Monday, April 28, 2008

The Pond Monster

Before I left the Painted Creek yesterday (my sister's farm where I board My Boy) I headed to the pond. I was collecting samples of water, pond scum, tadpoles (too early yet, I think) and hopefully a frog, anything that young children might find interesting at the Science table in my classroom. I have never really looked at the pond, I just know it is there because the dogs play in it and I rinse my muck boots in the creek that feeds into it. I always thought it was just one pond, but there are actually two, connected by a creek between the trees. This first, smaller pond is covered in what I thought was green slime or algae.

However, upon closer inspection, I realized it was a green plant of some sort, growing and floating on top of the water. As I leaned over to pull a sample of it into my jar, something hopped by me into the water and swam under it. A frog! Darn! Missed my chance at that one.

Here is the creek and in-between area that connects the smaller pond to the larger one. Really, this story is going somewhere, stick with me here.

In this area are a lot of dried reeds and plants. It was here I got the strange feeling that I was being watched.

It was a dark, muggy afternoon. It had started raining, and all was quiet. Except for the drip, drip, drip on the pond's surface. It was eerie. I observed that the second, larger pond was very, very murky. It looked dark and deeper than I thought it would be. I was beginning to feel a little uncomfortable near it's edge and I backed away.

I headed back towards the other pond, unable to shake that feeling of being watched. Wasn't I a little too old to believe in pond monsters? Or swamp aliens? Then I heard a twig snap. I nervously gathered my last water sample and bagged it up, deciding it was time to skedaddle my Pony Girl patootie on out of there. When I spotted him. Across the pond. Behind the trees.

Ah ha! I was being watched!! I knew it! It was that big spotted pond monster of mine! In case you didn't see him:


  1. Hello Pony Girl! This is your lil Sis. I just wanted to tell you that the pond is not as dark and deep as you think it is. It is actually only about 3 feet deep so if you fell in I think you would have made it out.
    And where the larger pond is, is where a very large snake lives (believe me, I have seen it!) and where the Bald Eagle will fly out of the tree's and you can hear and feel the swoosh of his wings (he was actually hunting Simba the cat before we had this encounter with the Eagle). Right after the Eagle swooped out of the trees Simba decided to go on a leisurely stroll across the pond thinking it was solid ground. SPLASH! She ended up going for a swim. She swam about 4 feet to the other side than high tailed it back to the house. At this time I remembered I had left the back door open and I have never ran so fast in my life (bad knee and all) to try to get to the house before Simba. Yes, Simba beat me there. Simba, covered in that stinky pond water ran all the way to my bedroom and hid under the bed. You know how long it took me to get her out?
    So yes I have had that feeling of being watched. But by a snake and an eagle. (I didn't have the horses than)
    I can't believe you have never really noticed the pond before! You are up here at least 3 days a week, you silly blonde! :)

  2. Hiya Pony girl, thanks for visiting my blog, I am loving reading yours, and your boy is truly beautiful :)

    In response to an earlier post of yours, yes, horses ARE money pits, but aren't they just the best waste of time and money? I would have an easy life with considerably more money without horses, but I would live in a spiritual wasteland. When I consider all the sacrifices I've made over the years, I wouldn't change a thing :)

    Kim x

  3. haha! I loved this!

    as an 'explorer' I would have ventured very near the frightening pond myself.....I suppose its a good thing I have boys, eh?

    The Pond Monster is a beauty btw :)

  4. That Pond Monster just wanted to know what the heck his mommy was doing! He's such a cute guy.

  5. eeeekkkk not a pond monster...he looks more like a treat monster

  6. Hee hee! Yes, My Boy is the treat monster, for sure! I am sure that is the real reason he was watching his mommy. He is a cutie, but I am a biased. Paint Girl, I will keep an eye out for that snake!!

  7. Loved the post! I would defintely carry a gun the next time I went to the ponds! In case you ran in to the huge snake! The pond did look eery, like something out of a horror movie! Arent' they funny!?!? He was there watching and protecting you!


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