Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Summer Colors

My Boy is grazing at the west end of his pasture. This picture makes it look like he has a meadow in his pasture. But really, all of that grass and flowers are on the other side of the fence. I guess that old saying is true.

Before I left the farm today, I wanted to pick bunches of those daisies that grow in the field. Here is a better picture of them, which I took a few weeks ago while I was hand-grazing My Boy:

But I forgot. I was driving down the freeway towards home with my windows down and bang whispies blowing in my eyes and George Strait blaring and suddenly it dawned on me- oh fiddlesticks! I forgot to pick the bouquet of daisies!

You see, every spring I switch up the colors in my apartment. It keeps me from getting bored and having to spend money re-decorating. I have deep red pillow covers and other accents that I use in the fall and winter months. In the spring and summer, I change out the red to an aqua sea-blue. I bring out my favorite flea market finds: antique blue Ball mason jars. I love to fill them with fresh flowers. Sure, I can buy a bouquet from the flower department at any grocery store. But there was something charming about hand picking them from the farm meadow. It's so country girl.

I have nothing but noxious ivy growing on my patio right now. Then, I remembered that my landlord had planted rose bushes last year alongside the building. They happened to be in full bloom and were just a lovely pinkish peach color. Since they were planted and growing in front of my kitchen window, I figured I had just as much dibs on them as my landlord. I snuck around with a pair of scissors and snipped off a few blooms. I had to cut one piece off and ended up with two little roses, so I used my tiny vases for those ones.

I think they really added that special touch of summer color to my apartment.

I still really want those daisies, though. My Boy, will you keep a good watch on the daisies for me until Friday?


  1. Very nice! Love the blue Mason jars!

  2. I'm going to find some blue Mason jars also.....really nice~

  3. Hey Pony Girl! I (finally) have my tack room tour posted if you want to check it out.

    Love the roses, their blushy/peachy colour looks fab with the blue-teal of the mason jars. I have a rose bush with that colour flower, I believe its called Peace. :)

  4. Beautiful! I'm sure MyBoy is watching over your daisies too. They don't seem to like to eat them...

  5. Is Mass Chaos an actual decorating theme?

    Love the mason jars too- their color on the old ones is fantastic!

  6. Oooo the peach goes very nicely with that blue!

  7. Love it! It's a country girl thing! LOL!
    Great idea with the jars~I too like the blue.
    The roses are beautiful! I can see you sneaky around with your scissors!

  8. Glad I am not the only one who changes with the seasons. I love changing out pillows and curtains and tableclothes. It gives such a different feel to the house as the season's change. Currently the house looks post-tornado-LOL.

    The roses look great-but I'm with you-I can see the potential for those pretty daisies.

  9. i LOOOOOVE those roses in the mason jars! PERFECT!

    and i have to tell you, i accidently rejected your comment (along with 3 others) so feel free to comment again. you don't have to, but i didn't want you to think i rejected it on purpose!! =P

  10. I love the colors. I wish I had time to redo and renew. I barely get time to just clean the surface and take care of the wee ones we have now, then off to bed and it is another day before I know it... LOL

    happy horsin around Pony Girl!

  11. love it!!! now send me one for my kitchen window! thanks!!!

  12. There's just something about fresh flowers in a home that adds polish, peace and comfort, all at the same time. I like the combination of the formal rose blossom in a down-to-earth mason jar vase.

  13. I can't even decorate cute one time a year (or ever)! I'm so impressed you change w/ the seasons. Your place looks cute--like that picture you took.

  14. Your boy is looking so good this summer with great care and riding. Do you have any good comparison shots of when you first started riding/leasing him and now? Just wondering.....
    PS, I have old mason jars all over the house, myself. They are great for wild flowers-- mine have wild geraniums, daises, snapdragon and soon--depheniums! Horses and gardening are often found to be similar traits in Pony Girls!

  15. I love to decorate too. And with blue Mason jars! I will have to find your e-mail and send you a picture. You and I must be on the same wavelength!

  16. Love the roses of course, and the mason jars. Please excuse me as the past 24hrs have been filled with drama, ER visits, my addict son, my daughter who couldn't handle it and I don't blame her, and my son being beat in the head within an inch of his life. Not really within an inch of his life though. I wish I had known the extent of his injuries last night. Had I known I would have never have gone and bailed him out of jail.....long story. Please don't get me wrong, I love my son. I love him more than life itself, but he has been a drug addict for several years and last night was just another night in his drama filled life. I may or may not post about it on my blog, I don't know yet. I am kind of in a daze. Just about to go to bed.

    On another note girl, you need to pick you some daisies. I love them.

    Take care

  17. Says My Boy: "Sure, Pony Girl (munch, munch, munch).......

    From what I can see of your color scheme in your apt., it looks FAB!!! What a clever idea to just change colors, instead of redecorating. Brilliant!!

    Those roses are my ultimate favorite color! Lucky you! You're a Country girl with style :)

  18. Love the photos!

    What a lucky horse to be standing in that beautiful green pasture! I'm feeling very sorry for Royal right now. Poor boy.

    Beautiful flowers in the mason jars!

  19. I love the Mason jars. Very, very chic! The roses look perfect. Classico brand spaghetti sauce comes in Mason jars, but they are clear and not that lovely blue shade you have. I'll have to look out for blue at tag sales!

  20. I love the photo of My boys leg and the daisies! Also Is that your house... reeally? It's so white!! It's beautiful! It should be an advertisement for Pottery Barn!


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