Friday, February 20, 2009

Thrift Store Treasures

Anyone that knows me well knows that I love a good bargain. I think I learned this from my thrifty family. We like antiques, we like vintage things that have some character.

On Monday Paint Girl and I intended to do some thrift shopping, but because she was sick we postponed it for another day.

On my way home from the Painted Creek, I stopped in a local thrift shop. I did not find much, but I did spot this small wool blanket.

It has a roadrunner on it and I just love the color scheme- taupe, rich orange, browns, and red. Very earthy, like the colors of a desert sunset.

It was touted as a "wall hanging." Of course to me, it screamed saddle pad!

I carried it around trying to decide if I thought it might work as a saddle blanket. I finally asked the lady at the front counter if I could borrow a measuring tape. It's 30x36 so should be fine, it just can't be doubled and I will have to have a liner under it, of course.

The woman at the counter said it was a nice one, and tightly woven. Oh goodness, the poor thing would have had a coronary if she knew I was buying it to put on my hairy, little spotted horse!

Unfortunately, you won't be able to see the cool bird under the saddle. However, I do think these colors will look fabulous on my pony. I will give it a try this coming weekend and if it doesn't work.....well, I can always hang it on my wall!

My cousin and I, shopping in our comfy Twisted X boots!

Today, my cousin, Auntie "Cowgirl's Grace", my mom, and I hit the pavement in search of antique store treasures.

This saddle seat saddle was $150. I thought how fun, Paint Girl could ride that half-Arab of hers a little country pleasure!

I was on the search for vintage boots. Found these beat-up ones, bummer they weren't my size.

I love, love, love this kind of dishware. It has slipped my mind what you officially call this metal ware. Help me out! It's very rustic and ranch campy. I love the blue. It's not cheap, though!

You might remember my obsession with roses in blue green mason jars. This shop had quite the collection!

My Auntie found me this belt and I bought it for $14. It's tooled leather. I wouldn't wear it with jeans like this (it won't fit through belt loops, anyway) I am just modeling it. In fact, oh goodness, I might be wearing it upside down!?

I envision it over a tank top and a flowy skirt this summer. What I like about funky finds like this is that they are unique and nobody else will have one like it!

The back of the belt.

And these little crocheted cowboy booties were too adorable to pass up for a friend's baby shower gift. Her hubby is from Wyoming, they are having a little boy doing a vintage cowboy themed nursery. Before I leave town I'm going to show them to my grandmother, I imagine she could crochet or knit a pair of these fairly easily. If not, I may have to keep them for my own future 'lil cowpoke!

My mom laughed and tried to straighten up this guy's head for my picture but he insisted on laying sideways (maybe he had a headache?) Someday, I'd like to have a trophy head (is that what they're called?) in my house. Just one. Too many more than that and I get a little weirded out.

And for an early birthday present, I did buy myself this- a chunky cross necklace!

This one is great because the cross can easily be removed and put on a different chain or leather cord, so it is very versatile.

Last but not least, a little zebra. Of course! This little stool was actually topped in real zebra hide. I'd almost prefer faux, just in case it was obtained in a manner that involved poaching. But it was adorable! It didn't come home with me this time.

It was a whirlwind day, but fantastic fun. Besides, in a good pair of boots, I could shop all day!

What has been one of your favorite thrift/antique store finds?


  1. Ha! I was thinking saddle blanket as well...but yeah, the cool road runner would be completely covered up.

    You found some cool stuff. I love thrift shops. I could live in one. All that cool old (and odd) stuff...they'd never find me.

    Oh, hey...I was at the vet the other day and there was a trophy on one of the walls. It was a two headed calf! That's the kind of trophy head I want!!

  2. How fun that you get to spend time with your mom and your auntie. Are you on mid-winter break??
    I also just realized that your other aunt has a blog now too!! Watch out bloggers!!! The Pony Cousin's are taking!!!

    I LOVE to go to thrift, antique, and "junk" stores too, because you never know what you might find. My favorite discovery (and purchase!) is an old set of antique, horse, teacups. They are just the cutest things ever! :)

  3. {Melanie}~ It's pretty funny to see us enter a store. Because we are all kind of looking for similar things (horsey, western....) we split up in different directions and start perusing. Who is going to find the horse treasure first? Luckily, it worked well and nobody found anything that somebody else coveted, we all just found things that spoke to us individually. That is the fun in thrift!

  4. I also love the blue mason jars. I have made oil lamps out of a couple. You can get the base cap with wick at super walmart or online at Lehmanns. I also got chimneys from Lehmanns. I look for old chimneys when I'm out browsing, too. They give off such a pretty glow. Plus useful when power is out. love your blog!

