Tuesday, May 13, 2008

What's In Your Grooming Tote?

Have you ever see those features in fashion magazines where they ask a movie star what is in their makeup bag? I used to read a lot of those magazines before Western Horseman and The Appaloosa Journal took over my life. Last week I thought it would be fun to go through my day-to-day grooming tote and analyze what I have in there. As you can see, my grooming tote is purple. Nope, My Boy is not thrilled about this. This is what he thinks of the purple bag:

My sister got one of these cool grooming bags in hot pink. But she has two mares, so hot pink was acceptable. They did not have a "geldmanly" color. So I chose the purple. My Boy is still pouting about it. Regardless, I love this bag because it hangs on my shoulder like tote and leaves me hands-free so that I can also carry my lounge line, bridle, or whatever. It has a lot of cool pockets and surprisingly holds a lot of items. I pulled them out one by one and took pictures. First up are my grooming brushes. These are the typical kind you would find at your local farmers co-op. One has medium-firm bristles, the other has soft bristles.

This is my rubber grooming mitt. This works well in the spring when My Boy is shedding. I think he really enjoys it. It is gentler than a curry comb and gives him a nice massage. It does a good job with shedding hair, it just falls off of the mitt in one big clump when it gets full.

Typical hoof pick. I do not know why I chose the one with the silly plastic horse head. But I like the brush on the end. I use that to scrape mud off the outside and inside of My Boy's hooves. Because we have a lot of mud around these parts. Comes with the territory. Of living in a swamp!

I do not comb out My Boy's mane or tail on a daily basis. I think combing breaks and pulls out the hairs. Instead, I spray some of this conditioner on it and let it sit while I groom him. Then I go back with the stiff brush and brush gently through it. I really only comb out his tail after it's had a proper shampoo and condition.

I would be lost without fly spray for My Boy! I tried using less expensive products but discovered that you get what you pay for. This is about the most expensive stuff on the shelf, but it works good. I need something that stays on, since My Boy is a pasture horse and can get caught in a rain shower or roll in the dirt (mud.)

I really only use scissors to trim My Boy's tail. I use clippers for everything else.

This is actually my sister's but it ended up in my grooming bag. Sorry sis, I'll put it back. It's a thick salve that is good for minor cuts and scrapes.

This is a locally made generic version of some old-timer natural wound spray. I have not used it much. But that is a good thing!

Gotta have rolls of cohesive bandages laying around. You never know when one of those will come in handy!

I have not used these eye and muzzle wipes yet. My mom had a box of them and gave me a couple of samples to try.

What tack bag would be complete without an old rag? I cut up old cotton t-shirts or use old washcloths. Who knows what this was last used for! Goodness, it looks like it needs a wash!

Now, here are the items that are really for Pony Girl! I got this trial size sunscreen with insect repellent at the local drugstore. I need to put one in my cantle bag, as well. You never know when you might need to rub a little on your nose, ears, or shoulders. I have used it on My Boy's nose, too!

I got these wipes at the dollar store. I usually wear gloves around my horse. But if I get really dirty hands, then I will use these to clean up.

My nose is always running! Gotta have Kleenex. I get these little Kleenex packets as gifts from friends all of the time. They work perfect to tuck into my cantle bag, too.

I never go anywhere without an energy bar. When working with My Boy, I tend to lose track of time and find myself in need of a little energy boost. I keep one of these in my cantle bag, too!

I am embarrassed to admit that I have even more horsey lotions and potions and grooming odds and ends in a big bin in the garage. But these are the day-to-day grooming items I want at my fingertips. I am a bit of a product junkie. Oh goodness, you should see my bathroom!!

What do you keep in your grooming tote? Anything particularly handy or dandy that you would like to share or recommend?


