Thursday, July 3, 2008

Arte y Pico Award

Twinville over the Laughing Orca Ranch blogspot presented me with this lovely award. I am truly honored! I always enjoy stopping by the Laughing Orca Ranch. They have a variety of chickens, goats, llamas, and more, including a beautiful Paint mare named Baby Doll, all in beautiful New Mexico.

It is difficult for me to limit myself to passing this on to just five bloggers. I have not updated my blogroll in a while, so it only features a teeny tiny sprinkling of the blogs I have bookmarked onto my laptop. If I listed them all on my blog, I would probably get an email from blogger telling me I've gone over my limit!

Here are five blogs that I have come to love as of late. I am thrilled to pass this creatively designed award on to them.

The cowgirl author calls herself "Train Wreck," named after her horse. She is a true cowgirl in every sense of the word. She is an amazing photographer and artist, and has the cutest dogs you'll ever see. She makes me want to find my cowboy, have some kids, and ride off into the sunset!
Dana has that amazing ability to follow the "less is more" approach to blogging. Her amazing photography and wit make her posts interesting and addictive, whether she is writing about family or homemade cleaning solutions.
Country Girl is one of the most energetic and fun-loving bloggers I know. She tells it like it is. She has great taste in music and movies and makes me want to buy Dr. Pepper lip gloss and call my kids twerps (well, when I have kids.)
I have a soft spot in my heart for any place that helps children feel a sense of self-worth AND involves horses. The Wades at Galloping Grace are caring, busy, and lively folks who not only run this special place, but a family ranch, as well. They always have something fun and interesting going on. Oh- and not to forget, they have the cutest Golden Retriever puppy ever- Hank!
5. The Painted Creek.
This is my sister's blog and it is a private blog for family members, only. She has toyed with the idea of going "public" but has a lot of personal information on her blog and decided she was more comfortable in her current domain. I completely respect this, blogging is your world and how you want to be in it. However, I wanted to recognize my sister's hard work at keeping a blog and I think she is doing a great job documenting the stories of all her farm critters (14 of them, to be exact.) I'm sure our family enjoys her adventurous tales! Keep up the great work, Paint Girl!

The designer of this award has asked that the following be passed along with it:

The origin of the Arte y Pico Award
"This prize has arisen from the daily visits that I dedicate to many blogs which nourish me and enrich me with creativity. In them, I see dedication, creativity, care, comradeship, but mainly, ART, much art. I want to share this prize with all those bloggers that entertain me day to day and to share this prize with those who enrich me every day. Doubtlessly, there are many and it will be hard to pick just a few. The people I will name today deserve this prize, as do the very long serious list of bloggers I also enjoy to read. But I will name the first 10 and leave the rest of the work to all the bloggers that visit other's blogs and are nourished by them."
Here are the rules, if you decide to pass the award further to remarkable blogs in blogosphere worth to mention.

The rules:
1. You have to pick 5 blogs that you consider deserve this award through creativity, design, interesting material, and also contributes to the blogger community, no matter of language.
2. Each award should have the name of the author with a link to their blog.
3. Award winners have to post the award with the name and link to the blog of the person who gave them the award.
4. Please include a link to the “Arte Y Pico” blog so that everyone will know where the award came from.
5. Show these rules.
Thank you!!


  1. Oh THANKS !! How great you are! Sweet I tell ya! Just like sugar!! Oh my I'm not sure what I do? I wanted to leave a thank you comment right way, I read through the last part too fast!! I couldn't find anywhere that really explained how you give these awards! So I just made up my own!! I may have done it wrong? I didn't give any rules? I just figured I would make them up according to the person I was giving it too? Thanks! Pony Girl! I actually started on a couple new ideas for "awards" today! Wierd! I'm not sayin you were one I was considering... But You were! Great minds? AHH! I think I went over my 1 min acceptance speech!!

  2. Sis, an award? Thank you! I got tears in my eyes when I read this. I am not even the creative writer in the family! If only I had your talent!
    I wouldn't have even started this or have gotten very far if it wasn't for you. You have been a BIG help to me and still are. I try the very best I can and I think I am starting to figure out all this blogger stuff with your help of course!
    And yes we have MANY crazy adventures here at the Painted Creek! Many more to come..........

  3. Congrats! You definitely deserve the award :-)

    My husband was joking on our blog about the most recent post. If you click on the picture to see it full sized, there's a cute little bird in the front that was totally posing for the camera. We didn't realize he was in the shot until we got home and looked at the pictures on our computer. The bird was totally fearless and was singing away with us right there. What a show off! And being back on the beach sounds good to me too ;-)

  4. Congratulations! You definitely deserve it :) Awwww...your sisters response to your award is really sweet..gulp...sniffle. We need to work on getting her to open up to the rest of us, but I understand about the privacy thing. If all of my friends, and their friends, and their friend's friends, weren't as open about their lives, names, locations etc...I would not be either. It is whatever you are comfortable with. Later on, I will have to head over and check out the recipients of your awards blogs.
    Have a safe and happy 4th!

  5. Oh my word!! I just got back home from being away for almost a week and find this AWESOMENESS awaiting in my in-box! How sweet are you!!

    A great big THANK YOU for taking the time to read my blog . . . much less give me an award for it. Wow. I'm almost speechless. Almost. But, one thing is for sure, I'm misty eyed and humbled.

    Thank you.

  6. How did I miss this???? You are the sweetest, cutest thing! Thank you so much. I was just scrolling through your blog with my sis-in-law,who's in town from oregon,to show her how great your blog is when I found this! We were trying to figure out where you live. Man, I feel bad for not thanking your sooner.

    You're too sweet! If I can figure out how to post it on my blog, I'll do it.

  7. Congrats on the award... you truly deserve it!!

    Now I will have to check out the recipients sites you awarded. (like I need to add to my blogroll...LOL) Actually I love finding new and interesting horsey blogs, I just have to make the time to read them in the same month we are in, teehee!


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