Monday, July 7, 2008

Barn & Tack Room Tour

Isn't our new barn just fabulous?

I kid, I kid!

Twinville over at the Laughing Orca Ranch blog spot had the fun idea to post our barn and tack rooms. There is no barn at my sister's farm, which is where I keep My Boy at. The pastures have run-in sheds for the horses. My Boy's shed was recently converted to a bigger size. He sleeps in it most nights. I have never actually seen him do this. But there is evidence. I have to clean it out frequently, and his tail is often full of shavings. I know he sneaks in there. He tries to act all cool and studly and stand in the rain under his tree instead of using his shed. But I know he appreciates a cozy soft place to lay his spotted hiney.

The mares have a huge run-in shed that was built last summer. It is approximately 12'x24'. They share it with 4 goats so this works well. Goats do not like the rain. Maybe they should consider putting in a transfer for, let's say, New Mexico? If my sister needed to contain a horse for stall rest, she could use some of her arena panels and easily throw up a 12x12 stall in one side of this shed.
The tack room is in the garage. You will see from the following pictures that we are in a state of H.E.C. That would be: Horsey Equipment Chaos. My sister has a goal to have the fishing poles removed from that back wall and put up a swing-out saddle pad holder and hang up turnout blankets.
Bridles and other horsey hanging things.

Horse halters and dog leashes and goat leads, oh my. Send out an S.O.S.! The horsey stuff is taking over the garage!

Wait, isn't that the way it's suppose to be? Horsey stuff outranks fishing poles and man tools in this universe, right?

The hay area is a converted woodshed and dog kennel. Hay on one side, grain on the other.

This shows the hay storage before my sister picked up nearly 150 bales of hay last week.

Morgan the cat is the keeper of the hay. She is the farm hunter. Always on the prowl. There is never a shortage of mice, birds, and chipmunks for her to chase around the hay shed.

We keep the grain (supplement) in metal garbage cans. That big blue tack trunk? We picked that up for free last summer. Someone in the neighborhood left it at the end of their driveway. It has yet to be repainted or used. Hint hint. But it is cracked open. It appears that there is something inside. Even I am wondering. Any guesses?
Morgan is also the grain guard. On duty.
So that is it. Nothing fancy. No gleaming brass handles or polished oak for this bunch. We're simple folk. We do what works and keep it safe and clean. Except for those grain buckets. They are getting a little grubby.
And we can still wish for that dream barn someday, right?


  1. Nice pictures - your sister's place looks really nice. I had a similar set-up when I was young.

    Fancy isn't everything...

    I love all of the tack in the garage - I agree that fishing poles and tools should be secondary! lol I find it quite amazing the amount of "stuff" that horsepeople accumulate!

  2. i love it! it looks perfect to me!

  3. Looks like a perfect set up!

  4. We'd all like a fancy schmancy barn like the first one. I actually priced a 4 stall shed row style metal barn and had to continue waiting till "some day". Your sister's set up looks wonderful. My tack is in our garage as well. :)

  5. My husband built a tack room/stall and then added a lean-to on it. He had never constructed anything in his life. I think he did a darned good job. I have some pictures somewhere but I think it would be best and easier to take new ones. Both sides are now filled w/square bales of hay.

    When he first built it and I had my first horse I would feed him and sit on the hay bales beside him for hours on end and just watch him and 'smell' him. Everyone that loves horses knows what I am talking about. My husband would come to the barn to check on me, assuming at first, that something had happened. He quickly learned that I would rather be with my new horse and all the horsey things more than anything in the world. I remember him saying "I have never seen this side of you." It was true, I had not had it for 30 years. I am truly grateful to have it now and forever.

  6. Trailboss, I asked my sister the other day when she was complaining about her house if she'd rather have a house remodel or a new barn. And she said (without hesitation) "a barn!" Of course, she'd spend more time in the barn than her house anyway! Hee Hee!

  7. I'm super envious, Pony Girl -- right now my saddles, etc. are neatly stored in the spare bedroom (my husband calls it the library/tack room!). Our garage is just too damp. That's not so bad though, for a while they decorated - quite nicely, I thought - the living room in of my apartment.

    Some day I will have a barn with a nice tack room. Until then, books and the slightly horsey smell make that room one of my favorite in-the-house spaces.

  8. Wow that is a barn!! Yes we all dream of gorgeous barns with wide breezeways, and stalls for all our babies. Organized tack rooms, and lights!! One day! My fell wants a living quarter horse trailer too!!
    Thanks for stopping by my page!

    What a nice comment! I thought about walking out "barefoot!" LOL! Thank you, I felt "beautiful" that day, My fella kept telling me how happy he was!(with that happy smile)No need for "Hoopla" here!!
    Can you see the little "link" in my upper left corner? (Cutest Blog on the Block?) It's easy! I was scared too but I did it all on my own! email me and I will walk you through it!

  9. I like the way you keep your grain cans closed. It's always weird when I go up to Lake Tahoe, because all the trash cans have odd latches on them to keep the bears out.

    I use these plastic tubs with snapping handles, but insects still find their way in.

  10. I will wait ti put up my pics when I do the intro to the new barn!!

  11. I think my barn looks like that first picture too!! :) I wish! Great tour!!
    Your hay is so green!! I love your barn cat too! Mine has run away. I see her every now and then around our house. But she doesn't want to come back to the barn.
    Great Tour!!

  12. Amber is still waiting for her dream barn too. Her place is similar, with the horses having lean-to's--or shed row's...whatever you want to call them :)--and the tack, hay, and grain, kind of scattered throughout various buildings.
    One day we should ALL be so lucky to have a gorgeous barn, and covered arena...sigh...

