Monday, February 2, 2009

My Birthday Boy

Today is My Boy's Birthday! He turns 15. This is what he thinks about that:

You know, this turning 15 is going to be tough. Now he's going to want to start courting mares. See? He already has his eye on those two over there.

And, he's going to want me to take him out and teach him how to drive. Hello? I don't have a cart or harness and that isn't on my wish list. Sorry boy, no driving for you.

Did you know Paint Girl's cowboy and My Boy share a birthday? Here is Paint Girl's cowboy unloading My Boy's birthday present. A truckload of fresh green orchard grass hay!

He just had to stop and sample it on the way back to his pasture. I think he approves!

The rain mostly held off Saturday, there were some clouds that attempted to spit out a few sprinkles, but it was actually a pleasant day compared to the rain fest I was dreading.

I brought out my horse and groomed him really well. He's not wearing his blanket now so he was a dirty pony. I saw a few stray hairs coming out....could this be the pre-spring shed? The days are getting longer. Don't lose too much hair my boy, it could still snow!

I took him up to the arena to longe him out. Everything has finally thawed out and it was actually pretty slippery so I kept him on the 12 ft. line. This allows me to keep him limited to areas with the best footing.

At one point My Boy was trotting around and I decided to snap a few pictures while he was moving. Goodness wouldn't you know, at that exact moment he decides to go nuts and bucks twice really high, pulling me several feet across the arena, the camera hanging from the wrist strap. I wasn't able to take any pictures of the action because I was just trying to stay on my feet! He doesn't usually pull me. In fact, he usually starts at a slow job like an old dud, then yee-haw, out of nowhere comes wild boy! When I know he's feeling his oats, I typically use the regular longe line and he has more line to play on.

My Boy's "it's my birthday and I'll look cranky if I want to" face:

I am hoping for some better weather soon so that I can get in more riding. The arena lake is dried up, but it still takes a good week of solid sun, with no rain or night freezes to really dry out the ground.

Well My Boy, since I can't spend your actual birthday with you, I am sending lots of love and hugs your way today!


  1. Glad the weather was not the nightmare you thought it would be,it's goona get colder here in the desert too and maybe even some...RAIN!

  2. I love your boy's tongue pictures!! Those are great!! Happy Birthday Boy!! 15 is a great age. He and two of my mares are the same age. They have their birthdays in Feb. too!! And that hay looks really yummy, well, if I was a horse!!

  3. Awwww....Happy Birthday, My Boy!!!! And I agree with Andrea...15 is a great age!!!

    I was so glad that the rain held off this weekend too. I was able to get some nice, long rides in, and I really needed them. :)

  4. Oh yeah!!! I forgot to mention that Bo is shedding on all of the places that his blanket doesn't cover. Kind of weird, eh??? Maybe it is going to really warm up or something???...Not that I would complain if it!!!!

  5. Hello beautiful...YOU and the birthday boy!! 15 is a wonderful age indeed! Happy, happy Bday!!!
    Glad you are enjoying him and all the happiness he brings to you!


  6. Happy birthday My Boy!
    PG I love your pic on the Sunday post, its gorgeous.

  7. Happy Birthday to you...Happy Birthday to you...
    15 is a great age, just gettin' into his prime!

  8. Happy Birthday My Boy! My mare Annie is 16 and I would not have it any other way. It is the perfect age horse for me to have at this time in my life. Hope you have many many more years of birthday parties and fun times.

  9. Happy Birthday My Boy! Hope he, and you, had a great one! And I hope your place dries up soon! Here too!

  10. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MY BOY! :) Too cute... celebrating his birthday. I always seem to remember until the actual day comes then I forget and then remember two days late. LOL

    BTW, I've left you an award.

  11. Great photos! looks like you had a nice pre-birthday with him

  12. Happy Birthday to your baby! May you & he enjoy many more birthday celebrations together. I love the picture of him sticking his tongue out and he does look quite pleased with the hay!

  13. Wow only 15, Pony Boy you have a lot of years left to chase mares...wait until your 30's when you know what you want.

  14. {Jack}~ Well I'll toast to that, I'm 37 and just now figured out what I want, LOL! ;)

  15. Happy B-day to both your boys!

    That looks like very pretty hay....what a nice birthday treat.

  16. Well Happy Birthday big guy!!! You've just reached your prime...wishing you many more happy years with your mom~~

  17. Happy Belated Birthday!!! Hope you have a great year with Pony Girl.

  18. Awww, HAPPY BIRTHDAY! What a sweet boy!
    Carrots and hugs from me:)

  19. Happy Belated Birthday to My Boy and Paint Girl's Cowboy. Here's to another 15 or more birthdays, My Boy, you handsome pony! And keep that tongue in your mouth, silly. I don't think I've seen one as long as since..maybe K.I.S.S! lol!

    My mare turns 16 in April. I think I'm going to try baking her a birthday cake and having a little celebration. Of course, she'll probably just be happy with some fresh green hay, like your spotted pony.


  20. Great pictures, so glad I am visiting again and seeing your MyBoy, that spoiled horse of yours... smiles!


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