Monday, May 19, 2008

The Sunday Riders

I was happy that we were able to go on a trail ride on Sunday. We ride on a 5000 acre tree farm. We arrived at the trail head parking lot at 10:30 a.m., barely getting the last available parking spot. It was sunny and warm, but not near the 90 degrees it had been on Saturday. Before we rode out, we noticed this cowboy and his Paint. We knew it was a Mustang because of the brand on it's neck. We followed him for a while down the trail. We eventually passed him up and chatted with him briefly. His mare was a 4 year old Mustang from one of the Oregon herds. My, was she built! My sister was doing the wink wink, nudge nudge, this guy is cute look. But she did not invite him to ride with us. What kind of wing man is she, anyway? My Boy was not happy on these wooded and brushy trails. They were muddy (he protests, but goes through it.) Lots of logs to walk over. Every step he takes, little woodland bugs rise up and bat his head. No amount of fly spray helps here. They are not even aiming for him. They are just bouncing off his face. Poor Boy, he is so annoyed.
Wide open spaces. This was better. He much prefers these wide, sunny, dry trails. I called My Boy "the tailgater" yesterday. He does not usually do that. Looking at this desolate, logged land is kind of sad. There are trails down in and out of these huge deep craters. We imagined that at one time, in the dinosaur days, those craters were lakes. Now, they are just filled with stumps and fallen logs.
When My Boy gets a turn to be in the lead, he is so funny. His little ears perk forward and he walks fast. He is on the lookout for danger. Stumps camouflaged as bears. Giant metal culverts.
What are you looking at silly boy? There is no bear over there! Wait, are you looking at that Mustang cowboy? Where did he go?
We make a pit stop. There is a nice meadow, a BBQ area for sanctioned rides, and of course, Honeybuckets. I ate a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Guess who was trying to get a bite? I did not give him one. How do I know he's not allergic to peanuts?
Time to head back. Back into the woods. Sorry Boy, I know the buggins are going to get ya again.
Somehow, on the way home, My Boy always falls way behind. You know what is great about this horse? He just keeps his pace. He does not even get concerned when they disappear around the corner. No panic. No trying to speed up and jig. I love that about him.
Here is the bridge that we have to cross near the end. Oh goodness, this bridge is short and narrow, but rather high up. We call it the "duck bridge." Because every time my sister leads us across it on her mare Brandy, the ducks fly up out of the creek and spook her. One time all four of Brandy's legs splayed out in panic and my sister was sure they were going over. You know what? Taking pictures while crossing the bridge sure helps take your mind off of crossing the bridge!

I love this house. I do not know who lives there. But I say I love that house every time we ride by it. It is on the road we take back into the trail head parking lot. Just think, these trails are in their backyard! I love the ranch style of the house. I'd spend most of my time on that wraparound porch. Watching my cowpoke children playing in the dirt and reading Western Horseman while my cowboy well, um, maybe he's cooking me dinner. They also have some nice Paints and Appy's in their pasture. Hey cool house owners, if you ever want to give your house away, will you give me a call?

Back at the trailer. We have some tired horses and wet saddle blankets. It will take some time to get back into trail riding shape! For this Pony Girl too, who was quite sore today after spending almost three hours in the saddle!

My Boy and his girls are loaded up and ready to go home.

Awww....nothing like getting a hose down on a warm day when you are itchy with sweat. Since my camera has become my additional appendage, my sister was kind enough to squeegee him off for me. Guess what My Boy did the minute I put him in the pasture? You guessed it. A well-deserved roll in the dirt!


  1. Ya know Sis, I am new at this "Cowboy" shopping thing. I've been with my "Cowboy" for 13 yrs so I am a little out of practice! I will work on my shopping skills some. But you do have to say I DID spot the good looking Cowboy and pointed it out to you as we headed out on the trail. Hopefully we will see him out there again on his drop dead gorgous Mustang and this time I will look for that wedding band that is NOT on his finger! (although that doesn't always mean anything!)You can have the Cowboy, I just want his HORSE!
    Yes it was a wonderful day. The weather was perfect. I hear this Sunday is going to be sunny and maybe reach 70. Another perfect day. But we will need to get there VERY early to get a better parking spot. It is a holiday weekend.
    Great pictures as usual you little photographer! It was hard for me to take pictures while riding Brandy. I usually have to have both hands on the reins in case something should "spook" my little horse. It was different in Palm Springs, you could just put the reins down and take pictures all day long!