  1. Hey Sis! The Mane 'n Tail detangler looks awfully familiar to me too! I have a few of these sample sizes on my shelf in the garage along with that vetwrap. Hmmm...wonder where you got yours? :) I swear by this detangler. It works better than anything else I have used and I have tried many products. My Paint has a very long mane and if I don't keep it detangled she will end up with dreads! My Arab has a really thick mane that won't grow past a certain point but her tail is thick and long. I absolutely could not live without this detangler! Unfortunately you can't find the big bottles of this amazing detangler around these parts anymore, only the sample sizes. I will have to order more out of a catalog.
    I have the same things you do but probably alot more of said items. I keep stuff in my horse trailer as well as in my grooming tote and extra's in my "makeshift" tackroom, the garage!
    I absolutely love my cordless clippers that my boyfriend got me for Christmas a year ago. They are one of the most expensive ones you can buy and they are very handy since I don't need an electrical outlet (I don't have a barn, YET!) and they make clipping very easy for me and my horses (they are super quiet).
    So when are you going to do a post on excessive shopping of bridles, saddles, saddle pads, halters etc?
    I have 2 horses and 4 saddles, approx. 6 halters and leads, 8 or so saddle pads and I have totally lost count of cinches, off billets, reins, bridles and so on. Do I need help?

  2. Woohoo! A chance to share favorite products with people who might actually be interested! Non-horsekeepers just don't understand the value we place on such things.

    Some of the favorite things in my grooming caddy:
    1. Oster grooming tools - these are very well designed and well made. My set is blue/grey but they've come out with a set in pink/grey, too.
    2. Cowboy Magic - a little dab'll do ya. I use it on the horses' manes and tails on "spa day."
    3. Weight tape - I'm obsessed with keeping my boys healthy and monitoring their weights is part of that.
    4. Roll-on fly repellent - I call it eye deodorant - that's exactly what it looks like. But it keeps the nasty face flies away from the boys' eyes without having to use fly masks all the time.
    5. Curved squeegee - great for removing the water when I hose them off after a hot summer ride.

  3. 7msn: I have a curved squeegee too, it's hot pink (my boy loves that!) works great after a bath. Need to get a weigh tape...good idea. I'm going to recommend that roll-on fly repellent to my mom for her gelding...he is terrified of fly spray! She has to spray it on a brush first which works okay, but much of the product is probably lost that way. Thanks for the tips!!

  4. I don't have a horse, but Jack (the donkey) could use a few of those things. We do have the fly powders and sprays, but Jack likes the powder best. The hoof picks and trimmers. He is such a country boy and I believe he thinks he is a cow most of the time( he loves Belle the Jersey).
    I enjoyed seeing all your things from the bag.
    Have a good day!

  5. Oh let's see where to start!
    My grooming bucket:
    *MTG (Mane, Tail Growth)
    *regular comb, curry comb
    *regular hair brush (works great on manes and tails)
    *Multiple horse brushes
    *hoof pick
    *Rubber bands (I buy them in the ethnic section-work better than any I have found!!)
    *Oster clippers
    *Fly spray
    *Laser Sheen
    *water hose sprayer
    *rubber grooming glove
    *Shedding comb
    *pink squeege
    *T-gel shampoo, cowboy magic shampoo and a conditioner.

    There is probably more that I am forgetting. I also have extra items in the barn and a closet in the house! I have horse things everywhere!
    Oh my, do not get me started on tack! We have it everywhere as well! I keep 2 halters in the house and a feed bucket at all times right inside our front door. I started it so I wouldn't have to go all the way to the barn and then catch the horses. But it has come in handy when someone's horses are out, I can grab them and go!

    Thanks for sharing your grooming bucket with us! There are certain items that you will discover and keep in your bucket from now on!

