Sunday, May 18, 2008

Video Vignettes

The following series of short videos show several things: A very happy group of grazers. A silly My Boy thinking he's protecting his mares. And, a lesson in horse safety. Between My Boy's pasture and the mares' and goats' pasture is a small turnout that is gated on both ends. It is usually kept open as it is the route to the arena. Because the grass has grown up in there a bit, my sister will sometimes close it off and turn their horses out to graze. Saturday evening she decided to do this. My sister told me that their mares usually run with excitement when they are first let out. Of course, I had my camera, so decided I would film some video. My Boy did not get to go out with them, but he was on the other side of the fence from them, which is closer than he usually is. If you want to hear all the silly commentary, for which I apologize immensely in advance for, turn up your speaker volume. Also, dear sister, I apologize that your white legs are on these videos. I know that will not thrill you. But hey, they are nice, long, slim legs. You should be proud. Now, about that sunless tanner I was telling you about.....
Here is what happens when they are first turned out. Not too much of a fuss. Listen as my sister says, "I thought they'd run more than that."
NOTE: When I went back and watched the videos once I posted, I noticed they often "buffered" and cut in and out the first watch. Maybe it was my internet connection. It is so annoying when videos do that. Anyway, after they buffered their way through once, I found I could reclick on "Play" and they played straight through without a problem.

Here they go for a gallop to the other end of the turnout. I think Ralph the goat's life flashes before his eyes.

My Boy grazes alongside the fence, next to the goats. And Pony Girl shocks herself on the electric fence as she's videoing. Smart move, Pony Girl.

My sister is in the turnout taking pictures of her mares. My Boy decides to go for a roll in the dirt. A dog barks. My Boy jumps up in a flash and practices his bronc moves. My sister says, I thought mine were going to take off, too! Uh-Oh. Watch My Boy as he grazes in the corner. When he makes the turn and starts to trot, you can see it on his face and body language. The I'm about to explode into a frenzy look.

Well, as I said, it appears my horse is feeling better! My Boy blows and snorts and pretends he is a stallion. Look how proud he stands, tail flagged, protecting his herd.

My Boy is still not done with his antics. More bronc moves. I love watching my horse kick up and play at liberty like this.

And he's still not done! Goodness, what got into my horse last night? That joint supplement must really be working! I think the mares just want to graze in peace. Sis, what are we whispering about on this video?

No goats, horses, or people were harmed during this exciting evening romp. However, it goes without saying that next time we do this, we will all be safely filming and taking pictures from the other side of the fence. Oh wait, I was on the other side of the fence! But really, that is only because I am afraid of those goat horns!


  1. All very cute to watch. Look out for the electric fence next time, ouch, I hate when that happens.

  2. What an exciting day! My Boy does a fantastic job of protecting the herd. :-)

  3. Wow what a bunch of sillies!!! Did you get your trail ride in? Stop by 20 meter and check out Tonks new saddle, you will appreciate it in all it cowboyness

  4. Cool videos! Sorry you got zapped! At least you know the fence is working.

  5. Your commentary is so funny!! I love it!! LOL! I love that last video where he looks like a jack rabbit!! LOL!! He sure looks like he loves his ladies to be close to him. It's so neat that you and your sister can have horses together! And holy cow those goats are Huge!! Is Joe going to get that big? I can't imagine it!! And I too am terrified of horns!! I don't blame you!

  6. Andrea, two of those goats are pretty big (the nubian and the alpine.) The lamanchas (the ones with the horns!) are shorter. I know, I can't believe my 14 yr. old ex-reiner still has the hocks to get him up in the air like that! Heavens to betsy he ever tries to do that while I'm on him, lol!
    Yes, I love having my horse at my sister's. She has a trailer too, so she can haul us to great trails.

  7. Ah Ha Sis! Now I know the real reason you really wanted to keep your boy here! The horse trailer! I knew it, I knew it, I knew it! It sure wouldn't be the same without it though. We at least have alot of places to ride here in my neighborhood but it is fun to get them out on the trails. I actually think my horses handle the "outside" trails better than the ones here at home.
    And yes I will remember to stand on the OTHER side of the fence when I turn my horses out! The last thing I need is another body part getting injured from horses.

  8. Great videos, enjoyed them all! I just love to watch them romp and play! I have watched our horses more hours than I can count! And taken more pictures too! Thanks for sharing them with us! BTW-Electric fences shocks us as well as animals! LOL! Ouch!

  9. I always pack a PBJ in my saddlebags for lunch! Its my favorite.

  10. I need to find a way to prevent the PBJ from getting too mushy! It got smashed by my water bottle. Actually, I need to get horn bags. I threw it in my cantle bag, which is all I have right now, and everything rolls from one side to the other. I need, I much horsey stuff! ;)

  11. AWESOME!!!!!

    All the videos were fun and exciting! I love watching My Boy doing the bronc moves. I told you before that he has some amazingly powerful strength in that huge muscular butt of his! Wow!

    Are you sure his gelding 'took'??? He sure acts and looks like a proud, exciting stallion. Cool!

    And get your crazy sis oput of that turn-out! Yikes. I kept waiting for that moment when she (or even the goats) would get ran down. It seemed that the mares were mostly unimpressed with My Boy's antics, though. That yummy grass was more important. hehe


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