Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Summer Dreamin'

Do you ever see a photo of yourself and say, hey, I actually look pretty darn good there? Then you catch a glimpse of yourself in the closest mirror, lightly gasp in shock, lean in and rub that smudge of mascara from under your eye and try to flatten down that stray gray hair twangin' up on your part line and think oh Nellie, I need a foil, a good night's sleep, and some tan freckles on my nose? A lot of us let ourselves go a bit in the winter. At least, I do. I don't do it intentionally. But why not, when we're covered in long johns and scarves and down jackets and stocking caps and muck boots all season long. Whose to see anything, anyway?

Interestingly enough, I was browsing through some photo files last night and found this head shot of My Boy. And I went WOW. Is that my horse? My Boy looks really striking in this picture. I'd kind of forgotten that! I know, I know, I'm sorry boy.

This picture was taken right before sunset and it had been about 104 degrees that day. I think I can still feel the humidity.

I've noticed that the hundreds of photos I've downloaded of my horse recently are of him at the height of his fuzzy, thick, yak hair coat. Which is typically curly from being rain stained. He's never quite trimmed up- has whiskers a bit too long and sporting a blossoming Mohawk bridle path. His socks are brown with mud. He reminds me of an old forgotten pony you might find nibbling meekly about the backyard.

Don't get me wrong, I would love him no matter what he looks like. Green spots, missing tail, it wouldn't matter to me. I just do this every year. In the midst of winter, I remember a summer hide, sleek and copper and speckled with white. A delicate velvet snip, perky little ears, and a kind Appy eye with a little bit of white around the edges. I sense a glimmer of hope for sunny day trail rides and leather damp with sweat under the soft smell of the evergreen trees. And I think wow, my horse is really pretty. Oops, I mean- handsome.

Sorry again, boy!

As for me? Well. We'll see what the summer brings. Hopefully, at least, some tan freckles on my nose.


  1. Ya know, when its 40 below here as it is now, there is nothing wrong with feeling humidity. In fact, I actually miss that blasted humidity that I b*tch about all summer long.. Lol!
    My Boy is soooo handsome! Winter does not do our horses any justice in the beauty department. We all know that MyBoy is a sleek, sexy rockstar underneath all that hair!
    And yes, this morning I had one of those flashes.. I walked past a framed print and caught my hazy reflection in the glass, and felt all smug because I woke up looking so hot, but then I got to a real mirror and flipped on the light, and holy mother of all that is great, what a mess. I almost screamed. Lol! Hair in a rats nest, smudged mascara, pillow wrinkles and drool. It was horrible. Lol!

  2. I go into total shock and awe everytime i look in the mirror or at the candles on my birthday cake.

  3. I'm with you, January seems to be the worst for me, and I was recently wondering why. I think it's because I'm just not as active. In the warmer months I'm always hauling and riding, taking daily walks--January and February are gloomy and frustrating. I dont' know, but I'd like to find out the way to reverse it.

  4. Yup bundled up in how many layers as it takes, does tend to take the bloom off the rose, But just like My Boy in the spring hopefully we will all come out of our layered cocoons’ beautiful!

  5. I'm always surprised when I see old photos and I think, wow, I was really slim there. At the time, I always felt like I was carrying a few too many pounds. Odd, one's perspective on things...

    There's a collective pining for Summer in the ole Bloggersphere. Perhaps we can all will into being a little sooner this year. :o)

  6. Yes! When I look at summer pics and winter pics, I am at shock at how pale and "blah" I look. And my hair is so dry and static-y! I cannot wait for spring.

    But my puppy is the opposite. As an Aussie, she looks prettier with her winter coat! Her summer cut is not flattering...probably because I do it with the same clippers we use on the show pigs!

  7. what emmy said... it's supposed to be about 40 here today... it's almost springtime here after -17
    kiss me o radiant sun :)

    gp in montana

  8. BTW you have an award at my place!

  9. Yep, old photos make you think, WOW what was I complaining about back then! :) Just wait until you are my age at 50 something! It is cruel and unusual punishment! ha ha ha

    Your boy is very handsome and I know you are a proud mamma to him!
    Keep the sun shining!

  10. Looks like I'm not the only one missing better weather huh?

  11. I was noticing the purple mountains behind him. Must be reflecting the sunset some. Pretty picture. My mare is bay and she is a knockout when she sheds - slick & shiney. Right now, just a furball.

    I got a hair cut yesterday and realized I hadn't been trimmed since Sept! Feeling a bit shaggy myself!

    Amanda - I just blogged about age vs state of mind. Its just a number. :)

    Linda: inactivity has put 3 pounds per thigh on my legs -- I feel the same way in January!

    Temps were 7 this morning with windchills close to -15.

  12. Trust me, your horse's summer to winter transformation is MUCH easier on the eye than Yellow's! Not only does he turn into a marshmallow covered in mud, muck, and god-knows-what, but he also loses some serious weight. When my poor horse isn't being worked, he loses muscle, which unfortunately does not get replaced by fat. It just falls off. I look back at the pictures from last summer and I find myself holding my breath, hoping that that yellow horse will come back again soon!

  13. Dear Pony Girl,

    You look simply spectacular as you are "sitting pretty" in the picture at the beginning of this post. You are pretty with or without freckles.

    Were you practicing barrel racing in the picture?

    Gus McCrae

  14. {Gus}- "barrel" racing yes! How very clever of you!! ;)

  15. Yeah and when you're a pony, it's good to have a nice belly in the winter. Not so with their riders :-(

  16. My horse is looking pretty dis-respectable these days - dirty, dusty and bedraggled no matter how much I groom him. Just a plain brown horse.

  17. Hay Pony Girl! 2 big prizes for todays blog...100 followers and a line from Capt.Gus!
    You lucky, smart, little cowgirl!
    Your Desert Rose Auntie!

  18. That really is a stunning photo of My Boy (and you, too...why did you trim yourself out, PG?)

    But I do think My Boy has stunning attributes all year long....just like we humans do. They just change, like the ebb and flow of the tides.

    The tides look beautiful and interesting whether it be high or low. It's just different. We appreciate the differences for their uniqueness.

    In the winter the cold turns our cheeks a lovely rosey color and our snow boots and coats make us look like sexy voluptuous eskimos with sensuous curves.

    In the winter our horses grow hick soft fur coats that we love to bury our hands into to keep warm. Icicles adorn their manes and tails like glittering jewelry, while snow gives them a powdered sugar appearance. And what's not to love about sugar?

    See, even in the winter, you and your horse are beautiful :)


  19. I think we are all in the winter doldrums!

  20. {Rapunzle} ~ Look how fabulous your way with words is! I especially like "icicles adorn their manes and tails like glittering jewelry." Oh, and I cut myself out of the picture because it was a 104 degrees that day. You'd see why if you saw the rest of the picture. And, I'm a bit camera shy! ;)

  21. Every horse looks beautiful...winter or summer! And, my horses always look better than I do ;~)


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