Tuesday, May 6, 2008

All Ends Well

My Boy is much better today! When I showed up to get him out for his appointment, he was standing under his usual tree. However, he was obsessed and spooky about something in the trees next to his pasture. Most likely it was the local deer family but he was acting like it was lions, tigers, and bears. It made catching him a little challenging. I lounged the sillies out of him and was happy to see almost no head shaking, other than what would be considered normal for pesky flies or lounge line playfulness. The vet showed up on time. My Boy was very leery of her. He is so funny about strange people. Especially those that have hands that smell like antiseptic! Regarding the head shaking reaction on Sunday, she did not really have any recommendations since he was no longer exhibiting any symptoms. She said he could have rolled and gotten something up his nasal passages. She said that antihistamines were not usually helpful with head shakers. But I am thinking My Boy is not going to become a chronic case head shaker. I feel as if this could have been an irritation which has since been removed. But if he should react that way again, then it is probably allergies and I am going to get some of the antihistamine to have on hand to see if it helps. I do not want him to be uncomfortable. I have a feeling I am going to overanalyze every head shake I see him make from now on, in anticipation of this issue returning. Regarding the vaccinations, it took a few minutes of muzzle stroking and head tossing, but she was able to get a good grip on that nose. He immediately calmed and she wrapped the rope twitch around his upper lip. I held it (should I be appalled the wooden handle was bloodstained?) while boom, boom, the shots were in. Then came the strangles vaccine up the nostril. And we were done! Almost as easy as pie (although I've never made a pie in my life and don't think it would easy at all.) My Boy got some cookies and carrots.

My Boy getting consoled by farm cat Morgan:

Before the vet left she tried to go over and make friends with My Boy and he would have none of it. She laughed and said he appears to be the kind of horse that holds a grudge. She'll be back in 4-6 weeks to do the strangles booster and give him a teeth check/float. I am just lucky I made it through the day considering I woke up with a debilitating migraine (triggered by stress from all this worry about my big Sicky Boy, most likely!) Somehow I made it through the morning with the kids at school and My Boy's appointment. Now I am ready for a hot bath and my couch!

P.S. Oh goodness, I've been tagged by the Brown-Eyed Cowgirls! Oh, this will be fun! I am looking forward to pulling out the history books and working on my responses for you very soon!
P.P.S. I also have a pretty hilarious tale to tell about those frogs....but it will have to wait for another day because this Pony Girl is wiped out.


  1. Glad the vet appt went well. No making pie is not easy. At least not the crust part. hehe

    Hope the head shaking goes away all on it's own soon. I know you must be worried.

    My Boy is such a handsome guy.

  2. Glad that things are settling down for the big man! Got to be a load off your mind there.

    Cant wait to hear about the frogs...lol

  3. I'm glad all turned out well for your boy. These horses of ours tend to cause us to worry all the time.

  4. I am glad the vet appointment went well!! Yeah, and he is all better! And those wooden handles can get blood on them from a colicy horse that had to be tubed and got a nose bleed. My gelding did that, and man does a horse get a mean nose bleed! But maybe she should have cleaned it off? I think it's funny how horses and dogs just really do not like vets! LOL!! I am glad he is doing better! He is really such a handsome boy!

  5. And a sigh of relief was heard 'round the blogosphere. I'm glad My Boy is back to his old self, for both your sakes!

  6. There's the good news we wanted! I believe Appy's can hold a grudge longer than is necessary. It's all about getting their point across.

  7. Awesome news. Hope he never shakes his head again!!

  8. Thanks everyone!! I have been playing Nancy Drew and trying to analyze his behavior in the days leading up to the shaking. One strange connection I have made was the fly mask itself. He's only worn it twice this year and the last time he had it on, the mesh had gotten smudged with dirt from him rolling in it and I do remember it seemed to be irritating him when I caught him, he was shaking his head a little. I thought it was dirt inside, so I took it off and hosed it off. The second time he wore it, the next weekend he had the bad head-shaking day. Of course, it was sunny both of those days, too. I guess I just need to stop overanalzying and be thankful that he's okay now. I just want to be proactive so that it doesn't happen again. He's such a sensitive goober I have a feeling I will be dealing without a lot of Mystery My Boy issues! ;)

  9. Great news! Glad everything went well with the shots! I know you are very relieved!
    Glad Morgan was there to comfort her friend!

  10. I'm so glad that he's better! My Boy is such an adorable horse. Tell us about the frogs soon!!

  11. Finally made it over here for a visit, and boy do you have a gorgeous Appaloosa!!

    I scrolled down to find Bailey as well, and you were right, there is quite a resemblence.

    You should try out some agility, I bet he'd be great!


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