  5. I want the stool. STAT.

    I want the belt too. OMG. Where do you find such fabulousness? Honestly, I must be in the wrong place... Ok the middle of nowhere SD is probably not the best place to go find these sorts of treasures! I love your finds. Where can I order the stool?

  6. Hi PG,

    Those dishes are called Granitewear. The heavily mottled pieces can be really pricey. I like them too.

    That thrift store you were in looks more like an antique store! You're lucky because where I live the thrift stores tend to be kinda junky and it's hard to find good things so I usually stick to the antique co-ops.

    I once found a brand new, solid sterling, 3 piece Vogt 1 1/2" buckle set in a local shop for 40.00! I've found all kinds of neat stuff over the years.

    I've had to curtail my buying a bit lately though cause the house is full, lol!

  7. Very cool finds! I LOVE LOVE LOVE thrift store shopping. My entire house is decorated with great finds. And OH -- the belt is awesome...I actually thought, wow, that would be fab turned into a cowgirl cuff! :)

  8. {Appygal}~ You're right, most of those stores were "antique" stores, not thrift! ;) I did get the saddle blanket at a thrift shop benefiting visiting nurses. Sometimes they seem to be a combination of both. And some of the antique stores have new things too.

  9. Great finds again PG! I like antiques too. My favorite find at a thrift store was a pair of Double HH boots! We don't have a lot of western wear here in Heartland so I was thrilled.

  10. How fun! Next time you go thrifting give me a call! LOL, too much fun! I would have bought all of those blue mason cars for sure, and love that saddle!

    Sounds like you had a fabulous time!

  11. Wow, what a fun day!! and some great finds. thanks for sharing them with us.

  12. Wow you had some great finds and looks like you have an even better time! I unfortunately don't have a lot of time for shopping or a lot of money for it either. So I haven't had the kind of luck you have. Maybe one of these days i'll be able to get out of work or off the farm to spend some time just for me! I love how the back of that belt looks like the back of a pair of chaps.

  13. {Natarojo}~ You know what, I realized you are right, the back of that belt DOES look like the back (yoke) of a pair of chinks! Maybe I ought to have someone make me a pair of chinks onto that belt....hmmm....

  14. Oh what fun - I love going to junk stores and searching for treasures!

  15. Hay cousin Pony Girl, Shopping was a blast. Good thing we didn't find anything to fight over! I actually came away with absolutely nothing yesterday! I'm still on the hunt for some sort of nightstand though. I may have to wait until garage sale season comes around. It was great seeing you!

  16. Nice Trip, so I'll take the cross necklace, the mason jars.... oh and the Zebra stool! Sounds like you all had a great time.


  17. Looks like a productive shopping spree

  18. Cool blanket and I love the necklace! I used to go to antique and thrift stores a lot but then it seemed like the horsy/cowboy stuff got really popular and hard to find and a lot more expensive. I'm hoping to take a road trip this summer and find some out-of-the-way places that might still hold some undiscovered treasures.

  19. I just love a good thrifty find! Awesome blanket, and can't wait till you debut it on your horse.

    The little cowboy boots, well that is an Annie's Attic pattern, and I have made a pair just like these. There is a book with several shoe/bootie patterns, for children and one for adults! They are cute!

  20. {Mrs. Cravitz}~ Thanks for the bootie tip, I will pass it along to my grandma! :) She is amazing at crocheting and knitting.

  21. Oh....if I had been there I would have gotten all the good stuff 1st and there would be NOTHING left for any of the PONY COUSINS! I do have a "trophy" rack hanging in My PNW house now, remind me and I will post is for you soon. Off to bed, 5:30am wake up call to hit the trail with PC B. Gonna take her on a BIG RIDE!

  22. Oh, I am so sad about that necklace! I really wanted one.
    Yes I would love to ride my little half Arab country pleasure! That would be fun. I'll just borrow my trainers and maybe she can give me some lessons some day!
    Love all the cool stuff. We will soon be shopping around here for some fun stuff!

  23. I might need to steal that belt if I can ever loose about 20lbs. back from you some day! love auntie

  24. What fun! I need to take some pointers from you and your fam on thrift shopping. I never find any good stuff like that!

    And down here, we call those dishes Enamelware. Love em! Have a great weekend!

