Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Western Treasures

You might have noticed by now my new found addiction to cool cowgirl and horsey stuff. I do not want to overdo it. Oh goodness, you can overdo it. I like things that look vintage and rustic. Here are a few more of my treasures.

Look how easy this would be to make! But I did not make this, I am not that talented. A chunk of rustic timber, some rusty old was intended to be a votive holder, but I keep it in my bathroom and put cotton swabs in it.

I am obsessed with western jewelry. My favorite thing to do is find horse related pendants. Then I take them off their chain and string them onto leather cord, or leather-like cord from the local craft store, and tie it around my neck. I even did this with a saddle string from my cantle bag! Oh, and they're hanging on a candelabra I got a flea market years ago, when I was in my Shabby Chic phase. I painted it antique white. It has little branches and leaves which are great for hanging up all my necklaces and charms.

I just found this golden beauty at the local thrift shop for $6.99. I spotted her from the other side of the shelf and trotted (galloped is more like it) over to swipe her up. Not like I had a lot of competition, I doubt she'd have flown off the shelf here in the city! I knew immediately she was no dollar store mare. But she wasn't locked in the "special antiques case" so she must not be too valuable.

She might be made of porcelain (I don't know my china, ceramics, or glass, sorry cowpokes.) She does appear to be old. But not an old nag, thank you very much! She has a small hole under her belly, when I shake her I can hear the piece cluttering inside. I think she is just Ms. Sunshine herself, don't you? Okay, she might just be a dime-store pony, after all. But I found the perfect place for her.

P.S. I am keeping my fingers crossed that the weather holds so that I can get up and ride My Boy tomorrow after work!


  1. Haha, I can relate, I have many horse ornaments and statues, and I'm not as old as you yet!

    Your horse is just gorgeous-I always loved Appaloosas, and I wanted one, but I ended up with Daisy...I can't say I'm disappointed! How old is "My Boy"? How tall?

    I love riding Western-I have friends who ride who think I'm crazy that I love being a 'cowgirl'...but I like it! :D

    Thanks for the comment on my blog! Yes, Daisy has the greatest stripe (LOL)...I have papers of drawings of her (from the vet) from when she was a foal, and her stripe was straight, but the older she got, the crooked-er it got!

  2. I love your stuff. I am afraid I am challenged in the art of interior design, sigh.

  3. Mellimaus, My Boy turned 14 years young in February and is 15.2 hands. That is funny Daisy's blaze got more crooked. I think my face is getting more crooked as I age, too! ;)

  4. You have some great western stuff! I love the little horse you got at the thrift shop, she is adorable! I have a few of my collection from when I was a child, 100 years ago, but have no idea what happened to the rest of them. Sad isn't it? I'm an appy lover too although I do have four other non-appys. Appys have just always been my favorite. You sure have some great trail riding! I've ridden in the desert a couple of times on trips to Arizona but that's all. Also the mountains of Colorado and that was beautiful. That's hard that you have so far to drive to get to see your horse. Mine are close by and will be home as soon as my pasture dries up a bit. Happy riding! :o)

  5. Love your collection, and the way you've photographed it. Great light!

    Have you seen the April issue of Western Horseman magazine, with the story on the woman who restores vintage travel trailers in cowgirl chic?

  6. Yep, I saw that article in Western Horseman. They call themselves Sisters on The Fly, it looks really fun. Their little trailers are SO cute and perfectly vintage western! They have a website:

  7. porcelain? quite possibly! what a beauty. I would have bought the palomino too!

    My house is sorta Horse oriented too....a lot.

  8. I have a similar porcelain horse and I KNOW it's over fifty years old.


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