Monday, April 14, 2008

Power Bars and Dandelions

Somebody's whiskers need trimmed.... I think My Boy smelled the peanut butter power bar I was starting to unwrap. He has a nose like a Beagle. Suddenly, my often indifferent horse is all curious and sniffy as to what his Pony Girl has in her hands! You'd think this horse was starving the way he craves his sweets. And to see him go after dandelions....what is the obsession horses have with weeds?
Okay, I will admit the crunching sound they make as he chews them up does make them seem somewhat appetizing. But don't hold your breath, there will be no dandelions with candied pecans salad recipe showing up on this site anytime soon! **Note to self: photographing My Boy and dandelions is especially challenging when you have an Australian Shepherd vying for your attention. Take my picture! Take my picture! Them just weeds and an old nag! Aren't I cuter?
My Boy is in a pasture without grass and we do not have separate fenced grazing pastures, so he is lucky (spoiled) and I hand graze him whenever I can. The spring grass is making it's comeback and My Boy knows it. He has developed a bit of a bad habit of expecting this part of our time together. I have to remember to make sure he knows that he doesn't put his head down to partake in the green stuff until I give him permission.
I really enjoy this quiet time with him, watching his mouth work it's magic. I can tell when he gets a hold of something he doesn't want, like a piece of cedar twig or a leaf, he always spits it out the side with a wad of grass, yet his nostrils and muzzle are still working to find the next, yummier bite. It is a relaxing and comforting feeling watching him. Strangely, I feel like I am grazing right alongside him (hopefully my mouth is not munching along simultaneously?!) More importantly, I just think it is healthy for him to have this natural horse behavior in his life. And I am sure the damp cool grass is much tastier than that old dry hay, any day!


  1. I assume you know that these are special photographs? I had no idea, for example, that a horse liked dandelions? Usually after the blooming period the leaves are bitter as gaul. I like your dog. Dogs and horses are my favorite things.

    Abraham Lincoln in Brookville, Ohio

  2. His whiskers aren't bad at all. You should see my bearded ladies! Nice pics!

  3. Thanks for visiting my blog!! Come back often. Love the sign on the tackroom...


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