Thursday, July 10, 2008

Ketchup Day

This will be kind of a random post featuring some catch-ups. I used to tell my students at school (mind you, these are 4 and 5 year olds) that when we had various projects that we needed to finish, we were going to have a "Catch-Up Day." They would look at me quizzically like, "Hmm? A Ketchup Day?" And then of course, they'd giggle and snort like only 4 and 5 year olds can. Because the joy of being that age is that everything is funny. Even when teacher simply drops a pen, contagious and riotous laughter ensues.


First of all, my dear cowgirl Train Wreck over at Cowboys, Kids, and Sunsets designed an award for me and OH WOW, was I impressed and honored. Look, it even has an Appaloosa with spots on it! It is beyond lovely! If you have not already visited her blog, gallop over there NOW and check her out. She has a link to her art gallery, as well. She is amazingly talented and I would love to commission her to sketch my boy for me some day! Thanks again, TW, from the bottom of my heart!

Pony Girl Got Chinks?

I was asked for an update on the chinks that I had wanted to order. Yep, I did order a pair. I ordered these ones:

They are elk chinks from the Parelli Collection. They are actually made by K Bar J leathers in South Dakota, which is a popular chink manufacturer. The reason I went with these chinks is because I had tried a on a pair at the Parelli event I attended in May. Even though that pair was a little too large, I knew that I liked the fit, quality and style. I am a very tactile person and actually having this brand on my body and in my hands helped seal the deal for me. I ordered a custom pair so that they will fit better. I just called to get a confirmation yesterday. The manufacturer said it will be another 2 to 4 weeks. That puts me receiving them a week before my guest ranch trip in mid-August. Talk about cutting it close! Nothing would complete a cowgirl guest ranch trip like a pair of chinks!

My Boy History Lesson.

Some of you may remember that I mentioned that I had the phone numbers of a couple of My Boy's former owners? Well, that ended up being a disappointing lead. One number was disconnected. The other led me to a voicemail. I left a nice polite message and my phone number, asking if they'd be willing to call me back and share some information about a horse they once owned. They never called back. I should try again, but I just hate to be pesky. But I still have some other great information on my spotted pill, which I am hoping to put together for a post soon.

Goodbye Bella.

Hmmm.... why is my Auntie J's handsome Quarter Horse Jesse standing in the desert and looking so sad and forlorn? Although, only Jesse could make looking sad and forlorn look this good. Well, it's because his girlfriend, Bella, has found a new home. Last spring my Auntie J purchased a little bay "Paint that ain't" at an auction, in hopes that she would evolve into a sane trail riding mount for my other Auntie J (my mom's identical twin sister), who is a rookie horsewoman. However, Miss Bella proved to have a little too much spunk for a beginner. After months of training, it was decided this athletic little mare needed a job turning cows or sliding stops in an arena, and not toting a beginner around on the trails. So she has moved on to more appropriate pastures. She was a cutie and the family will miss her. But there is no sense trying to make a partnership that has the wrong chemistry. Good luck in your new endeavors, Bella!
Jesse is now accepting applications for a new girlfriend. He prefers redheads, with perky ears and flared nostrils.

Chiropractic Update on My Boy.

Thank you for all of your insightful comments regarding equine chiropractic work. It appears the majority of you feel it is of great benefit to the horse. In fact, I am so inspired that I made myself a massage appointment for tomorrow morning. I have a gift card for a local spa, given to me by my students last year. After all, I am feeling a little sore from all of the manure I shoveled out of My Boy's pasture today....

Someone asked me how much chiropractic work is. I found it to be reasonably priced at $125.oo a session. The killer was the $90 farm call (which went up $10 in the last two months due to increase gas costs.) Ideally, my sister and I would get our horses worked on the same day and split the trip charge.

Because of the chiro work, My Boy had yesterday day off. But I went up to see him today. My sister's mare had two days off after her work a year ago, so I decided not to ride today, just work him on the lunge line so I could really see how he moved. I did not notice a glaringly huge improvement, he was still a little off to the left, but that is due to arthritis and will probably not go away unless he is medicated for it. He did seem to canter more comfortably and collected (as much as a horse on the longe line can) to the right.

