Monday, February 23, 2009

A Scaredy Cat, A Squirrel, and A Lost Shoe!

The last few days of my visit at my folks' place was fun.

One afternoon while I was in the guest room at my laptop, reading blogs, Bogey the cat wandered in. He is not usually allowed in the guest room, but I let him hang out with me.

He made himself at home on the bed. He stretched out his legs and began to knead his claws on the faux fur throw. He was really workin' it here!

Then he heard the neighbor's dog barking, and perked up on high alert.

Then he ran out of the room in the flash of his tail!

That afternoon it was sunny, so my cousin T and I took her niece the "Pink Pirate Princess" for a bike ride. I took Rosie the dog along as she just loves to go for walks.

She spotted a squirrel in this tree. She even leaped several feet up the tree with all four legs a few times.....I thought she was about to start climbing!

Friday night, my mom, my aunt, her grand-daughter, and I went to the barn. I was their photographer using their cameras, so all of my pics will end up on their blogs! My mom rode her gelding Dusty and my auntie Cowgirl's Grace rode the Arabian gelding she leases, Albert. My mom showed me how she is working Dusty on leg yields at a trot, and my auntie showed me Albert's perfect slow western pleasure jog.

I was sad to leave. But it was time to head home and see my own spotted stinker!

But when I brought him out, this is what I discovered!

My stinker had lost a shoe! He has never done that. The farrier was booked for the day (at least what was left of the daylight, and we don't have outdoor lights) so we had to reschedule.

Since I couldn't work him on that tender hoof, My Boy got hand walked on the soft grass.....then got to eat some of it! He's doing a good job of keeping the back lawn mowed at the Painted Creek these days. Earning his keep, I guess.

After I put him away, I searched high and low for that dang lost shoe! Goodness, for over half an hour. I figured it got sucked out of a soft hoof (due to our recent warm and wet weather) and ended up somewhere in the muddy lower part of My Boy's pasture.

However, I could not find that steel puppy anywhere! Perhaps it got buried back over. I will check again next time. Oh well, at least I picked rocks as I went. I can't wait to get out there with the wheelbarrow once things dry up and pick up the rest of the rocks the winter mud has drudged up. I just hope my boy does not step on a nail from that shoe....all I need is for him to get a hoof abscess!

Was my shoe in here, Pony Girl?

It was a busy and fun week with family, horses, cats, dogs, and shopping!


  1. Glad you had a good visit with your family. Bogey cat is a beauty! Sorry My Boy lost his shoe, in the last picture, he looks so apologetic.


  2. Yes,we had lots of fun PG. Like Rosie, I am always sad to see you leave!!!


  3. It looks like you had a good visit. You're lucky your boy has not lost a shoe before! My mare used to lose hers exactly 2 weeks before the farrier's visit every time but we found a different farrier and she has not lost them once! Yea! New farrier said the old one just plum gave up on her hooves! They look better than ever now. She even moves better at a lope. Did you find anything new on your shopping trips? Bogey has such pretty eyes and Rosie is quite a nice looking her hankie!

  4. looks like you had a fun weekend! I need one of those one of these days! Enough working! And I hope that pesky shoe turns up before your boy finds it himself!

  5. Ah lost shoes... they always seem to happen at the most inopportune times!

  6. {Blue Eyed Tango}~ Interesting about the shoes! I wonder what specifically it was about your previous farrier's care that would have prevented them from staying on? I think My Boy's hooves are just soft and the ground is pretty muddy in some areas, acts like a "suction cup", at least I hope that is the case and it doesn't start happening more often! ;)

  7. Oh Ya...Jesse lost a shoe last week on his ride with the Bossman. The Bossman tried to find it in the desert wash cause Jesse's shoes are $50 EACH!!! But shoe!
    Glad you had a great family visit!

  8. You alwys take the best pictures! Miss you already!

  9. Your boy can eat as much of my lawn as he wants! Less mowing for me to do! Maybe it'll only take me an hour and a half instead of 2 hours to mow!
    If it's not raining tomorrow I'll go out to see if I can locate that lost shoe.

  10. Wow....what a beautiful cat...those eyes! I hope you find the missing shoe....and Rosie's a great name for a dog ;o) Looks like you had the perfect trip!
    Slobbers xx

  11. Congratulations! I have chosen to honor your blog with the

    How Did This Happen? – The Scrap Award

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  12. Sounds like a fab weekend! Surely that shoe will turn up.

  13. What cute animals, and what a fun post to read.


  14. Pony Girl--I'm so glad you changed the format of comments! I've been trying to post and can't get through!!

    I've never been able to find a thrown shoe either. I think they go to the same place socks do!

  15. {Linda}~ I'm glad you were able to get through! It's a widespread Blogger issue. I guess they are working on it, but I just removed comment verification for now! :)

  16. How cool to spend time with family and animals! Love the cat....and the dog is too cute with the pink kerchief. Our Zora could not keep her front shoes on -- she has a very long stride, and kept knocking one or the other off with her back hoof. Being so close to Lake Michigan our ground is mostly sand or nice farming soil, we also rarely go on roads, so we just leave our Girls unshod.

  17. Fun. Sounds like a great visit. It also sounds like your "Boy" was partying while you were away. lol Running around kicking up his heels, I mean his front hooves.

  18. Um Hello? were you not going to mention your Birthday?? Good thing your mom has a blog. he he Happy Birthday PG! Hope you get all you want for your big day! BTW You were such a cute kiddo!

  19. Looks like you had a lot of fun there! Bogey is so cute as well as Rosie the dog!

    I really enjoyed my stay in your blog, be right back for more reading! Just followed your blog by the way..


  20. It's lots of fun to get extra time to visit with you now that your parents live so close. Just one little blessing in their recent move.Thanks for your Blogger tips Pony Girl Cuz. Love ya!


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