Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Let's Talk About Blogging

It seems amazing that a little over a year ago, I didn't even know what a blog was. Goodness that's a good thing, or it would have taken over my life a lot sooner!

It is the perfect creative outlet for me. It has replaced a lot of my television time. And unfortunately, reading time. I am still reading, but I tend to read online more then I do books and magazines these days. Call me crazy but sometimes, I really just miss the smell of a magazine or book fresh off newsstand. Computers don't quite have that effect do they?

I often wonder about this unique world blogging. Everyone has their own style, their own approach, their own things to write about. And no matter what people write about, someone will read it and find it interesting. There is a blog for about everything out there. I have yet to really explore blogs outside of the realm of horses, families, pets, mommy blogs, photography and some home decor/interior design blogs, or some that focus on everything about life in general. Now that I type out that list, I see I have visited quite the variety of blogs!

Have you ever noticed that a blog that you enjoyed reading....just up and disappeared one day? I have, a couple of times. I always wonder what happened. I hope nothing bad happened to them, and they just lost interest in blogging or had things come up that prevented them from continuing to blog.

Most bloggers I read have been around just a couple of years. That makes sense, as blogging is a fairly recent invention. Do you think we will still be blogging in five years? Ten years? Twenty? Do you think you will be blogging for a long time?

I wonder how blogging will change? Will it become more interactive? It is such a great place to be entertained, to network, to make friends, and to find information. Some people use blogging to make money and are very successful at it. Others don't. Yet others might like to make money off their blogs, but aren't sure how to go about it. It doesn't matter to me what someones intent for blogging is. As long as I enjoy what I am reading and seeing, I am happy, whether the blog is full of advertisements or not. Do you ever click on ads on blogs?

Blogging is contagious. It tends to have the ripple effect. First I read a few horse blogs. Then I started mine. Then my sister Paint Girl started hers. She has a private blog for friends and family. I think it'd be great if she went public as she always has funny animal stories to tell. But with 13 pets to take care of, a full-time job, and her own cowboy, she is a busy gal. Maybe someday I can convince her to give it a go! Many of my other family members are now blogging as well, as many of you may know. Note: At times I may claim to not be related to them! I will take a DNA test to prove this! But seriously, it's a great way for us to keep up on each other's lives, since we don't get together as often as we'd like, especially with our horses.

I'd better stop there. I can talk about blogging all day. I'm sure many eyes would roll and yawns would be stifled. What are your thoughts and questions on blogging? For you, is it just a hobby, a paying enterprise, a paying hobby, or, like it is for me, an obsession? And do you think you could quit cold turkey? Is there anything you wish would change about the blogging world? Has your own personal path of blogging changed since you've started, and where would you like to see it go?

Happy blogging, everyone!


  1. I like it! But I am rather clueless as to what I am doing and would like to make more contacts and have more interactions with new people! Not sure how to do that...I write my blogs and feel like they go into space where no one reads them at this point!! Not a real big deal. I think its more rewarding than journaling--which I have never kept up with--you can ad pics and it is an interaction with people--even if you only have a couple of readers! I recently sent my brother the address and he LOVED IT! So--I will continue and try to improve my page...I want it to be really cool but MUST sit down and figure it all out---no paying to have it done for me! :)

  2. Ah, blogging. It's a strange animal, no? I started The Barb Wire last March, shortly after discovering the existence of the blogosphere and thinking, "Well geez, I can do that!"

    I keep it up because I am a writer by nature, yet I have too little time right now -- what with endurance conditioning and horse training -- to commit to longer works such as novels.

    There's more to it than that, though. I almost feel as though my readers depend on me a little bit. I'm obliged to give them their In the Night Farm fix, you know? (I hope that's not egotistical -- after all, I feel the same way about my favorite blogs!) And their comments make it all worthwhile. I've made some fantastic friends through my blogs.

    It it a pain sometimes? Yes! Do I feel the nag of duty when I haven't posted for a day or two? Absolutely! Could I give it up cold turkey? Not a chance. :-)

  3. I have been blogging over 3 years now. I don't think I could quit cold turkey. I am not sure I can quit at all. Ever. Not that I want too, because I am just starting to roll as far as I am concerned!

  4. Pony Girl, I actually did a paper on blogging for my Sociology class. The stats are astounding! If anyone is interested, I could post some of it.

  5. hi there, just got here randomly :) i like this post, a bit related to my post today. blogging is indeed fun and has many aspects into it. i also got a few friends into blogging and now some of them are earning money through it. unbelievable! well will drop by soon again. take care. love your pictures too ;)

  6. I've been blogging for 2 1/2 years I think. Maybe longer but I had to wait to get my mustang to really get started with the blog. The focus was on the gentling and training of my mustang. It's changed a bit over time, now we have 4 mustangs and I include the appy in my blog when things of interest happen in her life. It's not always about training, because I'm not always training.

    I couldn't give up blogging, I don't think. It's fun to stay in touch with people through our blogs.