So, that's all the catch-up I have to share for now. Anyone hungry for french fries?


  1. Oh how I wished you lived next door to me! We would have SUCH fun riding together, you and me and your sister makes three! But alas, you are not near me so I will go on with no cool neighbor.

    sniff sniff

  2. Yes, I would love some fries with that!! Fries are my weakness!
    I just sold two horses yesterday. It is so sad to see them go. I always worry about their new homes.
    Are your chinks going to be purple? That is my favorite color!!!

  3. Yep, pour some of that there cat soup on my fries, puleaze! hehehe

    Congrats on the award. That's so gorgeous!!
    And congrats on the new chinks you ordered. You are going to feel so spoiled when they arrive. And of course, they'll make ya feel like the true cowgirl you are!

    I can't wait to find out more of My Boy's history lesson.

    Thanks for the ketchup and fries!

  4. Darn you! Now I'm considering buying chinks.
    *must not spend more money. must not spend more money*
    Those ones you've got on order look NICE!

  5. If only I could pull of chinks. I already feel like such a poser in my cowboy boots. :)

    I love Train Wrecks award for you! Too cool! You deserve it will all your high quality posts. She's one talented girl herself.

    Fun reading all about ketcup.

  6. Beautiful artwork! Enjoy those chinks. Very cool.

  7. My JJ has arthritis too. If you were to medicate him for it, I haven't started either, what would you use? I've been thinking about Cetyl-M. Is that how you spell it?


  8. Wow, those chinks look pretty fancy and expensive. Why is anything equine so pricey??? I'm an english girl myself and some of the proces on stuff make my eyes bug out.

    Congrats on the award and your boy's improvement after the chiro.

  9. Love, love, love the chinks!
    Congrats on the award...Trainwreck rocks, doesn't she?

    Have a fab weekend sweetie!

  10. Ooohhhhhh...a massage! I try to get one at least once a month, and the deep tissue ones are to die for...literally!!!

    I left a congrats for you on TW blog, regarding your new award, but in case you didn't see it, Congrats!!! You rock ;)

    Thanks for the info about how to edit my pics. I will have to look into that today. There is so much that I do not know about photograghy!

    One of my good friends is a photographer, and she is thinking about having a weekend long workshop, for everyday people, to teach them photograpghy 101 and editing. I told her to sign me up!

    Talk at you soon. Amber and I are getting ready to head out for a nice, relaxing, and long, ride toady. I will have to hurry up and post some more "horsey" things, after that last post :)

  11. Thanks for taking the time to put together such an interesting blog. I'm sure I'll be returning here many times!

    Feel free to check out my blog (

  12. Very cute artwork! Thank you for writing about chiropractic work for horses. It's a very timely topic for me, as I was asked if my boy would like to join in a group "barn call" with another horse. I was a bit on the fence with it, so it's good to read your perspective.

  13. Congratulations on your lovely award! TW did such a nice job making it! You should print it off and frame it.
    Thanks for all the info on the chiro appointment. My Morgan hates picking up his lead to the left and I think it is because it isn't comfortable for him for some reason so I have been planning on getting a chiro-vet to see him. Now I am convinced he needs it.

  14. Hey Pony Girl, Seems as tho you are 'tying up' all your loose ends before your big trip! Good for you! That way you'll have the time of your life!

  15. if anyone is worthy of such a cute and thoughtful award, it would be you pony girl! congrats!! we all love your blog. you and "my boy" are great!! thanks for sharing with us!!

  16. Hey Pony Girl,

    I am definately a believer in Chiropractics for myself and my horses. I have to admit that I often find that a could Equine Massage therapist can also do wonders as well and is sometime cheaper. I have several friends that believe in acupuncture and that is even cheaper still. I'm still not sold on it though. Currently watching two horses that are being treated with it and so maybe I'll change my mind.

    I have kindergarten and LOVE that age. They do come up with the funniest stuff, don't they?

  17. Congrats on the award!!!

    Love the chinks, I do hope they arrive when they are expected!

    Guest Ranch Trip??? What is that exactly?

    Always fun to read ya, take care!


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