  13. LOL! Love the "tour"! Guess there are more people out there 'dreaming' of new barns than I thought!
    Looks as if your sister's other half will have to find a new storage unit somewhere! You are all as inventive as we are! Good job!

  14. LOL My tack room is in my bedroom... so no pics of that! Looks like you guys have everything all set up wonderfully there.

    Dream Barn.... *sigh*.... Someday...! ;)

  15. It all looks great and very efficient. The horses couldn't care less if they had a barn like the one in the picture, that's for the humans. I'm sure they are happier living outside and being able to come and go as they please, it's the best thing for them.

  16. Looks great to me!
    I have something for you on my blog...

    Hugs from the Hill Country!

  17. Dream barn-SIGH** one day!

    Love it, very functional!! That is what it is all about! Love the cat! Looks like our old cat Sprinkles!

    We keep our tack in our horse trailer. We are looking at getting a building to put it in! We have a old small barn that I keep feed, hay, etc. in the pasture. And of course I have tack all through the house! No house would be complete without it!
    Hubby is also concerned about the obstacle course I am sitting up in the pasture! He is like when I mow again, you are going to have a time moving all this stuff! LOL! Will have to take pictures and post one day!

    Hubby jokes I would have the horses in the house if I could! I would be concerned since we have a old farm house or I would!

    Have a great horsey day! :)

  18. Nice barn! It's like the ones in my dreams too!

    I have an App myself. And I grew up with an App. Love them!

    Looks like a neat blog!

    "I'll be back"

  19. Hi Pony Girl! Thank you for visiting my new blog. I found yours through Fulgy Horse of the Day, then Saving Argus, then Sunny in's funny how us horse folks are all linked. :) I love your pony - he is a beauty! As far as the barn, I'm planning to blog about ours is a work in progress, going on for 5 years hubby is in no hurry and is not a horse person...He's trying to come around though. You are lucky to have family involved in horses. I'd love for my Mom to ride, but we need to get her something taller and calmer than Tonto or Filly. Hopefully one day.
    Thanks again for stopping by - it is so nice to know I share the horse disease, sickness, obsession, affliction...or whatever you want to call it...with so many other women. I'll be back to visit again soon!

  20. I forgot to mention that our saddles and headstalls are kept in the house in the LIVING ROOM! We have some extra room that really doesn't work for anything, too small for a dining table so my daughter and I keep our saddles there. I wouldn't mind keeping them in the tack room at all but I would hate to have to replace my saddle if someone were to walk away with it. Those Tex Tans don't come cheap!

  21. I should have added a picture of the saddle stand and extra saddle pad (for show, since I've shown once in a year and half, LOL!) that is in my apartment. Some friends came to pick me up for dinner once and were like, what is that? I also take my bridles home in the winter, because I ride less and although the garage is fairly well-insulted, some things do start to get damp.

    Grey Horse-I do agree, I think the horses enjoy being outside and having the option of going under cover. Physically, My Boy would not do well stalled. He was stalled part of the time I leased him and his hind fetlocks stocked up pretty bad because they did not have turnout and I could not get up to ride him every day.

  22. Great tour Pony Girl! That picture is awesome, I guess we all would like a barn that looks like that! I do like my barn though, nothing fancy but it does have automatic waterers, ceiling fans for the boys and lots of room. We put all our shavings and bales of hay in the loft with a conveyor which makes it nice and then there is an opening over each stall that we open and throw the bales of shavings down when we need more. We don't have a barn cat we have a barn raccoon! She has lived up there for ages with her three babies. She comes by each night for something to eat!

  23. Morgan is lovely :) She is obviously very good at her job.

    We are getting our barn built this year, but it all takes time with planners and architects..... I hope it looks as organised as yours when it's done!

    Kim x

  24. This was a fun idea to show your tack room and "facilities." I have done it at all levels, from having horses in an old barn built in 1790 to just a corral/water tank and no cover (in NM). My husband and I will leave AK in a couple of years and plan to go, we think, to eastern OR -- we hope. I have already sketched out my dream barn. Far more important than the house! We'll see where we end up (maybe just tidy run-in sheds and good fencing on our 47 acres?). But, I did the smart thing -- I married a talented builder and union carpenter!!! Something to look for in a man, Pony Girl, is good carpentry skills. You should see the dog kennel he built for my dogs!!!!

  25. What a great idea...I think we should all post pictures from our tack rooms! What a fancy barn - as long as there is some sort of shelter there is no need for such a showy barn..its the cowgirl coming out in me!

  26. Great shots! We're learning alot about horses from visiting you!

  27. Thanks for the terrific 'barn/tack room' tour. Everything looks so well organized even though it's not kept in an official fancy barn.
    What's best about it all is that you can tell that it's all useful stuff and is used. That's what's most important, right?

    I noticed that you've got something red/white/black in a plastic bag in the tack area. Looks alot like my bareback saddlepad. Is it?
    I just bought mine from Chicks and have yet to use it. I'd love to read a tack review from you about it. :)

    Oh! And that big blue tack trunk? It's scaring me a little. Looks more like a coffin with a vampire tucked inside! haha There goes my odd imagination again.

    SO, really, though, what's inside that thing?

  28. Oh and I forgot to reply about your comment about the goats being happier in NM because of our lack of rain.

    Well, they wouldn't be happy right now, though. We're neck deep in monsoon season right now and can usually count on daily afternoon rain showers. Sometimes it rains buckets and other times just sprinkles. And sometimes it just thunders and lightnings like crazy for an hour or more.

    All our woolies head to the barn every afternoon, like clockwork to get out of the storms. haha!

  29. I thought I already commented here. I know I did on someones tack room... LOL
    You are too neat... just kidding, looks fantastic.. again I am totally envious.


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