Wednesday, July 23, 2008

You Might Not Know These

Gotcha! Nope, I haven't made it big time, I just did this fun magazine cover over at Flickr. I got the idea from Country Girl, go there to see what she did with her cool border collie George and find the link on how you can create your own!

In other news, I've been tagged by Victoria over at Teachings of the Horse, to tell you six things about me that you might not know. So here goes, but I can't promise you it will be interesting.

1. I love cheese. But I am really picky about cheese. I prefer white cheese, and dry, like Parmesan. I like fancy, dry, unique white gourmet cheese. Except for mozzarella, that is an exception, I can eat that out of the tub. But I do not like mozzarella cheese sticks, like those string cheese kind. I also like cheddar, but I prefer it sharp. I am not a big melted cheese fan, unless it is on pizza or in pasta or tacos. For example, I usually order hamburgers, not cheeseburgers. I detest Velveeta or canned cheese. Blech! Okay, so that's the cheesy scoop on Pony Girl and cheese.

2. I am afraid of pit bulls. There, I said it. I am. I do not know where this fear has come from. I have very limited experience with Pitt bulls and it has never been negative. My most negative experience with a dog was with a doberman/rottweiler that turned on me while I was petting it (luckily I escaped with just a minor scratch on my ear.) My good friends have a rottweiler that I have known since he was 8 weeks old and I dog sit him, and I am not afraid of him. So, this does not really make sense to me. Regardless, if a pit bull is in my midst, I do not really feel comfortable.

3. I do not smoke. I never have. If a guy smokes, he really has no chance. I find smoking to be very unattractive. If I see a handsome guy and the next instant he lights up, nope- sorry, I'm moving on, dude. It's a deal breaker for me.

4. I hate to fly. Well, I do not know how to fly (sorry, you thought I was sharing a really amazing talent, huh?) Besides, the fear is not of flying, it's of the plane falling. Throughout the entire flight I feel and listen for every bump and sound that signals the plane is going down. However, I have learned to deal with this fear, and without medication, thanks to more frequent flying and some really turbulent trips (which proves the plane can jump and dip and will still stay in the sky.) I have finally beginning to feel less anxious during flights. I do not think I will ever enjoy it. But I do not want it to stop me from traveling and experiencing new places.

5. I cry very easily. I am the C.E.O. of Waterworks Corp. Tears for Fears is my favorite band. Music and sad movies and commercials can bring on the flood. I love that I am emotional and in touch with my feelings- sometimes. Other times, it's just a big old pain because I will get dehydrated from crying and then get a headache. Or I can't find any Kleenex. Or I'm in public and crying messes up my make-up. Well, I don't really cry in public too much. I try to hold it all in and wait until I'm home.

6. During my 16-year hiatus from owning a horse, I took hunter-jumper lessons. I was around 24 years old. I rode two off-the-track Thoroughbreds, the latter one being a huge teen-aged bay gelding named Tester (appropriately so.) I was jumping little 2' courses by the time I quit. The old-school beast of a helmet I still own and wear to this day is from my hunt seat days. I really enjoyed these lessons but found the money I had to put into the "practice rides" along with the cost of the lessons just didn't fit into my mid-twenties financial aid budget. And you know what? I don't have one single photo from that six months of riding. Just mental pictures. Oh, well.

I'm not going to tag anyone because I think I've been reading these on most of your sites anyway, but if you haven't participated and want to share some of yourself with us, consider yourself tagged!


  1. Oh and you almost had me thinking you were published!
    I am with you on the smoking, and I love cheese too!!

  2. Interesting things to know!
    Sorry-we cannot hang out at Vegas this November-I smoke. Chris hates it-I have tried to quit several times, but eventually revert back. It's a nasty habit and I usually try to avoid smoking around people who don't smoke, but it is something that I really, really enjoy when I am by myself. It gives me a chance to "think". I think the next time I get the urge to quit, I am going to try hypnosis.

    I love fancy cheese myself. I'm with you on the mozzarella-but do like to nibble on the sticks too.

    And rock hard, ranch cowgirl that I am---I choke up at the drop of a hat during movies. That Humane Society commercial with Echo-the cute little dog in the pound makes me bawl. And then when they showed that he had been adopted, I bawled some more.

    Mrs Mom tagged me too-but I'm still thinking about the amount of "dirty laundry" I want to air out-LOL.

  3. That mag cover is cool :)

    I'm not a huge cheese fan. I'm pretty basic, mozza, cheddar, marble. Melted on burgers or nachos. But I will agree that velveeta and the spray can cheeses are just gross.

    Grew up with parents that smoke. Now I have a few health issues, think they may be related?? Can't stand it, doesn't make me lose a friend but it DID make me picky in regards to who I would date. (btw - chewing tobacco is gross too)

    I can be "overly emotional" at times as well. I think it just means we are extra passionate people! lol

  4. I am addicted to cheese! I will eat almost any kind, anytime! I could seriously live off of it.

    BEC- I will go to Vegas with you! I am a smoker. I have also quit numerous times but for some reason I always start up again. My other half is not a smoker and he hates it with a passion! I am the first girl he ever dated that smoked and we are still together after 13 years! Pony Girl is very patient with me when I need to take that smoke break from riding, driving (I don't smoke in the car unless I really need one!) and anything else we are doing.

    I am also sensitive but probably not quite like my sis.

