Friday, April 4, 2008

These Boots are Made for Riding, Part II

True to my word, I went back to the western
wear store to order my boots. As the order
slip was being filled out, I casually asked the
salesperson how long it would take to get the
boots. The other salesperson in the store
chuckled in the background and then said
maybe a month, maybe three.....THREE MONTHS?? Hold yer horses, pop tart!! However, I felt too timid to say anything. They explained that the length of wait would depend on whether or not the boot was in stock at the manufacturer. If it was not, it had to come from China. CHINA?? This was beginning to feel a bit much. After all, it wasn't like this boot was being custom made for me. If I had gone with an Internet purchase of this boot, it is quite possible this boot could be stomping it's way to my door step as early as next week. But I tried to do the right thing, and now I might have to wait three months, or longer? This did not seem fair. But I tried to remain optimistic and paid the deposit on the boots anyway.

I am not a patient person (honestly, it would have been hard enough for me to wait for those boots to arrive next week!) Whenever I order anything online, I use the company's online UPS tracking system and watch as it makes it's way across the country....pinning down the exact day and hour of it's arrival...... goodness yes, I am a bit ridiculous.

Anyway, I worried (me, worry?) about the boots all day and today decided to go straight to the source. I called up Twisted X. Would you believe an actual person answered the phone on the second ring?? She had the cutest Texas drawl. She was very helpful and checked the stock on the boot in my size..... and YEE-HAW, they had it. She said their company is growing so fast that they are occasionally having a hard time filling their orders. But I view this as a good thing, as it shows people want these boots!

Okay, I was stamping my spurs (oh wait, I don't have any boots to put my spurs on!) to call my western wear store and share this information with them, and encourage them to get my order in immediately! But I decided if I was too dang annoying, I might never be able to show my face in there again. So I will give them the benefit of the doubt and call them on.....Monday.

Stay tuned!!

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