Friday, April 11, 2008

Cowboy Sighting!!

This is a true story. Did you notice that I have Captain Gus McCrae from Lonesome Dove on my sidebar? Well, I had never watched the movie Lonesome Dove until this past February, on a girl's trip to California. My Auntie J had a list of classic movies that she is ashamed I have never seen. So, we ended every day of our exciting week with an installment of the famous mini-series. I was hooked and stayed up until my eyes burned each night watching an episode. Now, that movie has it's share of tragedy, scenery, and sin, but, oh, so much romance and great cowboy philosophy, as well. It is more than just a western movie. The acting and dialogue is superb. And the cast! Robert Duvall, Angelica Huston, Ricky Schroeder (sorry, I have to call him Ricky), Tommy Lee Jones, Diane Lane, .....wait, did I say Robert Duvall?? Goodness, let me get back on track, this is who this post is all about! So, my Auntie J loves this movie and has seen it somewhere in the realm of, lets say, a gazillion times. Well, maybe more like 50. But still, she is a fanatic. Last week she was in downtown Washington D.C. having lunch with my uncle at a steakhouse and she looks over and who is seated a few tables away having lunch with his wife......none other than Gus McCrae himself (oops, I mean, Robert Duvall.) I can only imagine how her heart pounded. So did she go up and interrupt his lunch to introduce herself? To be continued......
Just kidding! OF COURSE she did. She is a fanatic. She could not pass up the opportunity to meet the star of the movie she has watched a gazillion times and who played the character for which her standard of all cowboys must live up to; this standard which she has now passed down to her last single niece- me. Okay. So, yes, she realized it was a "now or never" moment and she went right on over and introduced herself. (My Auntie J is a charming, gorgeous redhead, by the way.) Her first observation was that he had both of his legs (if you have seen the movie you will know what I mean.) Then they compared how Lonesome Dove is to westerns what Shakespeare is to the stage. And they talked horse, of course! I guess Robert Duvall has a farm somewhere in Virginia. And he was interested in getting the name of the stable where my aunt keeps her horses in California, as you can rent horses there and ride in the desert hills. I think the conversation ended with a handshake. I am sure my Auntie J just floated back to her table. There is just one thing Gus didn't ask her for. And if you've seen the movie, you'll know what I mean.


  1. LOL...Ricky Schroeder and Ronnie Howard...rather dates us, eh?

    I've never seen Lonesome Dove either. I may have to, though, as I adore Tommy Lee (at least we know he doesn't go by Tom!)

  2. Tracey,
    Thanks for visiting! I am still a huge Rick Schroeder fan...I heard he has a herd of kids and a big ranch somewhere....I highly recommend Lonesome Dove if you can stomach a little violence. It really is epic!

  3. Oh, that movie is my favorite and Gus is the kind of man I would love to be with.......
    My hubby knows! I think I know the thing he didn't ask for....ryhmes with joke!

  4. Trail riding cowgirl: yep, your hubby is right!! Hee Hee!

  5. Just found your site here, and am enjoying it tremendously.

    Have to agree with you here (and not just on APPYS! LOL) Lonesome Dove ROCKS. It is an all time favorite in our house as well. Between TLJ, and Robert Duvall, along with the rest of the cast, is there any way you could go wrong?

    We met a couple of mares in our practice over the years who reminded us allll toooo much of the Hell Bitch

    Looking forward to reading more here!


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