Wednesday, April 30, 2008

My Little (Borrowed) Cowpokes

I do not have 'lil cowpokes of my own yet. Actually, before that happens I suppose I should find a cowboy to father them. More on that another time. But I am very lucky to have so many darling little cousin cowpokes in my life. Here is one of them now. Gus McCrae: the next generation?

Oh yea, he looks sweet and innocent now. But when Papa is at work, this little guy is all business. He'll hold down the law, and defend his Mama, his sista, and his best hoss!

Wait a minute, that's better, this picture is a little more vintage western up-and-coming-cowpoke, for sure!

Then there is my Auntie J's grandson. She is grooming him to be a pro-reiner, pro-cutter, pro-something on horseback. I just know it. Here he is with his first pony, Latte. Easy keeper, that little Latte was.

Now this little Buckaroo and I, we had some quality time together in N.Y.C. one muggy August a couple years back (I was his cousin "baby nanny" for a weekend.) I hope he's not clamoring to be a city boy one day. For now, it looks like he's got himself moved up to a bigger pony.

Smart kiddo, wearing that cowboy hat. He's learning early on that'll catch him all the ladies!

What are you are laughing at, Stardust? You don't think Pony Girl is going to find a cowboy of her own? Hmmphh!


  1. Cute post! Cute upcoming cowboys!
    Stardust has no faith that you will find your Cowboy real soon!

  2. Cute post!! Good luck finding a cowboy!! Once you go cowboy you won't ever go back!!

  3. Ohhh gosh, those are some adorable little cowpokes to be PonyGirl! Keep 'em horsin around there girl, and teach them to ride... hehehe

    Your cowboy... well, I am bettin he finds you in good time. Cowboys ya know, they take their time with a lot of things ;)

  4. Yes, I am hoping my cowboy is looking for me, too! My goal is to get my patootie to some horse shows this summer and start scopin' out the market! ;)
    I know, my little cousins are TOO cute. I don't even have a neice or nephew yet, either. Unless you count my sister's 5 cats, 2 dogs, 4goats, and 2 horses as her children. Which, actually, she does! lol.

  5. Very cute! Good luck with the cowboy.

  6. LOL, Cute post! And good luck in finding that cowboy!


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