Friday, December 12, 2008

Barn Fire Tragedy

I got an email forward today that contained some sad news about a boarding stable fire that just happened in Southwest Washington. Here is the link with the story (warning: video is sad and may be difficult to watch.)

Fifteen horses perished in the fire. The cause of the fire was ruled an accident. A portable heater in a tack room toppled over and ignited some combustibles. A freak accident. I wanted to pass this story along as a reminder that as we prepare barns and horsey areas with the use of heaters or electric cords this winter season, it is worth a second check to be sure that everything is fire safe.

The barn owner could not go into the barn to save the horses because of the intensity of the smoke. I can only imagine the feelings that both the stable owners and the horse owners must be having at the tragic loss of their beloved horses. I know I shed a few tears and said a prayer for them tonight.


  1. Thanks for sharing this PG.
    One of my good blog friends lost a horse in a fire, so I thought of her immediately.
    That is something I wish on NO horse owner.

  2. How horrible! My thoughts are with those affected by the tragedy. That is something no one should ever have to go through. *tear*

  3. I read about that and it made my heart drop.
    Our thoughts and prayers are with them

  4. I too, had read about the tragedy. How sad. We don't have heaters in our barn, just one wall heater in the office. It would scare me to bits to have heaters around so much straw, hay, sawdust and other combustibles.

  5. We now have snow!!! How cool is that???!!!

    When I saw the info about the barn fire on the news, I was deeply saddened. Fires are so devastating. My hubby is a volunteer FF, and the town that we live in just had a brand-new, $700,000 home burn to the ground. The father was home with his three little kids, but he was able to get them all out safely. Still, their loss is unimaginable.

    PS-I didn't think that you would mind the color thingy, but still...I just wanted to make sure! :)

  6. Oh no! I just sat here and cried watching those people and how they were so devastated by the loss of their horses. How true. What a horrible, horrible way to die for those poor way to escape. So sad. My heart is just aching for everyone affected by this.

    Fire terrifies me! About 5 years ago my family was awakened, on my husband's birthday, at 3am by our walls flickering bright red.

    We heard several loud explosions! And we looked out our window and watched as our neighbors across the street ran screaming out of their house, as their home burned with a fierce fire.

    It took several hours to control the blaze and by morning msot of the house was gone.

    The fire was terrifying, but the aftermath was just as horrifying and stared at us and reminded us for several months afterwards, until the devastation was finally removed and the home rebuilt.

    Fire. (shudder)

    New Mexico

  7. I heard about it on the news. So sad.

    Here's a site that was posted on another blog with info on barn fires and safety

  8. That is a very sad story. Personaly a portable heater does not belong in a barn. I feel so for all concerned.

    A few years back a local stable burned to the ground and many horses lost their lives. It was ruled arson and was set by an teenager. Seems he set it because the person living at the barn (lived upstairs and took care of the barn) wouldn't let him in his place because he was drunk. From his igorance many horses perished.

  9. A very sad story for all involved. Barn owners really must be more diligent in preventing fires as best they can. We just had an electrician out because all the waterers were shorting and giving the horses shocks. Being afraid of a fire, we now have to rip up the wiring in the ground and replace it, but it's worth the peace of mind.

  10. A girl who frequents a northwest forum with me lost her horse in that fire...I can't even begin to imagine the grief. She asked if she could get his ashes, but they told her there was no way they could tell what was his. One of the firefighters, however, found his shoes for her =(

  11. That is very sad news. Poor horses...Poor owners!! Fires is one of the reasons I have always preferred to keep my horses outside whenever I have had to board.

    We are battened down for a nasty blizzard expected to hit us tonight and last through tomorrow. I don't mind snow, it's the howling winds that we get with it a lot of the time that makes winters miserable here. Of course, frigid temps are no fun, but I can dress for zero or 10 below as long as the wind is not blowing.
    I'd still take snow and cold over freezing rain any day.

    But...there is still enough of the kid in me that I love to drive around town on snowpacked and slick roads. It is just too much fun to spin sideways around corners or punch it and get your tires spinning. Of course, I live in a town that is so small we don't have a single traffic light and two cars at the same intersection is considered a traffic jam-LMAO.

  12. That was such a horrible fire. Those poor horses and their poor owners. The man with his trail horse was really sad. My heart goes out to all of them.


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