Tuesday, July 8, 2008


People probably wonder why I am always taking so many pictures of my horse. Well, despite the fact that he's my baby and so handsome, it takes at least fifty pictures to get one that I really like. Photographing horses has proved to be rather challenging for me. Capturing the proper angle, pose, and lighting can sometimes be nearly impossible. And sometimes, you photograph moments you wished you hadn't. I've taken some really bad pictures of my horse. Lucky for you, I've mostly deleted all of my really bad shots.

However, last night after we rode, I took some new pictures of my sister and her horse Brandy, so that she could post them on her blog.

"Attack of the Wrong Angles."

This one was an attempt at something creative. But somehow, I managed to make my sister's mare look like she is in foal (she isn't) and like she has the tiniest head ever.

This one that has the opposite problem. Now, Brandy looks like she has a huge neck, head, and ears, and a teeny tiny hiney. I do like this one of my sister, though. She has a natural smile.

"Into the Sun."

Obviously I was facing a late-setting sun when I took this one. I was hoping for some cool mood lighting. All I got was this stinkin' rainbow. But I kind of liked this one, and my sister did too. Brandy looks less than thrilled, but we liked how Brandy's tail was fanning out in the breeze. And I think it's a cute pose of my sister. This one had potential.

There was one photo I really liked out of the bunch. It was meant to be a picture of Brandy's eye, but as I put up the camera I saw my sister in the background and snapped it. It turned out kind of neat.

Then, it was my sister's turn to take some pictures of me and My Boy. Don't get me wrong, I am not criticizing my sister's photography skills here. Actually, my sister is getting quite good at taking pictures and I am thankful I have someone to document my time with my horse. Rather, I am just using these as examples of photo bloopers that I have also made myself, oh too often.

"The Big Itch."

Or big mosquito? We are both obviously irritated by something here.

"Meet My Boy."

The biggest Appaloosa in the world. And Brandy. The 2 inch miniature Arabian/Paint. (My Boy is 15.2 hh and Brandy is 14.2 hh. Can you tell from this picture? Hmmmmm.)

Now, it looks as if the big Appaloosa is trying to eat the little miniature horse Arabian/Paint.

"Attack of the Pink Muck Bucket."

There is nothing like a bright pink bucket trying to steal the spotlight in every shot.

It is somehow so strategically placed, too.

This one I actually kind of like, if My Boy didn't look like he is sleepwalking.

So, please tell. So many of you are just fantastic at this horse photography thing. What are your secrets? Any special hints and tips that you can share with a rookie here? Thank you, thank you!


  1. I really can't give any advice other than "trial and error" because that's how I learned! Just remember - you are your own worst critic!

    And you & your sis are a tiny little things!

  2. I am afraid that I am not much help!!! You should try adding kids to the mix...kids and horses do not equal good picture taking material...when you are moi (LOL)! I always think that people must think that our horses are really strange looking, when the sad truth is, it is my often hurried and rushed, photography skills! It takes time to get a good shot, and I am ALWAYS running from here to there. Believe it or not, I DO have some really nice photographs, but they do not include any horses :( Oh well...maybe one day!

    This is a really funny post though! I enjoy your candidness about horse photography. It IS hard...at least for some of us! I think that the reason it is so hard to capture a horse and handler/rider together, is because you have TWO live bodies that are often doing TWO different things.

  3. I'm new to your blog and have enjoyed reading about you and your horse. Your horse is just beautiful! I don't ride but have always just admired horses and the relationship that a good owner and their horse have.

    What kind of camera are you using?

  4. I don't know about you, but my secret is LOTS AND LOTS of photos. Works great! ;-)

  5. Sis, you had me laughing so hard I was crying! You know how many times you have done this to me?
    I am not a photographer but come on, you have to admit, it sure makes for some great laughs! Love the pink add on to your butt!
    And Brandy does look like a mini-horse! What the heck?
    I'll try to get better pix next time. If there is a next time. You might not ever let me take a pix of you and your boy again! HA! Lets see what else I can get in the pix.

  6. Just keep taking lots. Drives yourself nuts, but keep doing it. And try to plan the backgrounds a little better. Shoot multiple photos just a few inches or feet apart. Most importantly, shoot low. Get your camera down around the should/elbow level. It gets rid of the stubby leg syndrome that lots of people tend to get.

  7. Bwahahaha! On that pink muck bucket.
    You know what's funny is that I'd have never really notied all those unique bloopers unless you'd have mentioned them. No, they weren't the best shots, but they were all good. But the way you pointed them out with funny commentary just cracked me up.
    And the simple way of changing angles to totally change perspective was really cool.
    I got a kick out of the 'large horse eating the small horse' photos.

    I really like that 'eye and sister' photo, though. Now that's a very creative and beautiful perspective!

  8. Remember that whatever is closest to the camera will appear to be bigger. (That is why the shot of Brandy from the front makes her head/neck look huge and her butt teeny.)
    Take LOTS of pics (although you don't really need encouragement there do you! lol)

  9. LOL-Pony Girl. I'm with TwinVille-I didn't really pay attention to the "bloopers" until you pointed them out. I guess a person just realizes that there are photos that are meant to be "perfect" and then there are photos that just show us, our stuff and life in general.

  10. Such a creative post! I love this one so much! Now I'm going to have to go back and look at all my pictures. I would have never thought about the things you pointed out, but you were oh so right.

    Good job. :)

  11. I can so relate to what you are saying. I too am new to photography. I have a fancy smancy camera and don't even know how to use it yet. I hate reading instructions and taking time like that, which is sad because I really should w/this camera. I too take a LOT of pictures. I move a lot to flickr since we never know when our puters at home might crash. Also keep a lot on external hard drives.