  7. I would think most people would keep blogging for as long as they are getting something out of it. I have one blog in another name that I almost quit because it only had one visitor in six months of posts, but decided to keep it as a record for myself. I have another blog that I don't really care if people visit or not, because I'm just using it as a place to store pictures and commentary on my fabric art. Nuzzling Muzzles is my favorite of my blogs, because of the people who leave comments there. Not only do people leave comments that serve as a good resource for other horse people, but they tell great stories. I like going back and reading these little "letters" from my friends.

  8. Blogging started as a sort of on-line diary and a method of keeping track of my version of a bucket list.

    It eventually evolved to a method of expression that allowed me to tap into my love of the written word and I've used that to work out personal issues I struggle with, as well as to practice developing my 'voice'. Where that will lead, I don't know, however I'm sure it will be an interesting journey.

    An unexpected benefit has been the absolutely wonderful relationships that I've developed in the process.

  9. I absoutly love blogging. My sister got me start so we could keep in touch and it just grew from there. I wouldn't be able to quit cold turkey. I do slow down at times on posting, but I don't see me quitting. I have made some awesome friends here in bloggerville.

  10. I love blogging. And I am not sure I can go more than a day with out checking on people's blogs. I feel that some of the blogs that I read I have really gotten to know them. And I even call them my friends. I know crazy stalker girl here!! LOL!!

    I am gratful for Google Reader. That has been a time saver and life saver for sure. It tells me when people have new posts and that way I only check the blogs that have new posts.

    I started reading PW and I found a lot of the blogs I read through her comment section. I then found a lot of bloggers from Bush Babe. She was one of the first blogs that I have read. I find a lot of my blogs through other's comment secion.

    I started blogging because I am 1200 miles away from any kind of family and I wanted them to see what we do here and how fast my kdis are growing. And somewhere in the middle of all that, I have found some really great friends.

  11. I like blogging as well. I started off not knowing what the heck I was doing, and sometimes still don't know! I used mostly pictures until recently. Then more writing. I have clicked on an ad once or twice. They don't bother me, hey it's not my business. If I don't like it I can always leave right? I don't think I would do very well if I quit cold turkey though. I did that with cigarettes over 3 years ago and was successful, but I was quite messed up on pain pills for a couple of weeks.

  12. Oh wow, I have started a blog post about this subject no less than 3 times and each time I ramble on so long I just delete it figuring no one wants to hear that much rambling from me. No, I don't think I could quit cold turkey. It's like my crack. I am a smart person with out enough to do at work, idle hands....
    I am excited to see where blogging will go on its next level. That's why I want to go to one of these blogging conferences. Too expensive though, insane!

  13. To say I love blogging is an understatement... I've been doing it for close to 5 years now, I started on a personal website and then moved to Blogger.

    It started out as an online journal and morphed into a little bit journal,a little bit random knowledge, a little sounding board for ideas and just a way to make some online friends.

    It's great, I can see myself doing this for a good while.

  14. I am new to this blogging thing, and am having a great time! I started in Nov 08. I am not a writer and have never kept a journal or diary. I blame it all on Julie Thorson, it was her blog that I first came across then looking at people who commented on her blog led me to all of you! I am along for as long as the ride takes me, my hubby and daughter think I am wierd now wanting to take my camera everywhere LOL "oh shes going to blog" I assume they will get used to it someday LOL

  15. I never thought I would be a blogger! When I first started my blog it languished for a few months with only one post... I love meeting new people and reading about their lives, getting new ideas from people, learning something new, networking. I wake up in the morning, get my coffee and check blog updates! My 70 year old dad loves reading my blog to get the latest on life here on the ranchito. (He is 2000 miles away). So definitely, my blog has many purposes.

  16. Back in my PR days, our local association had this fantastic speaker who talked to us about blogging. He was pretty good looking, too. Major companies have used blogs to gain a more personal relationship with customers. Mark Cuban is probably one of the most successful bloggers out there, and really has helped set the foundation for blogging. And of course Perez Hilton is one of the more infamous bloggers...but with material like that out in the world that millions of people read every day, I think blogging is here to stay. I'll have to dig through my notes and see if I can find the presentation the guy gave us. Or, better yet, I'll try to find his blog--it was very entertaining!

  17. {Fantastyk Voyager}- I would love to see the results of your study! You too, Palo Girl.

    {RedDunAppy}- I'm sure my family thinks the same thing every time I take a picture "OH great we're going to end up on her blog!" I try to be respectful though, and not show close-ups of faces without asking, don't use real names without asking, and would never use an unflattering photo! ;-)

  18. I began blogging about our then-new hobby of horses as a way of keeping distant family members up to date on our accomplishments. This is still a main focus for me, but the blog has also become a way of storing my memories - like a journal. My daughter also uses my entries to help her keep her own 4-H record book up to that like cheating on your homework?!

