Thursday, December 11, 2008

Let it Snow, Let it Snow!

Hello! I haven't start my bloggeration. I have just been busy with birthday dinners and holiday parties! I am thankful tomorrow is Friday. I need a couch and movie night. I like my down time. Can you tell? We may also get SNOW this weekend! I love snow. Well, I love it better when it falls the night before a work day so I can have a snow day. Who doesn't love a snow day? I know, I know, I'm like a five year old.

Do you like the snow? Or is it just a big hassle for you? We rarely get snow here. But when we do, I think it is peaceful and lovely and a blessing because it slows us down. It brings people outside for a stroll, holding travel mugs of coffee, watching their kids sled or dogs frolic and play in the winter wonderland. Or at least it slows me down. My only trouble with snow is driving in it. I can't and won't. It's really hilly and icy here when it snows. And the roads just aren't maintained for snowy conditions because it happens so rarely.

So for my sake, keep your fingers crossed that it snows. So that I can feel the five-year old joy of a snow day again!


  1. We don't get much snow here either, as a rule. I feel like everyone should be able to have one guilt-free, stay-at-home-in-your-jammies day once a year. If my Boyz' winter coats are any indication, I should get my wish. If we do get snow, it's usually in the first 3 months of the year.

    How is Dusty? Haven't heard much from Cuz K either.

  2. we get a fair amount of snow here and as a result are quite used to driving in it. snow days are extremely rare. Sometimes school buses get cancelled out in the country, but not that often.

    I don't mind the snow, but we also get bitter cold spells here. Well below -15 with harsh winds. That is what I don't like. It's almost impossible to do stuff outside and pretend that you are having fun in the winter... lol

  3. I'd rather have snow than the rain we've had for the last few days. At least the dogs will go out in the snow!

  4. I hope you get all the snow you are wishing for.

    Do I like snow? Hell no. I spent 30= year battling it and providing horse care in snow up past my eyeballs. Plowing the drive, getting ice out of water buckets and hoses, slipping on ice covered pathways through giant snow drifts, freezing things on ME that ought not be frozen, wind whipping the controllable snow drifts up into towering mountains of packed snow.... <...shiver...> gah... gives me flash backs and nightmares just thinking about it!

    But I sure hope YOU have fun with it! ;)

  5. We just got snow yesterday for the first time in years! All the kids were playing in it. I think there was enough to make a footprint!!

    I used to live in Ohio near Lake Erie and we always had lots of snow. I enjoyed it when I was younger but now I enjoy the warm days in Louisiana!!

    I am having a toffee giveaway over at my blog!! It would go great with your bloggeration!! It's a melt in your mouth kind of toffee! yum!!!

  6. I love snow! I wish we would get more of it. One Christmas, it snowed and I mean a lot, but my hubby and I did not get to enjoy it. We left town about 6 hours before it started snowing. We had snow this week. It was in the 70's the day before and then bitter cold & snowy. I made Chicken and Dumplings for dinner. It was great.

    I say, bring on the snow!

  7. Snow I don't mind, cold temperatures I despise. If I could have snow and 50 degrees at the same time, I'd be happy.

  8. You guys down south make me feel quilty for complaining about the snow, some of the posts I have read remind me of my childhood and how exited I used to get over the first snow. Now not so much .We are expecting -30 this weekend and foe a few days and while those days look crisp and beautiful from indoors I don't relish the idea of going out in it.Also I drive a small SUV so I dio feel a little safer on the roads. One thing I will say for snow is a white Christmas is the best ever! Enjoy your snow day!And stay safe.

  9. I get stressed everytime it snows, because it means driving winding mountain roads on black ice, getting stuck in traffic when others get into accidents on black ice, and trudging through mud once it melts to do my chores -- not to mention always feeling like I'm freezing regardless of the number of socks, gloves, and coats I wear. I also can't ride the horses in winter because of the ice that goes along with the snow. BUT I get even more stressed over draught conditions and having to conserve water, so I try to welcome snow when it comes to visit.

