Friday, July 25, 2008

Short Takes

This picture is for my sister. I figured she'd be impressed that I am finally wearing my new riding boots, well, riding. Look Paint Girl, they even have dirt on them. Woo-hoo! And I didn't have a panic attack or anything.

After working My Boy yesterday, I very bravely rode him bareback to cool him out. I tied my 12 ft. line under the nose band of my rope halter and away we went. We just walked. He was very responsive. It's much easier to use my wimpy legs to communicate cues to him without a saddle and pad between us! We side passed over the logs, backed up, and then rested. Isn't this a lovely view?
This looks like a winter photo of My Boy's ear. But it was taken yesterday. I have not clipped his ear fuzz. It looks pretty bad. He has very perky ears and when they are clipped, they look amazing. Since he is not a stalled horse, I figure the extra fuzz is more protective for him. Also, I heard he's a terror to ear clip. He's fine about his bridle path. So I might attempt the outer edges of the ears and see how he tolerates it. Something else to work on!

My Boy has started his switch from alfalfa hay to orchard grass hay. I have been mixing the hay. But the alfalfa is about gone, so he had been getting the alfalfa in the morning, and half alfalfa, half grass in the evening. Last night when I fed him, I only gave him the grass only. After he finished his supplement, he went to his hay. He took a bite, then went to the other pile (I scatter his flakes into several piles) then left and wandered his spotted hiney all over the pasture. He was looking for his darn tootin' alfalfa! He was on a mission, I tell ya. Finally, he trotted back down to the grass, but as you can see by the expression on his face, he was a bit peeved.

I know, I know My Boy, it has to be like going from lobster to imitation krab.

My sister and I are off on a road trip tomorrow. This weekend is our annual family reunion for my mom's side of the family. We are hitting smalltownville, and will be sleeping in a tent next to a dairy farm as the sun sets and the coyotes begin to yip. We will be playing cards, eating food from the most amazing potluck ever, and putting on comical skits. I promise to report back and show you pictures. But here is one to start you off: family reunion, circa 1987. I was fifteen years old. Can you find me?


  1. Have a wonderful weekend PG.

    I am guessing you are the short little blonde in the back row-with the white t-shirt?? Or the taller blonde beside her in the blue t-shirt?? Oh hell, I don't know-LOL.

    So are we on for Vegas then?? I seriously think we should have a blogger circle unite night, at the NFR...Holy cow, wouldn't that be fun??

  2. I am guessing you are the blond w/the Hard Rock Cafe shirt on. I have pictures of when we were kids but can't find the few I have of my ponies and my horse :(

  3. Hi Pony Girl! I just love reading about your adventures with your Boy. He's a beauty. I'm "riding again" myself after being away from it for many years and it's great to read about someone who is in a similar situation. I'm leasing a Quarter Horse now named Rocky and really having a great time. I check your blog all the time and can't wait to (maybe) find out My Boy's name!
    Keep up the great work,

  4. Have a fun weekend PG!!

    Hey- if you and BECG hook up in Vegas at the NFR there, and any OTHER bloggers go from here.... do we- those that stay HOME that is-- need to start NOW setting up a "fund" to bail your butts out? ;)

    I love love love riding bareback.... glad you got up the gumption to give it a go!

  5. Looks like Shredded Wheat ! With out sugar...or milk blah!
    We feed our horses cubes, way cheaper in the long run!They can't inhale them like pellets so no choking hazard! Cleaner, no mess I love them!

  6. Have a great weekend PG!!!

    You go girl~square toes~my favs! That is all I like to wear, hubby detests them! I have a few pair of round toes though. Love'em they rock!

    Loved your list, enjoyed reading everyone's lists and learning some new things about ya'll!

    Loved the mag cover of you and My Boy! Too cute, will have to check that out!

  7. Nice boots! Kimfer teased me because I wouldn't wear my new ones until the mud dried up this spring. lol

    Have a great weekend!

  8. Dirt -- bah! You need some poo, slobber (with a mouthful of grain -- mmm boy!), insect spray. Heck, they ain't even broke in yet!

    Pokey's mane is thick, but the hair itself is fine and extremely frizzy. I tried braiding it once, but he rolled in the mud and you can imagine what it was like cleaning him up after that. I don't get it either, because his tail is gorgeous and grows pretty quickly, but his mane grows really slowly.
    And I love riding bareback too. What a RUSH!
    Thanks for stopping by to visit my blog -- come again!

  9. I'm so not a show pony. If I ever manage to get my ass back out there competing I'm not going to get anywhere cause I like hairy ears, and whiskers on muzzles. Bridle paths I will trim though ... lol Have a fantastic weekend. I'm ... packing ... still

  10. I'm in need of a new pair of boots but I still can't get used to the square toes. Oh well I guess I'll just have to.

  11. I'll be very interested to see if you notice any behavioral changes in My Boy once you finish the transition from alfalfa to grass hay. Let us know.

    Have a great time at your family reunion. I'm guessing you were as camera shy at 15 as you are now, so you must be the one hiding behind the blondie in the turquoise shorts.

  12. We have so many family shots of us as kids at reunions. isn't it fun. We camped out in Grandma Lu's backyard. :)
    We use the cubes too - that way there is no mess, and everyone gets what they are supposed too.

  13. I second the bareback comment! I have also been doing a fair amount of bareback riding. Doesn't it make you feel like a kid again?

    I also think that you may be the Hard Rock Cafe girl, or the girl two spots to the left...with the curly bangs. That may be your sister though :)

    Have a great family reunion!

  14. Love those boots AND the view of the spotted butt. :)

  15. Love the boots! Ear fuzz is good! Keeps the gnats at bay! I never clips my girls' ears! They probably wouldn't let me, yeah they would! LOL

  16. I think you're the one with the White Tee on and a "Rock"? logo and huge ass smile!

  17. Hey, Pony Girl! I hope you don't mind that I put a link to your blog on mine. I want to share the ones I read every day! Let me know :-)

  18. You're the girl in the white hard rock shirt. Such a cutie.

    My Boy's butt is so darn handsome with all those pretty spots.
    And I like his ears just the way they naturel.
    My Baby Doll's ears are not clipped either. They seem to help keep the gnats, flies and dirt out of her ears. There must be a reason God gave horses hair in their ears, right?

    I'm eager to read how My Boy does with his new diet of grass hay. Baby Doll loves her alfalfa hay so much. But the vet encourages us to move to an all grass hay diet.
    We're going to transition to a mix of alfalfa/grass hay mix for winter.

  19. Sarah: thanks for stoppin' by! Be careful...leasing My Boy was how I ended up owning him. Any chance Rocky could follow suite?? ;)

    7msn: I am curious to see if I notice a difference in My Boy's behavior once he is off of the alfalfa, too! I will keep you posted.

    Twinville: The orchard grass I just started to feed supposively has a trace of alfalfa in it, but I can't tell by looking at it. Also, it is last year's cutting so it is not that looking that great right now.

    Mrs. Mom: Yes, we might need a Vegas bail fund, would you take a late night phone call to help us out? LOL!

    I will share pictures from the reunion on Tuesday!

  20. I hope you had a great weekend!! I love family get togethers.
    It's so much fun to ride bareback! I feel all wobbly and out of control. Maybe I should do it more often!!

  21. Well? were we right about which one you are in the pic? Inquiring minds want to know!


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