    I have an acquaintance you once said that she almost felt like she was snooping in my personal life by reading the blog. I quickly assured her that although it may seem like there is a lot of private stuff and information there, they are all things that I don't mind being public with. I'm very aware that you never know who might be reading your blog!

  19. My name is Trainwreck...I am addicted to blogging..hahahaha Who wants to quit? I have found so many wonderful new friends! No way I will blog untill my fingers can't move anymore! I love where it has taken me. I am just a baby blogger not quite a year. But I hope to blog for awhile.

  20. I too am new since Nov 2008...I'd never read a blog before then...didn't know what it even was...heard about them...figured it was a fad thing and would go away. One of my mom's had a blog and I went to check it out.

    I immediately thought "this could be fun, educational, social, and give me a more substantial reason to be on the internet". Living where I do and not having a lot of social contact...this could be great!

    FaceBook got old real quick for me...I still visit...and I still love my Dogster friends for Cindy Sue & Cowboy.

    But, this is for myself. I can say what I want and put photos with's like being your own publisher!!! I like challenging myself on the photos too.

    Your post PG is a great one! Thanks for making me think...again.

  21. Well, I just started blogging in July after my girlfriend sent me photos of her daughters wedding posted to her daughters blog. It sparked a light in me and I, I am going to see if I can do that! I actually did it to try to convince my cousin to update her website for her Paint Stallion, (it worked) and that is how it all started for me. I grew up with horses and do not have any now, but still love them dearly. I am drawn to reading about all of you who are still at it and it keeps the flame alive for me! It is kinda like when they say mom's live vicariously throught their daughters....well I am a cowgirl again through you all and your adventures equine! I kept up with the horses when my cousin lived in my town, but she up and moved to Kentucky and left me horse less... :) I love it and I imagine I will keep it up for some time. I have much admiration for alot of you cowgirl bloggers! You keep me smiling!

  22. I don't think I could quit cold turkey. I started blogging just as an on line journal for me and my riding buddies. I never realized the scope of it and how many friends you could make absolutely everywhere! My mare was pregnant when I started in 2005 and it was fun to keep up with the process. I've been blogging since 2005, but just recently started following other folks' blogs regularly. I found a lot of the bloggers I like from FUGLY although I no longer read that one.

  23. For years, friends and family have encouraged me to write more. I tried, I really did, but I just couldn't seem to do it regularly and I never knew what to write about. And then I got my horses. A career counselor suggested blogging and then threatened to fill up my email box and VM until I started. I have 2 anonymous blogs, and BDT, which is my favorite. I have such a blast writing that blog!

    I'm as surprised as anybody at how inspired I am by the horses and country life, as well as all the wonderful bloggers out there. I love it when people stop by and comment, but that's like an added bonus. For me, it's about the craft and having a vehicle that keeps me coming back for more. In a way, you could say that blogging has brought structure and discipline in a place where I was looking for it.

    That said, would I like to boost my readership? Sure. But blogging is the ultimate vanity project. It's just my little life. If people are interested and amused, cool. But it is what it is — non fiction. Sometimes what I write may be more compelling than others, but I always strive for well-crafted writing, regardless of how banal the topic.

  24. I'll admit I'm addicted. When I went east this summer for my dad's kidney transpant operation I had intermittent internet availability... I swear I was going through withdrawal!
    There's something kinda comforting about reading other people's stories, good or bad. Makes you realize you're not the only one with 'that problem', gives you a place to vent, gives you a place to celebrate, gives you support.
    I have to admit thought that I was very surprised that *anyone* read my blog when I started it.

  25. Interesting blog subject, PG.
    My neighbor friend/riding buddy just did a special report on blogging for one her classes. It's quite thye phenominom(sp).

    Right now I am very grateful for blogging.
    I should be sleeping but my pain is keeping me awake. So I suppose for me it's a sort of addiction, and in my case, blogging is like a drug, keeping my mind off the pain. Sometimes distraction is a good thing :)

    Ne Mexico

  26. This made me chuckle. I had an interview recently and they asked me, "What do you read?"

    The internet. I read the internet...

    Makes me sound so in depth and well rounded, don't you think?

    And yes, it's odd to find someone suddenly MIA. You develop friendships, even if you've never done more than leave an occasional comment. And to have them suddenly gone? Always leaves you wondering just what happened.

  27. I started a website years ago on where to trail ride in our state ( and it seemed kind of cold. So I started writing on the home page. I didn't know it was blogging, but guess it was. I called it Stable Talk - gosh, started in 2004? I got busy with classifieds, horse events & that page would always get updated last & it felt like work the last two years. Since I found blogspot, it is easier for me because I don't need Frontpage to do it. I find myself inspired again to write. Where brought me new local friends, blogspot has introduced me to new folks nationally.

  28. Wow, PG, you really hit a homerun with this post. Blogging rocks and I am totally addicted. Unfortunately I only have access at work and only on breaks and lunch time. My sister started a blog this week and her second post was about her horse. I sent her a link to your blog, so maybe she will join in the fun here soon.


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