Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Gettin' It Done

It's been a busy couple of days!

Whenever you are trying to get something done at my sister's farm, there is never a shortage of available helpers.
We hosed out the horse's boots and hung them to dry.

We also made it our mission to find my sister's Australian Shepherd dog, Sadie, a plastic kiddie wading pool. You see, Sadie loves the water. Due to the hot summertime weather, the creek bed on the property has dried out.

Sadie has the need to constantly get her feet wet. So we searched high and low for a pool. Every store was sold out. Even Walmart's warehouse was sold out. So we bought a different style than what we were looking for. This one had vinyl siding. It took lifting her in and giving her some doggie treats to help her understand it was an okay place for her to be. Then, we couldn't keep her out of it. She has been in and out of that pool on her own ever since. It was the best 16.99 investment in a dog's happiness my sister has ever made!

Since the pastures are dried out, it was time to do a spring rock-picking. Over the winter, since I couldn't get a wheelbarrow through the pasture mud, I would either toss rocks over the fence into the woods, or, make little rock pile formations near the bases of the pasture trees. Kind of Stonehenge artistic, no?

Ingredients for a successful rock-picking day are: 1. An apple picker:

2. A wheelbarrow and an Appaloosa assistant:

3. A really good prying stick. I got this rock out with some determination and a prying stick. See, wouldn't I make a good catch? Yes, a shovel probably would have been easier, but too long of a walk away. Besides, I pride myself on being resourceful.

That rock was my beauty of the day. I am thinking of entering it in the county fair.
By the way, I had to fire the assistant. He took way too many breaks.

Later, I got a workout in for My Boy. He was loping out well on the longe line without a saddle. No hopping. So I will be revisiting the saddle and equipment fit, and determining how the chiropractic assessment goes, before continuing work at the lope under saddle.

The last item on the agenda today was for my sister and her boyfriend to pick up some local grass hay. I tagged along and helped tally the bales. That was my very important job. Here is the field next to the field we got the hay from. The man was riding an ancient tractor yet it was putt-putting along, and the baler was spitting out bales. I have never seen this process before.
The fields were very peaceful, and the fresh hay smelled great.

Almost ready to go. They loaded the truck and trailer with 73 bales of hay. Uh, maybe. I hope I tallied them correctly!

One more day left at the Painted Creek. Tomorrow is a My Boy Only Day. I am hoping to get in a ride, bathe him, and put new shavings in his shed. I also need to pick up his blankets from the cleaners. And give him a big hug, of course. A cowgirl's work is never done.

And when I get back to my apartment, you should see the list of things I need to do there!


  1. I love the smell of fresh hay. We just got a new big round bale of freshly cut and baled grass/alfalfa mix...big inhale...ahhhh...cowgirl aromatherapy. The horses are licking it up-LOL.

    I don't know if I would have fired that assistant-if he didn't knock the wheelbarrow over even once-he is probably worth a carrot-hehehe.

  2. I got tired just reading what you did. You sure are busy but can see how much you love what you are doing.

  3. I too love the smell of fresh hay! We need to make a candle or at least a air freshner for our trucks!
    I always have assistants when I am working! Makes the time pass faster! "Preacher" likes to steal things! He is the nosest thing I have ever seen! "Angel" thinks you always have something for her to eat! LOL! A great feeling being so popular!
    Sounds like you all are getting alot accomplished! Don't forget your saddle time! That is the most important!

  4. Uuugghhhh...you are reminding me that we need to go over and pick rocks at Amber's house. Kind of funny that both of us have horses at our sister's house :) I have three sisters, and thay all grew up with horses and showed, trail rode etc...but Amber and I are the only ones that have the time for them right now. My mom also loves to ride, and she goes over to Eastern WA and rides with one of her friends, or comes over and rides Bo or Waska. Hay making time is fun! I lived in the midwest until I was 12--hmm...maybe thats why I like wide open spaces!!--and we used to help make hay a lot. Being the bale counter is a great job!! It's better than being the one out there bucking it :() Hope that you have a great day with My Boy today!

  5. There's nothing better (well, horses smell pretty good, too) and nothing quite like the smell of new mown hay.

    That's quite a lot of rocks - I pay the kids: every pointy, metal, or potentially hazardous bit of debris they collect for disposal from anywhere a tire or hoof might hit it earns the one who finds it and throws it away a dime. (Had to add the tire/hoof qualifier after they raided the tool shed for nails.) Since the farm is old, and previous owners were NOT careful with "stuff" disposal when mending fences & roofs, we're always picking up pointy objects in the spring or after it rains. Last summer they earned about $45 between them. It's an on-going process, but I think we're finally making some headway!

  6. I love the photo of your sister's dog in the pool. That's a mighty big grin.

    I do my best to get up in the morning and do some stretches. My cat and bunny always come over by my side (literally), offering encouragement, and support.

    What a joy animals are. (Big happy sigh).

    fssunnysd - your kids sound very resourceful. I laughed when I read that they raided the tool shed for nails. Quite the entrepreneurs you have there.

  7. It was a busy time, but the help did seem a little on the lazy side. I love the dog in the pool, our Aussies have never actually tried it. They hate their bath time.

  8. I agree with kdwhorses: a candle would be great..maybe I'll contact Yankee or Gold Canyon!
    It's so pretty where you are! And you seem so good about completing lists!...or atleast making them :)
    Life gets in my way of even thinking of completing one, so I just don't bother making one!

  9. Mmmmmmm! I can almost smell that fresh green hay!
    Sadlie looks so happy in her pool. What a spoiled love pooch!

    Gosh! You are one hard working chick. Did those rocks put some big muscles on you? Bet you were a little sore.
    Will you guys be creating a pretty rock garden with all those rocks?

    Oh! And I just love that cute little pine cone bird house!

  10. I join everyone is saying that I too love the smell of fresh hay. The only thing better is the smell of a horse. Nothing on Earth is better than that.

  11. Oh, and by the way.....Come visit my blog "Laughing Orca Ranch" and pick up the award I nominated you for! :)

  12. I love Sadie, what a good looking dog. We never pick rocks but my mom would pay my son a quarter for every bucket of pinecones. Love your blog.

  13. That is one happy Aussie! Sounds like time well spent. Hope you squeezed in a ride somewhere in there.

  14. Girl you need a yard man!! You are always workin!! ...Hey wait, I NEED a yard man I AM always workin!! LOL!!
    Great picture of "My Boy" standing tall! The smell of fresh cut hay, grass, and rain, oh! and horses are my favorite smells!!
    Dang Rocks! I swear I have them "growing" in our pasture!

  15. That grass hay is soooo green!! I miss the north!!
    I am glad that your boy is working better with loping!! I love picture of him looking in the wheel barrel. It looks like he just dropped a rock in!!
    And I so laughed when you said you wanted to enter that big rock in the county fair!! LOL!!! It's great to get all that stuff done!! Have fun tomorrow!
    Oh, and we don't have any boarders. I sometimes wish I only had on horse to spoil. We have 7 and my father in law has 10, with two babies coming next March.

  16. Okay, the rock picking is funny...and hits too close to home. We always joked that my family's ranch could double as a rock farm :)

  17. WOW, what a clean wheelbarrow!
    I know one thing, we grow rocks here!!! I can rake and rake and clear an area, then the rain comes and sure enough we start growing rocks... LOL

    That is so cool about being able to get your hay from a local grower. How much do you pay for a bale?


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