Saturday, February 14, 2009

The Valentine Boy Revealed!

Oh goodness! I am going to have WAY too much fun with ya'll on April Fool's Day! (Except for the smarty pants out there, I couldn't fool you guys!)

Of course, the BOY I spent Valentine's with was.....


There was only one BOY I was whispering sweet nothings in his ear to....

Only one BOY I was showing off my boots to....

Only one BOY I was giving all my hugs......

And kisses......

Only one BOY I made wear my pink scarf around his neck....only your true love would do something as ridiculous as this for you!

I know, you're probably thinking, how sad that I didn't have a real Valentine. I bet my Copper Pony's Cowgirl was already picking out names for her future grandchildren!

She should have guessed I didn't have a real date because I just had a talk with her about this the other night.

I was telling her that the expectation of having to be "dating someone" is really getting to me. Who says a person is not complete or happy unless they are attached?

Yes, it would have been nice to have a date on V-Day, but that is also just too much pressure! It's just another day.

No, my Boy didn't give me diamonds or a back rub or take me out for Italian and vino. Instead, he gave me......

Three hours of horsey happiness!

And that was good enough for me!

Happy Valentine's Day to you and yours from me and MY SPOTTED ONE!

I'm headed back to the Painted Creek tomorrow to spend the rest of the 3-day weekend with my BOY, can't wait to show you what we've been working on!

And Paint Girl and I are going on a thrift shop quest for horsey and western goods.

Thanks Paint Girl, for taking these pictures of us.

And thanks to the best BOY ever for being such a good sport!



  1. Since I knew all along who you were spending Valentine's with I didn't comment cuz I didn't want to give it all away! You will some day find that special someone (other than your boy) to spend V-day with! Hopefully soon!

  2. Ha ha ha! You had me going... I agree with you too, though I am married, there is nothing wrong with being single. ;) Glad you enjoyed your day with Your Boy.

  3. Hee hee........I had a feeling!! I spent the day with my horsey valentine as well and I was perfectly content!

  4. I knew you would never cheat on MY BOY. :)

  5. Ahh the love of a good horse.. can't go wrong there. When you find that special someone and you will I hope you still spend Valetines with your "best guy" And your special someone will understand .
    There should be no presssure to find someone,
    but somehow there always is . You sound pretty grounded and happy with yourself. It will come in its own time

  6. Well the fact that you SAID you had a date with a boy gave it away! You would NEVER tell us before the that... would be presure. I am in total agreement with you. You are doing what you love to do and if you keep doing it your way, you will THEN find that someone to do it with. If you change to find someone, you have to give up "yourself". You are absoultely a catch for any guy, oops COWBOY out there. Just keep your rope handy in case he "BOLTS"!

  7. You are just too darn tricky! But since you're usually such a sweet little cowgal, your cousin will still have a passel of loveleigh cookies waitin for ya when you arrive.

  8. Okay Pony Girl, It's not nice to fool your mom!
    Great pictures. Glad you had such a great day doing what you love!


  9. Ah - great pictures! You and your boy look good together! I'm wary of your posts now for April fool's - you won't catch me! lol

    Hope you guys get some good finds on your shopping trip.

  10. Oh, ya got me! And you have my approval on your choice of men, Let's face it, sometimes pony boys are a whole lot less problematic than human ones.

  11. Oh Pony Girl! Glad you had a great Valentine's Day!

  12. I was totally duped, but hey he looks like the perfect guy to me! Tall, speckled, and handsome! Love all the pictures, they are really great, especially the one of your Boy wearing your scarf. He looks so excited about it

  13. What a lovely Valentines day you had! That is MY Idea of Valentines too. You have a perfect guy!

  14. Perfect way to spend Valentine's Day. Great photos

  15. {Desert Rose}~ You are so right! Don't blow my cover! As you know, I'm so good at changing the subject, diverting the topic, throwing you all off base....I'm the type to keep my cowboy a secret and just show up to the family reunion with him announcing our engagement! ;) Besides, the surest way to send a cowboy runnin' for the hills is to write him up and blast photos of him all over my blog, LOL! At least My Boy doesn't have to sign a waiver! And don't worry- I've got my rope, wink, wink!

  16. You two make such a beautiful couple. He looks like he's madly in love.

  17. Hah!!! I love it!! I spent Valentines Day on my pony's back too...well at least four hours of it anyway. :)

    Now I am stuck at home with a chicken pox infested little one. :(
    Glad you had a great day with your Boy!!

  18. Looked like the Most Perfect Valentines Day imaginable! I had one similar- my own little heart throb's name is Desi!

    And didn't the Cowgirls always kiss the horse in those old western movies?

  19. Just stopping by to wish you a very belated Valentine's Day. I hope your weekend was filled with lots of sugary blessings. Thanks for visiting my blog and for the sweet comment. I hope to see you again.

  20. What a wonderful Valentine's date! I'm glad you enjoyed it!

  21. Dear Pony Girl,

    I knew it all along! My Boy!

    Great pictures... glad you had a wonderful time with him, he deserves it don'tcha think?

    The advice given above is right on: Be yourself... you are bright, intelligent, out-going, did I mention blond and beautiful? When you least expect it, your "Marlboro Man"/"Gus McCrae" will show up in your life. I can't believe he hasn't shown up yet...

    Happy Trails,
    Mike the Garlic Man
    Jack County Gourmet Garlic
    Circle P Farm and Ranch

  22. Ah, boys! Am quite sure they are lining up and waiting for your attention, you gorgeous thing!

    Let me tell you, when your Mr Right comes along (the human version that is) it will be totally worth the wait. Mine was. Don't be in a hurry, honey. Waitings kinda fun too!!

    Love your 'boy'

  23. Looks like you are truly in love! I agree with the above two comments, don't look for love, it will find you when you least expect it!


  24. You are too funny!! I love it!! And i love the look on Your Boy's face when you put that pink scarf on him!! LOL!! I am glad you got some Pony Lovin time!! That is the best time!! And boys? Who needs 'em?

  25. I should have known! Glad you had such a great time with the best boy in your life!

  26. Aaawww! What a champ, MY BOY is and he loves you!

  27. That looked like the perfect Valentine's Day to me! I'd be willing to bet you had a better Valentine's Day than most of the "attached" women out there!

  28. LOL you stinker! We should have known it was My Boy you had a date with! What a guy!!! Although in the one picture I don't think he likes the "pink" scarf....he's sayin' "Hey, this is a girl color...I want RED!"
    Love the pictures!!!

  29. I think you had the perfect date!!! Very cute post Pony Girl~~

  30. What a fantastic way to spend your Valentine's Day! These are some of my favorite pictures of you and my boy so far. The two of you are perfect for each other!

  31. {Horse Dreams}~ Thanks, cuz! You realize the pressure is on for you to start a blog now, don't you!? ;)


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