Monday, May 5, 2008

An Update, Kermits, and a Rowdy Boy

My sister called me around noon to give me an update on My Boy. She was out working her horses and said he was still agitated, but seemed to be better than he was last night. She observed him wandering around, standing under the overhang of the shed, and drinking water. He even rolled. He coughed twice when he got up, which she said she has never heard him do (I have actually never seen my horse lay down or roll. I think it is strange. Then again, I do not live on the property. But I know he rolls because I am the one that has to clean the mud off of him!) One of my sister's mares, the one that never coughs, did so while being lounged today, too. After work, I eagerly drove up to check on My Boy. It was starting to drizzle but we took him out and lounged him. Already I could tell a huge difference. He shook and nodded his head a few times, but it was nothing like constant almost seizure-like head movements of yesterday. I was very relieved. I had talked to my director at work earlier in the day. I told her about My Boy not feeling well and that I needed to work a half day tomorrow in order to meet the vet. I said to her, I do not know how I am going to be able to emotionally handle having children if I get this stressed and upset about my horse. I just don't know how I can do it!

My Boy even felt up to flirting with his girlfriend. Well, maybe not. I think he is a little more interested in that grass! Interestingly, the weather has changed today. It clouded over, cooled down, and a rain shower passed over this afternoon. So now I am even more perplexed. Was it something in the air yesterday? Or is there a tooth bothering him? Ear mites? I did graze his ears while halter him and he jerked his head a little. These seem to be possibilities. The vet will definitely check him out tomorrow. If his symptoms continue to diminish that is obviously a good thing. But if he is not exhibiting symptoms, it may be difficult for the vet to make a good diagnosis. Perhaps she will recommend an antihistamine to try if he should suffer from another "outbreak." On another note, as we hung out and checked out My Boy, the little rain shower brought out the frogs.

Last week I collected empty pond water for a science experiment at school because I could not find any frogs or tadpoles. That turned out to be a cute story and I will share it another time. But I was excited to find two very green little amphibians today! One of them was housed deep down in one of My Boy's muddy hoof prints in his pasture. I used a dandelion to coax him to hop out. The alternative would have been to become an Appaloosa pancake. We put them in a little mini-aquarium. They are only "on loan." The farm owners would not let me leave until they had the right grass, water, log, sow bugs, and mud in their little temporary fake world. I am surprised I did not have to take a frog caretaker test, or sign a waiver, or pay an adoption fee. I promised I would return them safely for release later this week. As long as they don't escape in my classroom. Oh, little green legs, if only you knew about the many little kiddo faces that will be staring in at you tomorrow! Uh, hello, please get us out of here!

I had to share pictures of a goat on my sister's farm that cracks me up. His name is Rowdy. He is often tethered in front of My Boy's pasture. I have my sister's boyfriend hold him so I can get My Boy out of the gate and past him. Because hello, have you seen the size of those horns?

Just in case you don't realize how big these horns are. Because honestly, I have nightmares about them.

This goat is all business. He knows how to give you "the look." And I back down. I run to the Boyfriend for help. I do not mess with the Rowdy Man. Would you? I mean really, look at the size of those horns!

Rowdy and his three goat playmates live in the pasture with the two mares. My Boy lives alone. Well, with an occasional frog, apparently. My Boy, I am so glad you are feeling better and I hope you continue to improve. We can thank our horsey blogger friends for all their support, advice, and well-wishes. And we'll keep you posted on how vaccinating the big Appy pill goes tomorrow!
My much happier Boy tonight.....


  1. Nothing to fear of those big horns my dear, big sis, except when you go to put the leadrope on him or get headbutted in the butt. Rowdy has actually turned into a very friendly goat. When we first got Rowdy and his brother Ralph they were very shy and you could not pet them at all. Now they come up to the gate to greet you before the horses and the other 2 goats, who use to be the first at the gate.
    And yes dear sis, I want my frogs back when you are done with them. I should have had you sign that contract! :)
    I also was very excited today to see your boy show improvement throughout the day. I couldn't wait to call you to tell you that he was doing much better.
    See you tomorrow!

