Thursday, February 19, 2009

Hangin' With The Copper Pony Crew

Guess where I am for a few days?

Yep, I'm visiting my parents, the first time since the holidays. I'm hanging with Copper Pony's cowgirl (my mom) and her cowboy (my papa.)

And these copper paws.

And this copper snout.

It was one of the warmest late winter days we've had yet. We took a drive out to the stable to visit my mom's copper mule.

I mean- copper pony! PONY! Sorry, those ears threw me for a second.

Dusty the copper pony came out of his turnout paddock to visit with us and munch on grass. He was barely willing to lift his head to pose for a quick picture with the girls. My papa's shadow is in the bottom right corner, so he's technically in the picture, too!

It was so pretty out at the stable. The fields beyond just called to us. Build a ranch house here!

Section off this cattle pasture for horses!

There is a new horse at my mom's stable. And he is an Appaloosa! I think it is the only Appaloosa there. Here he is saying hello to my dad.

Look at this picture. Who does he remind you of?

Here is a clue. In case you need help. I know, its a hard question.

Mercy me! Do they make Appaloosas go to school as yearlings to perfect this look?

I'm so excited. I got a new treasure today. I'll share it with you tomorrow!


  1. So glad you get to be with your folks and the new cute appy boy. Have lot's of fun and write often!

  2. Why yes, they do school Appies on "that look." If you look at it that way, Poco is highly trained!

  3. Glad you are having some nice time with your family. The new appy at the barn looks alot like Rusty - he is just missing the white snip on his nose!

  4. Yep, all appys are trained to give "the look".
    Have fun on your visit

  5. Nothing better than visiting family and if your family has horses it is the icing on the cake. Have a great time!

  6. Love the pix of the feathery doggie paws!!!

  7. Have fun visiting with your parents! I am glad the weather is on the up and up lately too!

  8. ALL the critters love it when PG comes home!

  9. Gosh, they do look a lot alike don't they?? That could be My Boy when he's a bit older. I love that picture of the golden puppy paws - too cute!! Enjoy your time at home with the family.

  10. how fun, some time with the folks. Great pics! Ilove the puppy paws and snout pic, too. Thanks for coming by to visit me.

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  12. I love the pic of Rosie! She has the prettiest face! The weather is just gorgous, too bad I am sick and have to work for the next 5 days!

  13. Oh,how fun! And coppery! I love those furry little paws! It looks like a beautiful place to spend time. Lots of sunshine and love.

  14. What fun!! I love all the copper colored fun!! I love dog paws!!

    And oh my goodness, how do appys do that?? Serioulsy, it's the same face!! LOL!

  15. proving yet again, there's no place like home :)

    gp in mt

  16. Sounds like a wonderful family visit :)
    And even some reminders of home...hehe



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