    Does anyone have any suggestions on the best way to keep pictures?

  12. I take a lot of photos... and here are a couple of tips:

    *Be aware of backgrounds... a cluttered background can be very distracting.

    *Get on the same level as the object you are photographing.

    *Avoid having the sun at the subject's back.

    *Take lots and lots of photos.

    *Don't think the subject has to be in the center of every photo... give them a place to "go"

    * Have fun and experiment! I took a beginning photography class earlier this year and had a blast!

    Hope this helps!

  13. I am the same way. Take about 50 pictures to get one good one sometimes.
    I think my favorite here is the one
    of Brandy's eye and your sister, but enjoyed them all.
    Have a great week!

  14. Why worry about taking great ones? You've found your niche with the funny ones! I loved this post.

  15. Pony Girl - I loved this blog! You crack me up!! My advice on taking good photos: take hundreds! I just take photos until I get the ones I want. Sometimes the funny/oops shots are the best ones!
    Thanks for your great sense of humor - it makes for a great blog!

  16. GREAT shots!!!
    I would love it if you would add some to my new website for....well... basically for girls. :)

    To add your photos, go to www.ihorseclub.com and join/register for the club... it's free.

    Anyway.. I'm just starting out this new website...kind of a meeting place for girls who love horses.


    Oh, if you like the site, can you please help to spread the word?

  17. My family photographer has said, "You have to take a lot of photos to get that one good one." And he is a pro. So, I guess we are all doing something right!! :)
    I think your sister takes great pictures! Unlike my MIL, who took just me on that bike!! LOL!!
    Horses are tricky, I have always gotten down a little bit and then I always angle from the hip side!! I love a bit but. That is what I have done for our stud photos for our ads. If you are above a horse it will make them look so unblanced and funny!! I love the one of your sister's mare's head!!
    I really stink at the action horse shots. I can never get the right picture of the horse with its leg extended. I always get them with their legs all bent up under them. I guess I need a camera with a button that you can hold down and take a lot of pictures at once. I need a big digital SLR!!!
    Fun post!!
    Oh and photoshop is a Godsend!!!! That is my trick. I can photoshop anything!!!

  18. Well... I can't really give any of my secrets away! Ahem...being a professional and all.
    I can just tell you "little grasshopper", that you must become "one" with the camera, FOCUS really try to "be" the horse! Feel what he is feeling, Run around, kick up your heels, and paw the ground! Snort by dang SNORT! FEEL the SPIRIT OF THE HORSE move though you! Then and only then will you become a Great Photographer! As myself!

    Ok... take lots of picture!(sigh) (But everyone already made comments on that!) I wanted to be original! Plus, these things just pop in my head, I must release them!
    Great pictures! And narration!

  19. PS
    Cinderella, When you get done with your chores stop by, I have something I need you help taking off my page!? *- (that's a wink)

  20. Like Andrea, I asked my professional photographer friend how he got such great photos and he said that for every "one" great shot, he takes about "ten" bad ones. Made me feel much better about my efforts.

    I don't pretend to take great shots. I do my best and don't sweat it. Some of the blogs I've visited are very slick and beautiful, which is great, don't get me wrong. However, I do find that I visit the blogs that keep it 'real' much more often and enjoy them more. It feels more like stopping by to visit a good friend, I guess. The place doesn't have to be spotless for me to enjoy the company.

  21. My Pony Firend,
    You are So VERY welcome for this little "Thank You"
    I had been rolling ideas in my head for awhile now for a special little something for you!(Since I designed Lovely! Megs)Then you gave me an award! So talk about EERIE!!
    I hope you find you that special someone! He will come along when you aren't expecting it! (I know!wink *- )

  22. Congrats on the Award TrainWreck made for you! I'm sure you won't be makin' an airplane out of it...maybe frame it and hang it in Big Boys 'stall' ! We're all pulling fer ya...looking fer that tall lanky Cowboy to sweep you off your feet!

  23. I don't have any advice - I'm strictly in the amateur class, so I was reading all the comments with interest.

    train wreck, have to ask -- does channeling Obi Wan and becoming one with one's camera hurt? lol!

    Digital cameras are absolutely wonderful, aren't they! When I think of how many rolls of film I used to go through (AND the delay waiting to see what I'd gotten) - well, instant gratification is so much better!

  24. I have to say, taking horse shots has always been the most challenging of anything I've taken photos of....even with digital cameras (although they are a huge help!). I found when I had to take a lot of pictures for work every darn week, I finally developed a pretty good eye -- just like you are doing with all the shots for the blog...so, there you go...you're getting there PG! (if I may call you PG...)

  25. I posted a funny horse pic on my blog... one of those funky pictures that turned out funny... even tho it makes our stallions head look as big as his butt!


  26. I guess I've always been into photography (since high school) and I'm an annoyingly over-observant person. I love to people watch and can probably recall people's outfits a week after I see them, down to the detail. I'd be a great crime witness, LOL! I guess that is why I notice things like pink buckets in the middle of my horse's belly (in a photo.)

    Julie, yep, you can call me PG! :) Another quirk of mine~ I always make up cutsey nicknames for everyone I know!

    Robin, I am using a Sony Cyber-shot 7.2 mexa-pixels digital camera I got from my parents last year at Christmas. I think they got it at Walmart and it was on-sale and cost a little over $100. It's been a great little camera but is kind of trashed since it's with me all the time I'm with my horse! I think it has bits of hay and dust ingrained into the metal, hee! I do not have photoshop. I use picassa's editing, which really helps, at least with contrast, etc.

  27. Funny how angles can really play tricks. I actually liked all the pictures. I am lousy with my camera, I hate my camera because it hesitates just a aplit second when i snap the picture so every picture is actually NOT the picture I saw thru the viewfinder.


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