Saturday, July 19, 2008

July Nineteenth

It's shaping up to be a very busy weekend. Last night I lounged out My Boy. Our groundwork is coming along very nicely. I've been working on some new things with him, of which I hope to get some video of and share with you soon.

I just got back from getting My Boy some hay. I am switching him from alfalfa to orchard grass. The vet that did his chiropractic work recommended it. Does the fact my sister calls him a sausage have anything to do with this? Probably. By the way, my sister calls my horse a sausage, not the vet! While I was out, I also got the last can of pine tar at the co-op. The pine tar doesn't come with those handy brush-in-the-lids like Rainmaker does, so I had to buy a separate hoof brush. If anyone has a good system for storing a reusable sticky hoof brush, let me know.

Now we are off to a horse show! My sister's trainer (also My Boy's former owner) is at a show this weekend. Unfortunately, all of the classes she qualified for were on days we couldn't attend, but we are going to go watch other horses from the stable. What breed do you think we are going to go watch? Hint: it's not an Appaloosa show.

Later tonight I am hitting the bar in search of a cowboy! Well, kind of. My good friend and I are puttin' on our boots and going out to have a drink and watch a country-western band. My friend is a huge PBR fan, even though she grew up in the city. Yee-haw!

Sunday, I'm up early and packing my lunch and camp chair to audit a training clinic. Well, I'm really watching a clinic. Why do they call it auditing? Does anyone know? If I was really an auditor, shouldn't they be paying me, instead of me paying them? Ah, well. It will be a horse and cowboy-packed weekend, for sure. Wish me luck in all arenas. What should I take more pictures of- the horses or the cowboys?

Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. Want pictures from the clinic please! Oh, and more of My Boy, too.

  2. Pictures of both please! I'm not married to a cowboy :( In fact he will not ride at all. But it's ok cause I love him.

  3. How about pics of the cowboys on the horses? :)

    As for the brush dilemma (sp?) I used to just put a plastic baggie on the goopy end of the brush and an elastic around the handle to keep the baggie in place. Worked pretty good. After a little while the baggie would be too goopy and I'd need a new one. Cheap, effective.

  4. *psst* I believe the word you keep searching for is longe...

  5. Horses, who needs cowboys. (Ok, don't tell my non-horsey husband, but cowboy pictures please!)

  6. My hubby is a total and complete metrosexual, cowboy pictures would be greatly appreciated but you do whatever floats your boat woman. And that PBR thing, you mean Pro bull Riding? I did a post on that one after watching a commercial on CMT, that totally freaked me out. I don't care how big the pay out is in it there's no way!

  7. Both, definitely both ;-)

    Window shopping is always fun, even when you're not in the market, right? And that applies to both men, and horses! Since I'm firmly and happily attached, I'm definitely not in the market for anything two-legged, and the two-legged one would skin me if I brought home another four-hooved critter... but there's nothing wrong with admiring from a distance ;-)

    We went to the rodeo last night, and I was taking lots of pictures until it got too dark and my camera battery gave up -- horses, though, mostly, and some shots of random kids watching. They're so cute when they're completely focused on the action.

    I've used the same method for goopy brushes as cdncowgirl -- plastic baggies. Great re-use-it to get rid of some of the accumulated shopping bags around the house. And it also works for paint brushes if you need to keep a used one paint-y for overnight or a few days.

    Have fun!

  8. I'm a BIG PBR fan too. can hardly wait to get to another live event! have a great time!

  9. Horses we have plenty of, thankfully. It's cowboys we're sadly lacking in. So, a little jeans clad eye candy would be nice.

    I'm total trash. I admit it.

  10. Poor Pony Girl-you will probably find that you know more about horsemanship than most of the "cowboys" you run across and will become disenchanted very soon. Can't say that I don't like looking at a nice set of Wranglers, but interest was always killed when they would open their mouths-LOL.
    Find yourself an intelligent, good-looking guy and play "dress-up". (wink, wink)

  11. I keep giving my friend Kimfer similar advice... find a good guy and introduce him to horses. Then you can train him YOUR way! lol
    Seriously, my hubbie never had any pets growing up. Not so much as a fish or pet rock. Now he's with me and we have 2 dogs, 2 cats and 3 horses. He's learning the ropes on how to take care of them and is taking riding lessons. :)
    (and he puts tack away MY way!) LOL

  12. both, i'd love to see the horse, but i won;t look away if you post a cowboy pic or two! hey, will you take a pic of that "wrangler patch"... i've never seen one...wink, wink!!!

  13. sounds like fun. I have tough time auditing clinics, I cant sit still that long. I usually make it about half way and leave

  14. Hah! Listen to the Brown Eyed Cowgirls when it comes to most cowboys. She is, unfortunately, right on when it comes to some--not all!--cowboys!

    It looks like I missed a lot of good posts while I was on vacation. Your "writing" post reminded me of being a silly, horse-crazy, tenager again ;)

    Hope you have had a fun and educational weekend!

  15. Pony Girl - We're playing some summer games on the blogosphere. I just tagged you, so come check it out and see if you want to join in!

  16. Just have to ask since the weekend is over .... did you find a cowboy? lol. ... and will My Boy approve??

    Hope you had a great weekend.


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  18. Maybe pictures of both? Definetly the tush end view! hehe

    Maybe you could reuse one of those Country Time Lemonade containers? We like to use them for my daughter's paint brushes, because they are narrower at the top so the paint drips off easy. And their a handy lid, too.

  19. Thanks for the great tips on storing the hoof brushes...I am using the Ziploc bag method for now, but I like the juice can idea too, Twinville!

    And I really was hoping to get more pics of cowboys....don't know why, but most horse events around these parts are heavily attended by women! So, I suppose I need to network with these women to introduce me to their cowboy brothers and nephews and trainers....right?! :)


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