Monday, April 7, 2008

God's Little Angel

My sister and I were going through some old photos the other day and came across a couple of her second pony, Angel. She was not a big sister hand-me down pony. This was my sister's first pony of her very own. And she was such a good pony! We didn't really know her breeding, but she was close to 12 hands and looked to be a mix of Arabian, Welsh, or Quarter Pony. She was bright bay with a faint star and a thick mane and tail. Angel lived up to her name. Recollecting, my sister and I couldn't think of anything negative about her! She was gentle and easy to ride.
Good ponies are hard to find. We were lucky to have a few to help us grow and learn on. I have known ponies that were purchased for children, but that the children were unable to ride independently, without being on a lead line. Several years and horses later, my sister took her Appaloosa mare to a horse show and saw a little girl there showing Angel! She looked healthy and shiny and just adorable under hunt seat. It was comforting to know that Angel had gone on to safely help other little girls learn to ride. Sadly, I was not so lucky with my second pony. But his is a story I will tell another day.

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