your phone!

  16. The Holiday is one of my favorites. I love Cameron Diaz!! I can't wait to see what you come up with for design!!

  17. Please tell your mom that I hope for a speedy recovery for Dusty...poor boy!!! (Poor!!!)

    A bloggeration sounds like it may be just what the doctor ordered. :)
    Sometimes I take one too, but it has never been intentional...darn homework always gets in my way!!!!

    Thanks for your words of encouragement (about school) on my blog! They mean a lot to me, as I don't get a lot from my extended family. (Jealousy or general disinterest?? Not sure.)

    Anywho...I am sure that your blog will be fantabulous when you return. Get it?? "fan"tabulous...teeheehee!!!
    Have a good break! :)

  18. Congrats again, and enjoy your blogeration. Can't wait to see the new layout!

  19. Have a wonderful Christmas and bloggeration. Love your horse pictures--beautiful animals. Congrats on your 200th post!

    Heidi Thomas
    author, Cowgirl Dreams

  20. How fun to get to 200! Man, my finals are over tomorrow and I'm celebrating getting through my Basic Neurochemistry book. Yick.

    I thought MY HORSE had her picture in the dictionary next to accident prone!! She's not even good by herself--she fractured her skull by herself in the pasture. Ugh. Now she is on a very level area in a round pen as I can't risk her going out with the other horses where I board.

    Hello to nice, un-necessary coffee and naps!

  21. Well, we shall miss you while you take your "vacation", but I'm glad it will be a short one.

    And meanwhile, the Holiday and some Starbuck's is a wonderful way to celebrate your 200th post. Congrat's. Love your blog!

  22. Excited to see the new layout!
    Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!!


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