Tuesday, June 23, 2009

She Loves Him, Let Me Count the Eye Boogers

I know my mom loves her horse.

I know not just because she talks about him obsessively and affectionately in her blog. And it's not because she says she loves him.

How do I know?

It's because of this.

Yes, she picks out his eye boogers.

Goodness, now she's doing the other side!

It's a mother's signature token of adoration. I know this because when I was a young girl, my mom was a picker.

She picked my eye boogers. My blackheads. She licked her fingers to clean smudges off my cheek.

Do all mothers do this?

I remember swatting her hand away and saying, "Mommmmmm, stop it! Stop pickin' on me!"

I am not a mother. But I will admit, I gently rub out my horse's eye boogers, too.

Yes, my mom loves her horse. She dotes on him like he's her third child. I don't think she looks at Paint Girl, Cowboy, or me like this anymore:

In fact, she loves him so much she even got copper highlights in her hair to match his chestnut velvet hide. (click to enlarge picture.)

Nah, just kidding. She's a devoted crazy horse mommy and all, but she wouldn't do her hair to match her horse.

At least, I don't think it was intentional? Mom?

Just teasin'.

It's really fun to watch these too together, though! The love overflows. Eye Boogers and all.


  1. Oh, I remember all the picking! I think this is just something mom's do!
    I think it is so cute she picks out Dusty's eye boogers! I do it, I think all horsey people do it, even my OH does it! And he's a guy!
    Love the pictures you took of mom and Dusty! And mom, I love the hair color!

  2. Ohh I'm an eye booger picker too LOL!! I always hate that junk in their eyes!!

  3. Yes, it's a mom thing, just like when they put their arm across you when braking hard in the car. Heck, I even do it to my purse LOL!

    And PG, as gelding owners, you KNOW that's not the worst thing we clean!

  4. I do that too - for every horse in our barn as I turn them out in the morning, and of course for my own. I also clean my mares' udders when they ask me to!

    The pictures of your mom with her horse are very cute!

  5. What a beautiful pair they are!!

  6. Awww, sweet! Dusty is such a gorgeous red that I might even get some hair highlights that color.

  7. I'm a picker. I know how annoying it is to have eye boogers imagine how the horses feel with no fingers.

  8. I pick, too. Long before I was a mom, I picked the cats, the dogs, other people babies.... Can't stand to see crud in the eyes! My horses get picked all the time now, too!

    Our red dun mare has an awesome tri-colored mane. I often thought of taking a picture of it and asking my hair girl to color my hair that way. LOL!

  9. I am the goober nazi, and everybody here has to stand for a goober check every day whether they like it or not. In my own twisted mind, I believe that flies are less attracted to goober-free eyes, whether they be on a horse, a burro, a pig, a goat, a dog or a cat.

  10. Yup , thats true love ! eye boogers and all!

  11. Great pictures! You can just feel the love! :)

    I'm definately a booger picker too. Eyes, nose, ears, whatever...boogers don't last long around me. After reading back thru that I feel the need to clarify that I do not pick my own nose. lol

    Funny story about ladies dying their hair to match things...saw an older lady driving a burnt orange convertible Corvette a couple weeks back. Her hair was the EXACT color of the car, with the exception of the gray roots. I had to roll my window up so I could laugh out loud.

  12. Yes girls, moms pick. We pick, wipe, correct and all of that stuff. We even do it when the kids grow up. It's a habit we find hard to rid. I love that Dusty loves her Copperpony like she does. Oh, I pick eye boogers from the horses and the dogs.

  13. your mom is a doll! After reading your families blogs and pictures the love you have for each other shines through so strongly! its really a beautiful thing! Yeah its a mom thing, though i swore to my children I'd never lick my fingers or hand to wipe a face or wet down hair! LOL I too have to have my horse baby's spotless...those eye boogers are just not very attractive on a young horse man or lady! LOL My farmer thinks I'm gross and crazy for all the talking I do to mine...but then he isnt a horse lover....weirdo he is!

  14. Lovely series of pictures, they look so happy.
    Jack loves having his eyes rubbed. I carry a tissue in my pocket just for that purpose.

