Wednesday, July 30, 2008

His Cheatin' Heart

My Boy has always been in love with Brandy, my sister's half Arabian mare. However, Brandy may have some competition. My sister's other mare, Fritzy, had a hoof abscess a couple of weeks ago, and she had been in quarantine (a smaller corral) right next to My Boy's pasture. These two do not usually have much face-to-face interaction time. My Boy had enjoyed that they could now visit over the gate. Uh, if you could call it just visiting. Like most relationships, there was a little flirting going on!

Notice that whenever one of them appears to be asking for attention, the other one completely looks away. Is this playing horsey-hard-to-get?

Aww....there's some lovin'.

Not gonna get any...... that my ex girlfriend trotting by over there?
Hey My Boy, how about some of this? Oh goodness-mares!

Love at last?

Pony Girl, this flirting thing is way too much work! How can I possibly keep both of my ladies happy?


  1. hahaha...oh the made for tv you could make with that love triangle!

  2. Luckily my horse knows NOTHIN about mares. He is totally A-sexual. He thinks that little pink thing is just for peeing. He doesn't have many horsey friends and for the most part is a loaner. ONe in a while you'll see him grooming with a fellowing gelding, but mares he pretty much stays away from. HE is also low man on the pecking order despite his size. He usually has many bite marks on his butt from not getting out of the way fast enough. What else does having ears pinned mean other than move out of the way? He never seems to get that part of horse language.

  3. Great pictures - He's definitely a ladies' man. Please stop by my blog and pick up an award.

  4. this post makes me think of that song "love is in the air".
    too funny a pony soap opera...
    Him... a spotted gentleman from a distance land
    Her...a pinto with a past
    The Other woman... a mare with the heart of Arabia
    who will win the heart of this Appy man
    tune in next week

  5. You're lucky it's as mild as that. Mine is absolutely STUPID around mares in season or not. Makes me mad too -- when I was looking for a second horse, my trainer had a nice mare that I was looking at. Check out the post on my blog called "Back to School" (June) to see what changed my mind LOL!

    And BTW, I'm a SUCKER for red roans! I was drooling at World last year!

  6. Now THAT was funny. My Boy acted like he had NO idea what to do!

  7. Hey sidetracked, maybe your boy is gay! Just kidding.

  8. Awww, haha! Daisy is in love with a little stallion, too, the only problem is---he's a mini! :D

    It's funny to watch horses interact... Great "story" and pictures!

  9. Watch out My Boy, mares are nothing but trouble, run boy run!! Fast!!

    I think he is a good flirt! He definatley has it down.

  10. What a Playa!! Ladies man I can tell!! My mare and my cowboys gelding were in Love! She wouldn't let any other horse near him! For 3years they were pasture buddies! He got really thin, and we couldn't keep the weight on him. He died, it was cancer!? She stood by herself for months! So Sad!! She missed him! Now her new boyfriend is my fellas new rope horse!! Yeah she is happy again!

  11. Ha ha, I love it, J~ a "pony soap opera"! Honestly, if I had to chose a girlfriend for My Boy, I'd have to chose the little white mare, Brandy. They other one is too much of a Queen Bee! Brandy would treat him more kindly, but she's tough enough to keep him in line.

  12. That silly Paint mare of mine! Who would of thought that her and My Boy would "hook up"? I thought My Boy was committed to my crazy Arab! What a two timing fool! :)
    At least he has 2 pretty horses to flirt with!
    Love the pix, don't think I have seen these ones yet!

  13. Great pictures. My boy is certainly the ladies man, wonder how he will juggle the two mares and keep them both happy.

  14. LOLOLOL... Careful there Pony Girl- you might wind up with a situation we have here with Little Mare, STILL pining after Graham Pony. (Graham went home on July6 already!!! And she is STILL missing him... Poor girl...)

    Once that pretty lady of his goes back out to pasture, they may both wind up missing each

    He sure looks great. Love stopping in here to get my spots fix each day! ;)

  15. Remember my chicken drama?
    For you I have:

    "As the Pasture Turns"!! Bwahaha!

    Those two are so darn cute...and Fritzy looks so much like my Baby Doll. I feel like I am looking at my horse flirting with My Boy!

    No wonder all the ladies are 'winking' at him. He's a handsome fella. :)


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