  6. Let's see... what do I have in my kit...

    Soft rubber curry
    Stiff, small sized brush
    Soft brush
    Hoof Pick(s)
    Hoof Knife
    pine tar
    Absorbine rub
    Mosquito Halt (only thing that works round here...)
    detangler of some sort
    spare halters and leads EVERYWHERE

    Sold most of my tack when my Appy got O-L-D. I didnt use it, and it was in the way. Kept a few headstalls, bits, saddle pads etc... Am now working on restocking...hehehe.... OOooo the joys of horsey shopping! LOL

  7. Gotta throw in the DQ side of things:
    *Peanut Brush for face
    *Lavendar towelettes for me and *the Booster
    *Cowboy Magic
    *2 hoof picks
    *Hoof Brush
    *Stiff Body Brush
    *Soft Body Brush
    *Lip Balm
    *Green Spot Remover
    *Pulling Comb
    *Hoof flex
    *Fly spray
    *War paint for around eyes
    *Mini Clippers
    *Bandage scissors
    *Regular scissors
    *Thrush Buster
    *Tea Tree Spray
    * Equis-sagger
    * anti biotic cream

    Whew no wonder my tote is so heavy!!
    Now when I show my ring side tote holds:
    bottled water
    sugar cubes
    flick brush
    Damp towel
    Dry Towel

    I wonder if Kate Spade makes a tote?
    I like yours

    You can buy the large size detangler at WILCO farm supply. There are located from Canby South and they have a website, Possibly Coastal Farm and Ranch would have it as well.

  8. Oh, I just love the lavender towlettes! ;) And I'll have to try Cowboy Magic, it seems to have rave reviews. One other thing I keep on me, usually in my fanny pack though, is Excedrin. The only thing that busts those tough migraines for me! Love hearing all these ideas!

  9. Who knew that it took so many items to make a horse look fabulous!!??

  10. My grooming bag is purple too!! I have the same two brushes. I love my soft brush with horse hair. I treasure it. And I too have a curry mit. I have a thin skinned TB that needs it. I have a hoof pick with a brush, but it's hot pink, I got it at a hot pink sale. Then I have two bags of bands, one is white and one is black. I have cowboy magic detangler, a bottle of cholestoral (sp?) I use that for detangling too. I have a stud chain, I never use it, but I had it for school to do showmanship. It's still in there five years later, LOL!! And I have a face curry comb. It's small black and really soft. I love it. And it's okay to have lots of grooming supplies. I have an old blue plastic grooming box that has hoof oil, Peppy Spray, white chald, horse spray paint, face glow, and a round box with clibber blades, yarn for braiding, and other things for shows that I never use anymore. What a fun post, I may have to do this one too!!

  11. Gee-I have to think-I pretty much have everything in triplicate. One set for the barn, one set for the trailer and one set that stays in the pickup.

    Hoof picks-I like the metal ones because I find the other one's bend out of shape.
    Hoof Knives-shame on me-these usually double as a cutting tool.
    Stiff and soft brushes
    Curry combs
    Rubber hand currys-those little ones that work great on the face or for deep cleaning.
    Hoof nippers and rasp-alas I only have one hoof stand, so my knee usually doubles as the hoof stand.
    Sunscreen-Megan's paint has a pink nose and he burns like a white person(LOL)if we don't keep it protected.
    Swat-that pink war paint stuff.
    Frank Lamphley's White Lightening-it is for colic or trauma. 100% natural and boy does it work!!
    Frank Lamphley's External Rub-another natural product that works wonders on stiff muscles or as a disinfectant on cuts/sores.
    Scissors-I can show clip a horse with scissors if I have to ;)
    A rope halter and lead-always handy.

    Thats just the everyday stuff-we won't go into the "lets get ready to show" bag of tricks-LMAO.

  12. What a fun post to read and learn what others keep in their horsie tote bag.

    I like your purple bag. My son's favorite color is purple which is grat because the Colorado Rockies Baseball team color is purple. It's a cool color. Tell My Boy it's not girlie....maybe lavender...but not purple!

    Funny that you've got that hoof pick in there, because I almost bought the same one, but thought someone might laugh at me for buying it because of the funny horse head. But I actually liked it! It's nice to see that I'm not alone. And the brush end is great.


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