  25. What a GREAT thrift store!! Love the spatterware, mason jars, boots, and that stool. I can't believe you didn't scarf up that stool immediately!! On the one hand, I wish I could find a great thrift store like that, but I also don't need ANYTHING. I'm really trying to simplify and de-clutter, getting rid of stuff that I don't absolutely love.

  26. Great finds! I've come to learn you never know what your'e going to find at thrift stores, Goodwill, garage sales, etc. I always keep my eyes open!

    I love the belt!

  27. There is nothing like shopping with Pony Cousins!

  28. Oh goodness! I love this post! I love all things thrift, but must restrain myself constantly.
    Don't even know where to start with your finds! That belt is FABULOUS!! Love the dishware too, and that zebra stool... sigh.. I would have had to have that. Love that necklace too, oooo that is purty!! I would have bought that too.
    You're making me all crazy wanting to go to thrift stores RIGHT NOW, lol.
    I guess my best find has been a leather belt with a bunch of silver. Retails about $100+, I got it for $10!!! I wear it almost daily, it's all broke in now and I just LOVE LOVE LOVE it. Not to mention it's so perfect if I have to catch a loose critter, I whip it off and use it as a leash, lol. I'm more than a little crazy about that belt.

  29. Thrift stores are the way to go right now with the situation we are in. I used to go ot antique stores with my sister-in-law and I just loved it. Bought some cool stuff along the way. It has been a long time since I have been to an antique or thrift store....I may just have to go again!!! You have inspired me.

  30. PC- Cool stuff! The plates are called Granite ware. It is collectable, and also comes in green and red!
    The belt looks like a buckaroo belt. A lot of the old tyme cowgirls wore them when they rode broncs. I've been looking for one, and the new ones are WAY expensive!
    The Mason jars have been exposed to light- they began life as clear. The blue and sometimes amathyst color comes from being exposed to light- it turns them into pretty objects! Also happens to doorknobs of glass and bottles.
    All of our junk stores around here are so expensive- I'd like to shop with you guys!

  31. woo hoo.. looks like a serious haul you had:) jackpot! Best find that i found over the years was a set of wedgewood dishes... LOVE that stuff

    gp in montana who got kinda her own haul today ... 4 ribbons in 4 classes we showed intoday

  32. {Vaquero Girl}~ Great tips! I will have to research the buckaroo belt history. It is really tiny. As you can tell from the worn line on the buckle, I didn't even have it on the last hole and I am a 26" waist (although I wore it lower on my hips.) It has no brand name, tag, or size stamp. I just noticed while inspecting it again that near the buckle, it appears to be missing some Chicago screws so I will replace those. It does appear to be handmade.

    {Manker}~ Congrats on the ribbons! ;)

  33. wow, ponygirl. Wonderful finds on your shopping outing. Fun stuff. That necklace is fabulous!! :o)
    Seeing the photo of you and cousin's boots, did you ever find out from your "skull boots" cousin what brand her boots are? I'm still dying to know. Love her boots!!
    Anyone know the difference between graniteware and enamelware? Is enamelware the cheaper stuff? Curious as to what difference is.
    Glad you had such a fun outing. Congrat's on all of the great finds!!

  34. {Hi Mickey C.}~ I am still waiting on the boot brand....SO sorry. My cousin couldn't recall off the top of her head, thought they were Lucchese...but couldn't find the boots to double-check. Must be tough if you have SO many boots you can't find a pair, hee! Wish we all had that problem! I promise to let you know as soon as I can (send me an email at, so I can let you know quicker that way!)
    I have no idea of the difference between graniteware and enamelware, but intend to check into it further!

  35. Sounds like a fun day shopping, PG. I've not been out shopping like that in years. We're pretty thrifty around here....just the bare necessities, except for holidays.

    I did enjoy your little tour and the goodies you found, though.
    And ya know, if you really want an animal head trophy, it won't mean anything to you, unless you're the one that shoots the critter and bags it. Then you've got braggin rights.



  36. {Lisa}~ I sure won't be shooting any critters soon. Maybe my future cowboy husband can do that for me, LOL! ;)

  37. I love your saddle pad. I do have the metal ware and there are lots of stores that have it in Vermont for not all that much money. It lasts forever. I have a saddle exactly like the one in the shop which I never, ever use cause it's so slippery so if you want to borrow it, just let me know.
    Thanks for sharing all your beautiful finds.

  38. What a great shopping trip!! I love those blue greeb mason bottles too!! Awesome!! I love them. What a fun shop!! I wish we had those around here. We have flea markets, but they don't have cool stuff like that in them!!

  39. WOW!! What fab finds Pony Girl... that is a good day of shopping!!


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