  2. I cannot believe you didn't chase the cowboy! GIRL!!! What is wrong with you? He's cute, he's riding a good lookin horse by himself and you do nothing???
    Oy vey. *slaps forehead*
    I wish you lived closer. I'd have you hooked up in no time...
    AND, gorgeous pics. The clearcutting was sad, I agree. But the rest was BEAUTIFUL!

  3. What a great place for a trail ride. I love your horse, there is just something about his face and expressions that get me, he is just too cute.

  4. Too bad your sis didn't invite Mr.Cowboy, sounds like a fun ride anyhow!

  5. Loved this post. I long to go trail riding at LBL (land between the lakes) Kentucky lake and Barkley lake here in west ky. There is fantastic riding there but alas, I do not own a trailer. My daughter's gelding will NOT get in a 2 horse trailer. I had one but ended up selling it and losing mucho money. I need a stock trailer for 2 horses. Maybe if those people in that most cool house give their house to you they might give me a horse trailer? LOL Hey, a girl can wish huh? Might as well wish big.

  6. Great pics! Sounds like you all had a great time! Girl, what are we going to do with you? Like Mikey said he was cute, riding a awesome horse and by himself! UGH! We should slap you on forehead! Hopefully you will run into him again!

  7. How old is your boy? He is a good looking horse!
    I have become smitten with an 18 year old mare, but many are telling me she is too old!

  8. I know, I know, in retrospect, I realized we should have invited that cowboy to ride with us. I imagine we'll see him again, we tend to see a lot of the same riders out there and he'll be easy to spot! ;)
    Growing: my horse is 14. He's in his prime. Eighteen isn't really old these days, if they are sound and healthy, an 18 year old can still have a lot of good miles in them! The biggest thing I will have to watch for with My Boy is arthritis, which he already has. He was a reining horse and his hocks aren't that great.

  9. I love a good trail ride. I wish I could take pics as nice as yours.
    We are heading south to the Mission this weekend for a trail adventure!!
    Perhaps you should invest in a rope for the next time you see that Cowboy :)

  10. It looks like a great place to ride. That's really kewl you have access to somewhere like that.

  11. Those trails are awesome! I would love to go trial riding there. When we have "trail" rides here people ride up an down dirt roads and drink beer and fall off and I laugh at them and then feel bad for their horses.

    And as far as your lack of cowboy, man come on big sis!! What was she thinking, you should have totally started talking to him. What if his horse spooked and ran away and he fell off and needed your help? You will have to go back on the trail again and maybe he will be there!! I have this really cute vet!! He is single!! And he ropes, enjoys kayaking, he owns a boston terrier that goes with him everywhere, and did I mention he is cute? He is laid back and easy going. And he dressed really well. He wears boots and stuff but he could be an A&F model. And he's a vet! Nice right? Now all you have to do is move to Louisiana! LOL!!

  12. What a great ride! Your boy is so handsome. He'd have looked really good riding with that pinto mustang. ;)

  13. Andrea~ Oh goodness, that vet sounds amazing! But don't they have really BIG bugs in the south? I'm not sure My Boy and I could survive there....but would your vet be willing to move out west? Or we could meet halfway! The midwest! lol! ;)
    My sister is my little sis (by 2 years) and she's been hitched for so long I think she lost all her cowboy hunting skills!

  14. It was a nice trail ride. It is nice to ride a horse who keeps his pace.
    Your pictures are beautiful.
    I'll come back.

  15. Glad you had such a terrific trail ride.
    Man! That My Boy has a huge handsome butt! You can just see the strength!

    I was impressed with what you wrote in regards to My Boy being so calm about riding alone and not feeling like he has to be part of the trail herd. That is just so awesome! He's the perfect trail horse. Except for those imaginary visions of tree bears and monster culverts. hehe But most horses are concerned about those things anyway. It's how they react that's important. And my Boy is Stellar!

  16. Twinville, I love that about My Boy too! He does not panic or jig or fight me to catch up to the other horses. I even stopped him once to take a picture while everyone else dissapeared around the corner. If anything, he just keeps those little ears perked forward, listening and wondering where his friends are. And I don't trot to catch up, either, I dont' want to create a horse that always trots off when he feels he's behind. We just walk and then the rest of the crew usually stops and waits for us to catch up. I think it helps to ride with people are considerate of good trail habits.


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