  5. Ya gotta tell me what you do to get your horse's mane so nice. My Appy looks like a lunatic. His is all over the place. Nice tail, but super frizzy mane.

  6. I have been dehydrated from crying before too!

    Good job on the 6 things!

  7. were already tagged by about a gazillion people already (lol)!

    I LOVE cheese, do not mind smokers, but I did NOT marry one either...same issue there!

    About crying. Crying more would probably do me good. I tend to never cry, but I know that it is healthier to "feel" your emotions and just let it all out.

    I don't particularly relax around pitbulls either. If it is just me,I am fine, but if they are around my kids, I am a nervous wreck!!! Not fair to the good ones out there, I know, but I can't help it either :)

  8. Awesome six and very creatively written! Cool!

  9. Good 6 things that I had no idea about.

    Cheese I can take it or leave it. I really do like the mexican shredded Kraft cheese from the bag, I can eat it by the handful. Pit Bulls. I think their so cute and people have given them a bad rap. But I like animals of all kinds. (and no spiders are not animals!)

    Unfortunately I have to label myself a smoker. I smoke about 4-5 cigarettes a day and only in the afternoon and night. Smoking in the morning would make me puke. I hate it, it's gross but there is just something to having those 7 minutes to yourself and a mandatory relax time. But I agree it is disgusting.

    Also on your appy's mane. My appy has literally no mane. He has whisps of multi colored and and varied length strings hanging from his neck. He has a so so forelock. I have tried to grow it out bit it's really gross looking. SO for showing I am forced to roach it. It looks neat and nice and sharp. I call it the marine look. But I am always envious of appys with nice manes and tails. Possum has an exceptionally nice tail for an appy that almost touches the ground, but the mane is horrible.

  10. BEC: I don't mind hanging around smokers, I have a handful in my family....I just won't DATE a guy that smokes. As Paint Girl says, I am very tolerant of her little "breaks!" :) So we can still hang in Vega girl, hee!

    Sidetracked: My Boy is lucky in that he has a mane....but, since I've been growing it out from his traditonal stock-horse pull, it's thinned a lot! :( I think he is rubbing it a bit, I see a lot of broken hairs. He also has a cowlick, so part of it tends to flop over to the other side of his neck. He does have quite the fuzzball forlock. You roach Possum's mane, right?

  11. Yea, Possum looks much cleaner with a roached mane. I know that it is a big no no in my show world, but neat and tidy is what counts. Trying to braid his mess of a mane would be hideous. So while everyone at the barn is braiding for hrs I'm already done.

    I usually roach it 2 weeks before a competition so it's had a chance to grow a little bit and look neat. I do braid his forelock though. I call it the "spit and roll" because it's so small it's mostly made of yarn!

  12. Great Six there PG!

    Heres a hint-- as we get older-- those freaking hormone shifts that make us (yep- us- I bawl too at the drop of a hat,) Get Worse. Much. Worse.

    Invest in Kleenex now.

  13. Pony Girl & Sidetracked: Raincloud has a gorgeous tail, an okay mane... but where is his forelock?!? lol Seriously, it seems like a little puff ball. Very pathetic. :)

  14. Cdncowgirl: I just commented on Sidetracked about My Boy's puff ball forelock, too! How does that happen? One of my sister's mares has the same thing. You'd think the hair growing out of the forlock area would be of the same consistency as the mane hair!? ;)

  15. Hi Pony Girl. I think it's so funny how you seem to touch on topics that I've thought about blogging about. In this case, I refer to cute guys & smoking. I'm the same. I lose interest the moment he lights up. Next! I don't have smoking in my environment much, so I find that I'm really sensitive to it and not very tolerant.

    I like cheese, but it's not a weakness of mine. Reggiano Parmesan cheese is my fave, although I always crave a glass of red wine when I have any.

    I LOVE all animals, and most dogs, but I just don't trust pit bulls. Whenever there's a news story on a wonderful family dog that snapped and had the child for dinner, it always seems to be a pit bull. Maybe they're just getting bad press.

    I never used to be much of a crier either, but the ole hormones are having an effect, now.

  16. Great Six PG! I love learning all these neat things about my blogging friends. I love cheese too, I eat way too much of it! Hate smoking, have asthma so can't breathe around them. I used to be a horrible flyer too. I would worry about it for weeks before we left on a trip. Had to get over it as we have to fly four or five times a year and that's way too much worrying! lol! We did have a bo*mb scare on one flight and they took us all off and I wouldn't get back on. We drove home from Florida that trip!! It was a looonnngggggg trip home!

  17. PG: I've got to get a full on head shot of Raincloud for you. I was looking back at pics of Your Boy and his forelock looks almost luxurious in comparision. Raincloud's is thick, but short and puffy. A weird little cotton candy puff ball on his head.
    Oh great... now I'm thinking of those dorky toque's with the pom-pom top my mom made me wear when I was little! lol

  18. We should have an appy forelock comparison post! lol. Rusty's forelock is very sad. His mane is so-so, I guess and his tail is short and thin, but at least he has a tail! Our poor appy boys! ;-p

  19. At first I thought that was a real magazine! What a fun idea, and maybe one day the two of you just might become famous.

    I think My Boy has some hidden talents that are just waiting to be revealed to surprise an impress you and all his fans :)

  20. Hey, you found the magazine thing! It's cool, isn't it?

    I'm afraid of pit bulls, too. They're pretty scary. Good post!


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