  15. I will confess, I too am an eye booger picker.

  16. Mommie thing! ha ha

    Those are great shots of them and I love the beautiful head shots of Dusty! I was busy with my camera this week and I love my Nikon! I am going to post some of them soon

  17. My Gosh
    I have a nice red horse too and I was a red head before the Gray hair arrived. I was thinking of dying my hair his color that is too cute your mom's hair matches her horse. I love the highlights.

  18. Ok...even I use a wet one for eye boogers and nose cleaning!!! LOL yes I saw her copperpony highlights barely covering up her bald spot. Hint...inlarging the pjoto really popped that out!
    glad you had a good weekend! Are you gonna make it down here to ride the KING??? We'll go on a great trail ride!!!

  19. I cant believe you did an eye booger post!!!!! I took pictures of Hawkydogs eye booger three days ago to do an I love my dog because I pick out his eye boogers!!! LMAO...oh wow! We are an odd bunch arent we!

    Great post!

  20. Oh! This jsut trruly cracks me up...I too do this thing for my mare and she totally allows me to rub on her eyes till clean..must feel good!
    Tee hee!

    Kacy w/Wa mare~

  21. LOL!!! I will go out on a limb here and say that "picking" is not a mom thing, because I am most definitley NOT a picker....

    Yet there are some things that I just won't touch, and then there are some things that I used to say I would never touch, and now I do, so maybe it is a mom thing? Or something that comes with age? :)

  22. You mom looks like fun. So neat that you are all horse gaga.

    Instead of using my spit to clean my children's faces, I have them put out their tongue for the spit. Weird, I know, but I figure that is nicer than using my own.

  23. ahhh, a woman and her horse.. it's a wonderful thing isn't it...

  24. Aww, that's sweet! I was that way with my yellow Lab (2nd child) for 15 years.

  25. I do that with our horses, too. Though with Divna these days it is just one eye!!! I am pretty obsessive about that one eye because if she loses that one.....well, I can't think about it. I think Dusty loves your mom back just as much!!! They know when they are cared for....

  26. Girl, I pick kid eye boogers, horse eye boogers, dog eye boogers....LOL It must be a mom thing. I pick at my kids all the time too. Poor kids.

  27. Eye boogers are just not good enough to be in my horse's eye! She is much too pretty for that! I pick them out and she complains to me just like you and Paint Girl did to your mom!!
    And Kate, I also keep an eye on Lilly's little cute udder! It can get some crusty dirt in there and again, her little udder is just too pretty to have dirt caked on it! I hope that does not make me sound too freaky!! I just love her so much...

  28. Another horse/dog booger-picker here! It has GOT to be a mom thing..cause only a mom would go after some of the boogers I picked outta my kids noses and eyes! I got it from my mom, of who I wished was more like 'The Wades' commenter..I hated smelling like my mom's breath all day after one of her quick little baths.

    ps Love yur Moms' hair!

  29. I have to clean out all the critters eye boogers here too! LOL! You go Mom!

  30. Ummmm... doesn't everyone do that? Clean their horses eyes with their bare hands? I do. How the heck are they going to do it... hooves and pickin' just don't mix!!! Heh.

    Your mum is so cute... loving her highlights too!!!

    And I admit I spat and wiped my children at the bus stop this morning. I am indeed turning into my mother... *runs screaming from the room*

    PS just read other comments: it's Confession Time at PG's place!

  31. I think it is wonderfully "Mommy" of her to pick the eye boogers. Don't we all pick them?

  32. Awww that is such a sweet post, your mom is so special! I am following you now, not sure why I haven't been! I have been following your mom and sis for a while, you all are so fun! =D

  33. I had to laugh ... I remember our mom doing a lot of that pickin' on us kids when we were little.

    I haven't cleaned our horse's eye boogers unless I've got my ranchie gloves on -- hubby cleans 'em all the time, gloves or not.

    We really need to make more time for our horses - it seems that property chores always take priority. :-(

    Great blogs you have here - your photo blog rocks! Thx for stopping by my blog!

  34. BWAHAHAHAHA! Too funny and gosh darn cute!
    Your Mom and her handsome boy are just so precious together. Thanks for sharing the photos...eye boogers and all.. (at least you didn't include eye booger close-up photos. gah! lol!)



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