  2. Goats are usually very loving and friendly animals. They start out shy till they get to know and trust you then they follow you around and love on you more than a puppy. Unless they are born poll all goats will grow horns. We disbud (burn the horn button) when our goats are around 2 weeks old. The ADGA that our Nubians are registered with recommend it and require it for showing. Thanks for visiting my blog! Hope your Horse is well now and enjoying playing with the frogs. :)

  3. That's a gorgeous Billy, but My Boy is amazing. I'm anxious to read what the vet says. God, he's handsome.

  4. That big appy pill is just one an absolutely gorgeous horse. Glad he seems to be doing better. I am betting it is some sort of allergy.

    Love the goat. He looks cool. Don't ya know you are supposed to grab him by the horns and stare into his eyes to let him know he does not scare you?
    LOL-just kidding!!

  5. Yeah those horns would have me running too!! I am getting a Boer goat next week, but it will be dehorned!! I am glad My Boy is doing better!!

  6. ah-ha. I tagged you. Come on over and give us a history lesson-on you-LOL.

  7. Glad he is doing better, looking forward to what the vet says.
    Poor frogs! I took Savannah's hermit crabs up to her classroom this year, poor things!
    Good looking goat! You are supposed to bite them on the ear!LOL! Just kidding!

  8. Did you find out what was wrong with him?

    I know that during this time of year Daisy-very quickly-get gnat flies in her ears, and she flips and twitches her head like crazy. I just put a fly mask with ears on it and put some Vasaline in her ears and they go away or die...but they really bug her when the mask isn't on and they make the insides of her ears bleed...

    My Boy is really pretty, btw! He's so handsome and speckled, and you take great pictures!


  9. Your boy is just soooo cute!! I can understand the fear of Rowdy, but he actually looks pretty cute in the pics!!

  10. I love Rowdy, we had a goat when I was little. His name was Sproat, yes Sproat the Goat. He ate the chrome off my Granny's caddy and he left. :(
    Cant wait to hear how the pill is feeling.
    BTW what kind of trees are int he back ground. I love the way the trunk looks. They are amazing.

  11. The big trees in the background are cedars. Which is interesting because I think it was their pollen count that was high the other day when My Boy was all itchy and irritated.
    Really? Goats don't gouge humans with their horns? Rowdy the goat does come at you, sometimes with his head down, he is mostly friendly but I always worry....I guess I need to spend more time getting to know him. But with my new goat handling advice (ear biting and grabbing him by the horns!) I should be fine should he decide to attack! ;)

  12. That is a beautiful horse. I hope he is feeling better.

  13. Those horns are quite useful for capturing and holding on actually. My angora goats all have large horns, good for scratching their backs.
    They do get pretty agressive with each other and the other goats we have, though. Sometimes I get worried.

    Rowdy does have some big horns, though. Hopefully he is a calm and not pushy goat.

    Those frogs are CUTE!

  14. I know Rowdy's horns look enormous, well, they are enormous, his brother has horns just a tad smaller and they curve out a little more than Rowdy's, but they are harmless. My other 2 goats Walter and Edgar are hornless, actually Walter is the only "real" hornless goat, Edgar had one horn when we got him 4 yrs ago and it was curved like a horseshoe almost and yes, a very good handle for when you needed to get a hold of him. But they are so friendly you don't need a horn handle. Edgar lost his horn in a headbutting fight with one of his goat buddies so he is now hornless. I keep my 4 goats with my 2 horses and they are all best friends. Especially Walter the Nubian goat and my Arab Brandy. They use to be boyfriend/girlfriend until the Boy came into the picture!

  15. One more thing...all my goats are harmless even the ones with the big horns! :) they just love humans, equines, felines! They are a little suspicious of canines. Especially the neighbors gigantic Rhodesian Ridgeback. But they just headbutt him and he falls on his side than gets up and has that look on his face like "what just happened?".


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