Monday, July 28, 2008

Happy 35th Birthday, Paint Girl!

Here are some pictures from the "mortification files." Sorry the photos are not of great quality, but they were taken, what, 100 years ago? Oops- I kid, I kid, little sis, I know that you are not that old. Besides, I will always be older than you! However, it has been a good 25 years since most of these were shot.

Maple trees making great hitching posts and garbage pails make good grooming totes when you are ten years old.

These were quality jumps, people, no question. We designed them with vinyl lawn chairs and cedar posts. Durability and safety were of the utmost importance.

Except for helmets. What were those?

Double trouble: young cowgirl wannabes.

Riding ponies double in the snow was always so much fun. And you loved those fleece nose band covers, didn't you? This is Paint Girl and her childhood friend.

Goin' all out during your gaming years, on your sweet Appy mare, Kitty Kat.

Hey, why are you posing with my pony? And are those my acid-washed zipper jeans you have tucked into your cowboy boots?

Your serious show years on Knotahe. Don't you still have that hat, shirt, and chaps?

You've come a long way, baby.

Hope you enjoyed this little lope down memory lane.

Thanks for opening your heart and home to me and My Boy.

Happy, happy Birthday!


  1. Happy Birthday Paint Girl!

    Pony Girl - you have an award at my place!

  2. Happy Birthday Paint Girl!! Hope you have a wonderful day.

    You girls look so happy with your ponies. Didn't we all have so much fun back then? I think all of this safety stuff and the preaching about "we know better now" is overrated. Back then we just had fun-seldom got hurt, didn't hurt our horses and learned how to really, really ride.

    Enjoy you horses ladies and never let the kid in you die!!

  3. Aww What a great sister! Both of you!
    You for posting a birthday tribute to your little sis!
    Great photos!! Acid wash! LMBO! I had those too, only mine were tucked into my socks, two different colors remember! I never did have the leg warmers though! Oh the hair we styled and clothes we wore!! Happy birthday Paint Girl! Hope you get lots of presents! Pony Girl... what did you get your sista!!?

  4. happy birthday paint girl!!

    those are great pics!! i am lovin those acid wash zipper jeans! =)

  5. Happy Birthday to a really great gal!

    Those pictures are all so terrific! How lucky you were to have your own horses while growing up.

    Here's to many more beautiful long, trail rides, Paint Girl!

  6. awww...a big happy birthday to your sister! And she must really like you to let you publish her age!

  7. Happy Birthday, Paint Girl! It looks like your horse definitely made it over that lawn-chair-jump in that one picture.
    Fun times!

  8. Happy Birthday Paint Girl. Boy what memories this brings back to me.

  9. You two are so lucky to share horses together! Happy birthday, Paint Girl!

  10. Happy Birthday, Paint Girl! 35 is a great age! Old enough to make all your own decisions and mistakes...old enough to start thinking that you should really save for retirement....old enough to have a serious horse investment in home/truck/trailer (oh, yeah, and /horse). Old enough to know what love is...and isn't!

    Loved the old pictures. Reminds me of the now nagging aches and pains I still suffer from my horse-related accidents from those years...oh, my neck, my back....oh well! Enjoy your birthday and make it last all week! You two are great sisters!

  11. Great pictures. I wish I had taken more/some when I was growing up. I don't know why I didn't. I guess I was too busy to think of the future! Living day to day like most kids.

    Happy Birthday paint have a great sister! I am sure you are great too. I hope you get all that you want for your birthday.

  12. Happy, Happy Birthday Indeed, Paint Girl!!

    Way to go Pony Girl, for such a great tribute to your little sister! ;)

    Hope you two have a fantastic day together to enjoy a birthday celebration!


    What a great tribute to your sista PG!!!

    Love the pics!

    Saddily enough I think I did do the leg warmers, bun warmers, stretch pants, big bangs! Oh lord!

    Hope you had a great day together!!!

  14. Happy Birthday!

    I've made jumps out of overturned bird houses (I kid you not) and tree branches, so hey, whatever works! :D

  15. Thank you everyone for all the Happy Birthdays!
    My sis and I got to go on a trail ride today. It was great. Nice and relaxing, than my other half made me dinner. Too bad I can't have a Birthday everyday!
    For my Birthday my sis gave me spurs (I've been wanting a pair for awhile), Dr Pepper flavored chapstick (I love Dr Pepper), a pink cowboy boot nightlight (no I am not scared of the dark) and chip clips (for all my bags of chips I eat).
    Oh yeah and sis thanks for the terrible 80's pix of me.
    The clothing and hairstyles back than were terrible! You will never see me in acid washed zipper jeans again!

  16. Happy Birthday Paint Girl!

    I think that I may need to do a post that features pictures of me, sporting my lovely, 1980's, style!!!

    These pictures are/were great, and they bring back a lot of memories :)

    Why do the horses always seem like they were more hairy back in the eighties?

  17. Looks exactly like my childhood...thanks for taking me back memory land as well. Wonderful photos....isn't wonderful to grow up on the backs of ponies:-)

  18. Wow, Great nostalgic pics! Happy Birthday to your sis!

  19. PG- an award awaits you at my blog!

  20. Oh I am late, Happy Birthday Paint Girl!!

    I love those old pictures!! What were we thinking with those stylish clothes from the 90's???

  21. Its late, but I was gone... so Happy Belated B-day PaintGirl!!! :)


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