  10. We are supposed to get our first bit of snow here this weekend as well! I sure hope it happens! I absolutaly love the snow. I don't even mind driving in it. (And if its too snowy and icy for my car, my sister has a truck that can plow through *almost* anything) with our high for the next few days being around -3 and low around -10, I guess I ought to go buy some gloves before working at the barn tomorow!

  11. We don't ever get snow here- thank god! I hate snow. But the picture of you and My Boy in the 'snow' looks pretty! Hope you enjoy your day- it's good to be five!

  12. How come it is raining sideways and blowing a gale right now??? I hope that we get snow this weekend too though!!

    PS-I wanted to tell you that I changed my blogs' colors for Christmas, and I believe that I have the same green as you. Just wanted you to know that I am not intentionally copying you, but the other greens and reds are too overpowering. :)

  13. Okay, blogger errored out on me so if this comes thru twice, its there fault!

    No, I don't enjoy snow anymore. As soon as the time changes in November, I am ready to assume the fetal position with my thumb in my mouth until such time as we can function again without layers and layers of clothes.

    I'm a Nebraska native, but certainly thinking in my future of becoming a snowbird & heading south. Can't do it anymore. If it were only snow, might be tolerable. But winds gusting to 40 mph with windchills below 0... Gosh, makes me shiver just thinking of it. You can't be a horse person in that kind of weather!

    Snow on Christmas Eve is about all I hope for. BTW, its 98 days until spring, if anyone is counting.

  14. It's curious how, in your doctored snowfall picture, your Appy looks like he's getting a good covering on his hindquarters! Back where I used to live it snowed a lot, and the horses (which had good thick coats - we didn't rug them) were so well insulated that the falling snow lay on their backs without melting.

    It was picturesque, all that snow, however keeping the water running to the barn amd breaking ice on the stream for horses to have a place to drink are jobs that I don't really miss. By the end of winter, the well was almost dry, the streams nearly dry too, and this always was such a worry in a place without piped water.

  15. We can have either dry winters or one's with lots of snow...I prefer the one's with snow. Mostly because we need the snow pack for irrigation in the area...grow that hay!! And I definitely prefer snow over rain!

    It sounds like the whole PacNW is in for a big storm! My Man just called from Burns and it's snowing there and's headin' this way!

    Enjoy your snow and take a ride in it if you can!

  16. I hate snow. With it comes the cold and I don't like that either.

    On November 20, 21 and 22 we got over 3 feet of the stuff. Conner got lost in the snow.

    nope, sunny-dry-warm....that's what I'd like!

  17. White Horse~ great observation re: My Boy's snowy rumpus!! Unfortunately, if we get real snow, the photos of My Boy won't look as snowy since he'll be wearing his turnout blanket.

    Leah~ My mom reports that Dusty's leg is healing well. He's still on stall rest and bandages for a bit.

    Melanie~ Oh goodness, I am not concerned about copying at all! Truly, I get inspired by other's blogs all the time! You know it's funny, some of the blogger colors on my laptop look like totally different shades of color on my sister's PC! ;) I'm going to head on over and check out your new look!

  18. What fun! I hope you get lots of snow to enjoy! We're about to get a foot of snow beginning tomorrow...I'm spending the day running around picking up all of the random objects that would end up buried for the winter if I don't get them now :) I LOOOOOOVE snow and my dogs and I have a blast in it...we'll see what the horses all think :) Don't forget to make a few snow angels tomorrow! I love when the silly ponies make their own Pony Snow Angels by rolling around in it :)
    Woofs and whinnies!
    Sue and the crew

  19. I love, love snow!! But only if I can saty home and don't have to drive in it.

    I lvoe watching my kids play in it and I love watching it fall to the ground. I love the way it makes everything appear softer and gives the ground and air a quiet peaceful look.

    But I don't like old snow or snow that turns crunchy or too muchy.
    It must be soft, dry and fluffy!

    I think I may be a snow snob. lol!

    New Mexico

  20. I love "adult" snows. That is where it snows those big old fat snowflakes and sticks to the ground but not the roads!

    2 years ago it snowed on the 23rd of December and I was snowed in for 5 days during Christmas. It was great! I was thankful I had all of my Christmas shopping completed so I was able to just enjoy the holiday.


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