Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Me and My (Hungry) Shadow

After I worked My Boy and put him away on Saturday, it was nearly feeding time. I told Paint Girl I was going to pick out and fluff up My Boy's shed, then we could feed.

My Boy knew it was about feeding time, so after I put him away, he just stood at the gate, waiting.

I came into his pasture and started towards his shed. He turned to follow me. He stopped to watch me grab the apple picker.

Then he sniffed the ground.

And nibbled on a stray piece of grass.

Then he headed straight for me.

This behavior surprised me. After all, as you know, this horse can be such a stinker to catch at times.

Now here is he, practically mauling me.

Yes My Boy, I see you, too. What exactly is it that you want from me?

Cookies? Carrots? Another workout? Some rubs and pets?

It was nice having him initiate the two of us hanging out together, for a change.

And of course when all was said and done, I knew what he really wanted.

You guessed it. His dinner!


  1. LOL...that's all they ever want...makes ya feel like a "feed bag" sometimes doesn't it?!?!?

  2. I just had to laugh of this post and the Happy Birthday post! This helped make my day even brighter.


  3. Such a dude....gets all sweet and lovey dovey just cause he wants something! ;o)

  4. sometimes, children are the same way. lol!
    this was a cute post.

  5. How cute! I love it when they cuddle up like that! As long as they don't get too pushy. He is looking so good without a blanket on! I wish ours were at that stage. It'll be a bit yet before ours get to be naked. The hearty one is clipped, and the others are wimps in cold or wet weather. Ah well it makes grooming easier!

  6. Yep, my Ladies think I am a COOKIE Dispenser, a FOOD Deliverer....But sometimes I like to think they just want me! LOL And I keep dreaming on..........haha

  7. Your Boy looks so clean and no too much winter fuzz!

  8. At least he is willing to come to you to "tell" you what he wants, that is progress.

  9. Yes, they do seem to only want food.
    He doesn't look like he has much fur to me as well. Mine are soooo fuzzy. He also stays cleaner than mine. My Arab loves rolling in the mud, the dirtier the better for her!

  10. Oh just keep believing he's in love with only you, PG. Just don't lay out the hay and ask him to choose. hehehe

    BTW, what is that critter way in the background in that last photo? Goat? Deer?


  11. {Lisa}~ It's a goat!! Paint Girl will probably correct me here but I think it is Edgar (I always confuse Edgar with Walter.) I will have to post more pictures of the goats in a future post! ;)

  12. Maybe he just wanted to share some Love...too! It looked like a beautiful day there..so he must have been in a good mood, ya think?

  13. I think that My Boy is only half Appy. I think the other half is "cheeky monkey". What a character.

  14. you are so good with your camera!! Love all the photos!

  15. awww, mine do that for a while, but if I don't feed them soon enough they start getting cranky and pushy. My mom's mare used to welcome the attention, but once she realized no food was coming she'd pin her ears and try to get you to leave her alone.

    Got to love horses ;)


  16. Your gelding is CUTE! Thanks for visiting my blog *U*

  17. Yes sis, you are correct this time. That would be Edgar the Alpine goat.

  18. Ha, so now we know, you just have to ride him around dinner time. He will be easy to catch all the time!! But then a total stinker to ride because he is hungry. Those pictures are just too cute!! I love his nose all up in the camera!!

  19. How sweet--he's coy! He'll be attacking you every time you show up if he starts to think you=food. When I boarded there was one woman, Barb, who always fed--and when the horses would hear her car from far away--every one of them--and there were a lot, would get up and head to their windows. BTW, your boy is looking really good. You're keeping him so clean and pretty!!

  20. lol No, I am sure he wanted you to love on him first! He sure is looking good. So clean and dry, no mud?

  21. I have heard by many that horses don't show love, they just want ya for what you can do for them, but I think otherwise.
    Love the pics!


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