Monday, April 21, 2008

Come Hail or High Water

I braved the elements and made it out to see My Boy yesterday. I know you don't believe me. You probably think I just curled up on my couch under my furry blanket and watched an installment of Lonesome Dove. Tempting as that was, I really went to see my horse. I have proof!

I was also delivering his new mineral and joint supplements. My Boy is boarded on my sister's farm, about a 40 minute drive (on a good day) from the city I live in. So it requires a commitment to see him, almost 2 hours round trip in drive time alone. But I do it as many times during the week as I can, and, always on the weekend. Today, I only ran into one hailstorm and one rain shower on the way. No snow, thank goodness (I have anxiety about driving in the snow.) The sun actually made a rare appearance while I was with My Boy. The arena was too sloppy and slippery to even lounge him in, so I played human hot walker. See that bit of mane flopping over on My Boy's neck? He has the worst cowlick ever there! Before he became mine, he had a pulled western pleasure style mane, which looked nice enough on him. But I am letting it grow out long, reiner-style.

Oh, so you noticed I am not wearing the new boots yet? I know, I know, I am going to have to get that first speck of mud on them sooner or later. How about later? I think it is still mucker boot season around this farm, for a few more weeks. After letting him graze a little, I put My Boy away and gave him his new supplements. Boy that joint supplement is sure stinky! Must be all that shark cartilage. Here he is, making a bee-line for his hay! Never one to miss a meal, that's My Boy! See you later this week, ya big pill!


  1. Wow, a 2 hour round trip? I was calculating how much gas I used last week to drive 20 minutes to the barn each way. Then again, I went twice a couple of days to make sure my pony was okay, but I can't complain about the distance anymore.

    I can't blame you for not getting your boots muddy. It seems like once they get that first drop of mud on them, it's all downhill from there.

  2. Interesting that you refer to your horse as "a big pill"!! My Grandad and Grandma had a stud horse named Geritol that we affectionately referred to as "Pill".


    I have fulfilled the very same role recently.

    Nice blog you have here!

    THE MANE POINT - on blogspot

  4. Yes, it's a lot of drivin'! But basically free board. In the winter, because it gets dark so early, I don't make it up to see him during the week. So I am happy it's staying light until 8:00 now, I get off work at 4 and drive up to see him! Makes for a long day....but so worth it! Being with my boy is not work to me. ;) I do have to limit my days due to gas prices though...

  5. I found you via Horse Shoeing Housewife and I love your blog. I will be back to visit! We have a red roan horse that has a mane like that. At the front part it goes one way and the other another way!


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