Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Someone Is A Year Older Today!

Yep, someone had to change the age on their sidebar today.

If you want to see some really hilarious baby photos of this person, whose initials are "P.G.", you can check them out here.

Really though, check them out just to see that person's dad's rockin' 1070's hairdo!

So, who else has a February birthday out there??


  1. Happy Birthday! Wow, you must be ancient....1070's? Haha! Hope you had a great day and got lots of goodies :D

  2. Happy Birthday there Pony Girl! Happy Birthday!

  3. Happy, Happy Birthday!!
    I hope it was a lovely day for you!!

  4. Happy Birthday Sis! I know your day will be Fantastic! Love ya! :)

  5. Happy Birthday! So, you're a Pisces!

    I found this on the internet about your sign:

    Imaginative and sensitive
    Compassionate and kind
    Selfless and unworldly
    Intuitive and sympathetic

    On the dark side....

    Escapist and idealistic
    Secretive and vague
    Weak-willed and easily led

    You'll have to tell me if any of these traits hold true for you or if they're off their Zodiac rocker.

    My daughter is also a February girl--it's a good month to be born!

  6. Happy Birthday and I sent you an ecard hope you got it.
    Well that explains it why we like the same things! ha ha My birthday is Thursday and I so wish my birth year was 1971...and one of my best friends is today (your day) and my neice's wedding anniversary is today also. I hope you had a great day and many more!

  7. Happy Birthday! You share the same B-Day as my Mom. :)

  8. {KT}~ That card was hilarious! "Drippy hay bath." ;) Thanks so much!!

    {Linda}~ I am so a Pisces, it's scary. I fit all of those descriptors! Especially sensitive! Except I don't think I'm "easily led," at least not into trouble. Except shopping, I'm easily led into shopping....LOL!

  9. Equicuz Jesse is a "February Baby" too! Hope your bithday wish is granted soon and that he is tall, dark, handsome and a cowboy!

  10. Hay Pony Girl,

    Happy B-Day form Dusty Devoe and Copper Pony!!!

    Love you

  11. Happy Birthday to "She Who Sees Spots"! I just realized that you are much better looking today than your parents were back then! tee hee... (they will kill me, won't they?)

  12. Happy Birthday, PG!
    You're catching up with me, girlfriend!


  13. HAPPY BIRTHDAY PG... you are a babe in the woods, my dear. I am a whole 3 and a bit years old (OK almost 4!) and loving life more than ever...

    My philosophy: you are only as old as the man you feel!!! (Mr I is your age!) Heh. Not that I'm recommending you go out and get yourself a toyboy... well... not really.

    I am also a Pisces, but don't believe a word of that astrology stuff. Although Linda's list is freaking me out slightly!!!

    Have a wonderful day!

  14. Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday to You!
    Haaapppyy BIRThdaaaay Dear Pong Girl!
    Happy Birthday, to You!
    (be glad you really couldn't hear me sing that, or you'd think me cruel!)
    Hope you had a wonderful Day!

  15. ooops...sorry! PONY Girl! not Pong...I'm as bad at typos as I am singing!

  16. Hope you had a great birthday! Yes, those 70s pics are priceless!!

  17. Happy Birthday!! Gotta love 70s pics!!!

  18. Happy Birthday!! Gotta love 70s pics!!!

  19. Hey Happy Birthday Girly!! LOL!! We do share the same birthday!! That is awesome!! I hope you had a wonderful day. I got to ride some horses and watch my colt be ridden. It was a nice evening. Then the cowpokes got me some presents (they scavedged their bedrooms for toys!!) and they wrapped them. It was really nice. Happy Birthday to YOU!!

  20. Happy Birthday PG!

    And now there are only 10 more shopping months until Christmas...

    Garlic Man

  21. Pony Girl, you won my giveaway! That should make a good birthday gift for P.G.! Email me with your address so I can send it to you...and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

    sheridesthatbigredhonda at yahoo dot com

    Christy Lee
    *~Petals and Pine~*

  22. Happy Birthday! Wishing you a wonderful year!

  23. HAPPY BIRTHDAY PONY GIRL! Well, belated birthday seeing as I got here late.... Hope you have a great one!

  24. Happy Birthday, PG! Very best wishes for the year. I love reading about you and your Boy.

  25. Oh to be so YOUNG! Happy belated birthday Pony Girl!

  26. Happy Birthday to my favorite older cousin!!!!


    Hope you have a fantastic day!!


  28. Happy birthday PG! Hope it was an extra special one!

  29. Well that's better. Happy Birthday my little Pony friend. You young thinng you.just think I was one whole month older than you.In the
    "70's" I hope you get all you want. Thanks for the nice comment about Train.

  30. Happy (belated) birthday! Sounds like you had a great day!

  31. Well that just rocks!! Happy Birthday!
    PS Your Mom is beautiful too!

  32. Happy Happy Belated Birthday to you!!! Sorry I missed your actual day :(


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