Friday, April 18, 2008

I Interrupt this Blog

to bring you some random (very random) pictures from my overloaded picture gallery.....

Subject: Black Jack, my first pony

Photographer: Unknown. Either myself or my little sister.

Hmmm....what is your first clue that a 10 year old took this picture?

Subject: My Boy
Photographer: Pony Girl

This was taken after I'd worked him and put him in his pasture. He hung his head over the gate the gate and blew his warm breath on me as I said goodbye. If you look really close, you will see the reflection of my hand holding the camera in the center of his eye.

Subject: Pony Girl and unidentified cat, 1972

Photographer: Unknown. Probably my father or mother

They tried to get me to love cats. That would have been cheaper. But nope, I wanted ponies! (p.s. I really do love cats, too!)

Subject: Stardust, my mom's gelding

Photographer: My mom

Goodness mom, it really is time for me to give you some lessons on using that digital camera!

Subject: Palm desert hills

Photographer: Palm desert Cowboy using Pony Girl's camera

A view of the hills we rode on in the California desert this past February.

Subject: My living room

Photographer: me

GOTCHA!! This is not my living room! Goodness, I wish it was, I just love that rustic elegance thing!


  1. Hi,just found your blog,via Victoria's. Love all the pictures and the side gallery too. I really used to love Roy and Dale, and Gus is one of my all time favorite guys.

  2. Wow, I was going to be very jealous of your living room! That's nice! Maybe someday I'll have one like that too...

  3. Maybe it's a family thing, that shotting pics of horses with their head through fences. lol

  4. Great pics! The pic of Your Boy is cool- he has a sweet eye. (Yeah- its the APPY markings around the eye that make me smile...hehe)

    MiKael might just be right there... looks like the apple did not fall far from the tree with the heads-thru-fences pics ;)

    Looking forward to more!


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