Sunday, April 6, 2008

I Love These Reins

These are my new favorite reins. I ordered mine from, but you can find something similar in most tack catalogs or on any natural horsemanship trainer websites. They are made of soft yet strong yachting rope. I also got the cool leather slobber straps (isn't that just the funniest name? I hope they don't get icky with slobber!?) The slobber straps Ken McNabb sells are made by the Amish and are a nice heavy leather. The purpose of the slobber strap is to add weight and feel to the bit, as well as the release. The first time I used these reins while working on a softening exercise with My Boy, I was impressed with how nice it was that they are a continuous loop. I have gotten fumble-fingers as I have aged (I may only be in my late 30's, but I am still aging!) and tend to drop reins. The exercise I was working on actually requires you to drop the reins and give a quick release, and I found this was very easy to do with this style of rein as they just hang there at your saddle horn. And goodness, I just think they look cool and cowgirlesque, don't you? Yes, mine are new (does their glaring white color give that away?) but I can't wait to break them in a little more!

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