Saturday, May 3, 2008

I Interrupt this Blog Part 2

More very random pictures from my files....

Subject: Bailey

Photographer: Pony Girl

Bailey is my dog. Well, he is really my sister's dog. But he thinks he is my dog. When I stay there he sleeps outside my door, follows me everywhere, and watches my every move. I think his devotion to me bothers my sister a wee little itty bitty bit.

Subject: Pony Girl, 1st grade

Photographer: Who knows

Look, I am standing by the fence on our ranch. Just kidding. But I think it was a sign of things to come. Who knew that in a few short years, I would be a pony-obsessed young girl? What's up Doc, with those two front teeth? And that dress? Mom, did you make that for me out of a tablecloth? Wait....even table cloths aren't that hideous.

Subject: My Boy

Photographer: Pony Girl

In December, My Boy got cast in his run-in shed and kicked out a panel, scraping himself up. This happened 3 days after we bought him, of course. His leg swelled up like a tree trunk and I freaked out. My new baby was hurt! It was worse than this picture shows, it looked like someone had literally ripped the hide and top layer of skin off in a 5 inch patch. A little bute, wound spray, and hand walking, and he was on the mend in a couple of weeks.

Subject: Pony Girl's 37th Birthday Table Setting

Photographer: Pony Girl

Isn't this just groovy? You know your friends are finally beginning to figure out you've gone cowgirl with no chance of return when they hit up the local party supply store in search of horsey decor for your birthday dinner. Better yet, my dear friend CJ hit the only tack shop in our city and got me the cutest groom tote and supplies.

\Subjects: My two second cousins, 1970-something

Photographer: Unknown

I just love old pictures like this! Especially the hairdos! Sorry, cousins. They had no warning I was going to post this. Let me guess. The dog's name is.....Lassie??

Subject: Pony Girl's Dad

Photographer: Unknown, probably my Nana

This is my dad feeding his pet bird. It is in the corner of that stick perch. I am pretty sure this bird lived in the house. I think it was a cedar wax wing. My dad and his sister were like "little woodland creature whisperers." They would collect and nurse all kinds of animals back to health. Don't tell anyone, but when my dad was little he use to shoot birds out of trees with a bee bee gun, just so he could nurse them back to health. My dad and his sister still have special ways with animals.

On another note, I wanted to add that I missed the Kentucky Derby today because I took a group of school children to see a matinee at the theater. If I had been home, I might have turned it on, out of curiosity, despite mixed feelings about horse racing. Instead, I came home and turned on my computer only to find the headline on yahoo reading "Sad Derby Outcome: A great race in the 134th Kentucky Derby ends in an even greater tragedy." My heart immediately sunk. Victoria over at her Teachings of the Horse blog posted about Big Brown's (the race favorite) hoof issues a week ago ( My first thought was that Big Brown had broke down. He did not. But the runner up filly did. Actually, from what I read, she broke her two front ankles. Not just one. Two. She could not even walk off the track she had so gallantly just ran on. So I am glad I missed the Derby this year. Maybe if people stop watching, people will stop running these horses to their deaths. That is all I am going to say. I have to go get some Kleenex. Godspeed, Eight Belles.


  1. Great pics, love the old ones as well!
    Oh the derby, UGH we were watching it and I can say I was devasted. She did break both front ankles and they euthanized her right there on the track. It seems to be such a waste that is happened. :( Very sad night here.
    BTW-Love the fly mask in the previous post. I have one that wears one and I am looking for the ones with the funny faces on it. Have you seen them? They are hilarious! I am needing one that has the ears in it and I am having a time finding one!

  2. KDW: I have seen the ones with those funny faces...they have them in the Country Supply catalog, I think? My sister's boyfriend wanted to order them for their horses and I think my sister said no way my horse is wearing that. Hee Hee! I'm not sure My Boy would tolerate the one with the ears. I need to get a spare, too. When he rolls sometimes it gets dirt mushed onto it and probably messes up his vision, so I have to take it off and hose it off.

  3. Oh My Gosh! I love the party theme!!!! Hmmm maybe we can find stuff like that for my (cough cough) 38th party this year. (Party? ... Yeah... Right.... Not! LOL)

    That is one handsome pup there that loves you. Funny how they pick their people out isnt it?

    Love stopping in here. You have a great blog going!

  4. Your pics are great. Hope you had awesome weather, while I was taking a lesson Hubby to the Tonk on a trail ride. I am just a wee bit jealous
    I have a PONY party every year for my B-day, this year (39) was "pony-pa-looza". I think for the big 40 this fall I want a real barn party, but the weather can be iffy in October in Oregon.

  5. What fun pictures! What good friends you have to buy you horsey decor for your birthday! I love that first grade picture! LOL!! I sometimes wonder who even would have designed such fabrics. I have many photos of me in about the same kind of dress!!

    We have two race tracks here and a lot for friends who race horses, both quarter and tb. My husband used to breeze horses for a couple of trainers. We were at the track two years ago and we saw a horse break both front legs at the knee. It's sad. But one good thing about the race industry is that the horses are taken care of. Better than some horses that just sit out in backyards with no grass and no feed and starve.

    It's also no doubt in my mind that when you get a new horse it always some how finds a way to hurt itself and freak out its new owner! They have a funny way of doing that!!

  6. Mrs. Mom & 20 Meter: looks like in the next few years we will all be approaching the big 4-0!! But with our spurs on, eh?! :) For my 40th, my dream is to do a weekend at a guest ranch, and invite my family and close friends.
    Andrea: it is funny, I think my friends are finally starting to realize how serious I am about horses (and finding a cowboy, ha!) I know I go out less with them than I used to, but my priorities have changed. I have one good friend (the one who hosted the party) that really gets it. She even got me a Jeffer's Equine gift card as a thank you for watching her dog. She knows I can use that more than a Norstrom g.c., now! LOL!

  7. By the way, my dad informed me this morning the bird in the picture was not a cedar waxwing. That was another bird he had, which he named "The Professor." I wrote my dad's story about The Professor for my 2nd grade Young Author's contest. I guess The bird in this picture was a winter robin. I guess those ones have speckles? I will have to look it up. I did not realize there was more than one kind of robin!


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