Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The Filly Not Meant to Be Mine

Before I barely knew who My Boy was or that he might be for sale, but when I had started riding again and was thinking of buying a horse, I spent a lot of time window shopping. Thank goodness for Dreamhorse.com! Entertained me for hours.

There was on filly I found and became fixated on. I emailed the owner/breeder at the ranch she was raised at, and she so kindly obliged my requests for photos, pedigree information, etc. I told her my life story, that I was getting back into horses, that I really wanted a Quarter Horse, and that her mare was something I wanted to look at when I was ready (in other words, had the money saved up, which I was nowhere near ready for yet.) I printed out all of the information she emailed me and added it to my file of "potential horses." Yes I was being a total lookie loo, but as soon as the time was right, I was ready.

This filly was a coming three year old when I first saw her ad. She was a 14.3 Quarter horse, and sorrel, two of my prerequisites. She was greenbroke, barely. She had 30 days on her. I thought this filly was so pretty. Shiny like a copper penny and a perfect white star. They wanted $2500 for her which I thought was a reasonable price.

I kept the filly's information and dreamed. I'd check back now and then and she was still for sale. In fact, even after I leased My Boy, fell in love with and decided I wanted to purchase him over a year ago, she still hadn't sold.

I happened to be on the site last weekend and lo and behold, she'd finally sold. They had a few new pictures up as well. She had really started to grow up and fill out a bit.

It's kind of funny, looking back at what I thought I wanted. First of all:

{Pony Girl} + {greenbroke filly} = a situation I was not ready for after a 17 yr. riding hiatus!

Besides, I always believe that things are meant to work out the way they should. The pretty sorrel filly wasn't meant to be mine, she's making someone else happy. But my Appy Boy obviously was.

{Pony Girl} + {15 year old retired reining horse spotted stinker} = perfect!


  1. You are right about what is meant to be...but that Filly is beautiful and man what confirmation ! WOW!

  2. What a beautiful girl! I'm glad she found a home and so happy that you have your spotted sweetie to ride and love :)

    I love your equation but I have full faith that you would have handled it because we all seem to rise to what is necessary when it comes to our critters, wouldn't you say? (says the inexperienced but Very Determined Suebeedoo with 5 rescued/abused/green horses) :)
    Squishes to the Spotted Boy,

  3. Im glad that filly found a good home. She was likely for sale for so long due to the lack of training on her. Lucky for you you found Your Boy and are pleased as punch with him! You two make a great team!

  4. Boy she is beautiful! I can understand why you wanted her.


  5. She is very pretty but your spotted stinker is prettier!

  6. Hi Ponygirl,

    I've decided to buy myself a horse for my next birthday. I will be 35. Yes, I'll have to wait almost a year, and yes I'll need to save save save, but I know it will be worth it- and in the meantime I can look at all those beautiful horses for sale and dream....! Thanks for the pics of this gorgeous filly, and the sage piece of advice (ie don't buy a green horse even if it is beautiful!)

    Love what you do
    Melissa from Oz

  7. She is lovely, but love them spots.

  8. Her conformation is super!!! I'm glad though that you found the RIGHT horse for you. That can be hard to do. I'm trying to sell my paint and actually get a ranch horse. I love looking at dreamhorse.com I did that a llot. I like to get word of mouth too. That always seems to be the best way.

  9. Yep, Dreamhorse.com was made for looky lous. We got one of our fillies off of there. My daughter went through it after losing her colt--and bookmarked about 100 palomino horses. (Just kidding--I can't remember how many) She forwarded them all to me. Finally, she fell in love with one and we drove quite a long ways in dead winter to get her. She has turned out to be quite a nice mare (Foundation Quarter)--but she had crappy feet--and always will--teeny little feet for this huge horse. We had a farrier inspect her, but he did not give us good information. However, we have NO regrets--she's sound and has a good mind=good enough.

    That is a pretty mare, but when you see them in real life--who knows. Looks like your spotted guy is a good fit for you!! That's priceless.

  10. Dreamhorse is addicting and so glad I have 4 stalls and 4 horses and have quit my addiction, for now anyway. Cute mare, but your appy is gorgeous! Not to mention he is a gelding!

  11. Sometimes life takes you where you need to go. But she is a nice looking filly.

  12. I have admired that same horse! Actually, it is that dark bay mare by the same sire that I have had my eye on. They have a few nice colts out of the stallion that I have a breeding to (Chex Nu Jewel at McBrides). I really like that sorrel filly by Chex that they have as well.

    I think the right horse (or the wrong one) finds us at a certain time for a certain reason...

    Your spotted pony is pretty darn cute:) and you were clearly meant for each other.

  13. Wow that filly is beautiful!! Look at her!! I can see why you liked her!! And yeah, I think everything happens for a reason. I think you have an awesome horse and you definatly lucked out with him!!

  14. i love being on a trail and not knowing exactly where it will take me. Your journey back to horses took you to YOUR BOY!
    Your Desert Rose Auntie!

  15. I'm not sure when I weaned myself off Dreamhorse or Equine.com. It was quite an addiction. I was quite smitten once with a medicine hat colt - requested pictures and the lo-down. Even talked to John about it - who was lukewarm about the horse (which is better than "hell NO!" But the funny thing is, I'd never been a fan of paints, especially ones with lots of white and this one was all that and more... Weird how they sometimes grab us. Wonder what happened to that colt...

    This filly is gorgeous and can see why she caught your eye.

  16. Beautiful mare, but you're right, everything happens for a reason. Think of everything you have learned from your spotted stinker!

  17. She is a pretty filly--but you are right, you ended up with the right thing

  18. Well, there is no doubt you have good taste...both in what you wanted and what you ended up with!!
    I think MB is gorgeous, there is no doubt! But that filly...drool cup please.;)

  19. Wow - she is a pretty thing! I'm sure someone else fell in love with her just like you!

    God's plan is perfect!


  20. Pony girl, this post one made me smile! Your boy is such a lovely character and it always comes through how much you adore him! Miss Filly is beautiful but we can all admire her from afar.
    My Girls send kisses to Your Boy all the way from West Africa! :-)

  21. that filly is lovely but My Boy suits you!!
    You made the right choice.


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